1400 HP & 70MPH: SeaHunter Tournament 45 – One Wake

This Sea Hunter Tournament 45 is an incredible sport fishing boat with a big helping of speed and a dash of versatility on the side. Featuring FOUR 350 HP Yamaha Outboard V8’s, the boat can reach speeds of 70 MPH, but more importantly, cruise in chop at 55 mph like it’s absolutely nothing. It has a seemingly endless array of rod holders, accessories, and storage areas, but, perhaps most interestingly is the significant use of carbon kevlar construction in the boat’s hull and deck.

Special thanks to Sunset Aquatic Shipyard, Huntington Beach, CA, for this opportunity, For sales, re-powering, storage, winterization, or all manner of marine services in Huntington Beach, give Sunset Aquatic a call. https://www.sunsetaquaticmrn.com/

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23 thoughts on “1400 HP & 70MPH: SeaHunter Tournament 45 – One Wake

  1. Looks like port of Los Angeles, San Pedro area.

  2. San Jose says:

    Super practicality..

  3. BFin26 says:

    id give both my nuts for that boat

  4. When I was 16 my dad wouldn't let me drive his 91 ford explorer.

  5. John Ball says:

    quad 350`s and 97 bottles of beer, now that is living life

  6. All this is cool, but I'm sitting here wondering how this 14 year old kid knows the freezing point of beer! lol, jk. Great video. Those boats are made here in FL down in the keys I believe.

  7. Cliff Lee says:

    If your going to do boat videos, look for someone who has 4 x seven marine 627 outboard engines. That's over 2400 hp.

    7 marine outboard engines are made from ctsv engines.

  8. robbynelson3 says:

    Great video! Love how he trimmed the boat for you ;)

  9. Fishing4 Fun says:

    I wish you would do one on the 392 nortech superfish, try getting up with chris at Grander Marine in Orange Beach, AL

  10. Buck Raeder says:

    If I'm spending $400k+ on a boat I'd take bow thrusters over a fancy CNC machined plate for beer.

  11. Then POOF, the stock market crashed and all the money dried up with everyone standing around saying What happened.  Oh the excess we enjoy today.

  12. Bradley S. says:

    "Thanks for joining me." ???? Hmmm …uhh…. fat fuck your on HIS BOAT. I fuckin hate that ur fat ass commentates. You're a fucking dipshit.

  13. Nice boat! How much does it cost?

  14. biocybernaut says:

    That's what a sailor would call 55 knots.

  15. John Smith says:

    Try out the 39 seahunter with quad 400 racing Merc’s. The torque is insane on that boat.

  16. Jake Lamb says:

    Never realized how big those motors were till he said 5.7 liter lol

  17. isurid1 says:

    sick boat

  18. Those motors are 5.0 not 5.7

  19. Daniel f says:

    way to crack a joke about people losing their homes to fire at the beginning…

  20. NoS Republic says:

    i like beer so i like this boat

  21. Tape line at 2:55 looks like shit

  22. I'm in the wrong business!!!

  23. HaloHamstur says:

    This is an interesting video. Should check out a yellowfin

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