Car Cleaning Tools & Accessories

There are a wide variety of tools and products available for detailing. Walk into an auto parts store, and there are endless brands of waxes, sealers, polishes, finish restorers, glazes, cleaners, etc. What follows

How to Hand Wash your Car like a Professional

Many professional detailers will work from the inside out to allow time for the carpet to dry as they polish and wax the car. But we’re going to work from the outside in, on

Electronics Basics

Based on many conversations I’ve had with people over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that, of all the elements that go into a car, electricity is, by a wide margin, the most

An overview of the electrical system

Someone once said a car needs only two things to run — fuel and electricity. Well, OK, three things, if you count air. But the point is this: A car depends on only these

Cooling and Warming-Up System

The cooling system is of the combination closed-circuit type employing water as the coolant and relying for operation on forced circulation in the cylinder heads and on the convection of heat in the block.

Lubricating System

The lubricating system provides a supply of oil to all the rubbing surfaces of the diesel engine and serves to remove impurities from the engine. Fig. Lubricating system, 5Д2, 5Д2-1, 5П2, 8П2 and 10П2

Fuel System

The fuel system serves to feed fuel in metered amounts (depending on the load) into the turbulence combustion chambers under a high pressure, to atomize the fuel into minute particles and to assure regularity