1966 Ford Mustang Convertible: The Original Pony Car

This week we put the top back on Greg Stanley’s 1966 Mustang Convertible to indulge in the unrestricted sounds of its four-barrel carb while we adopt a simpler, more mechanical notion of the American muscle car. Indeed, many a minivan will out-accelerate it today, but the drama and involvement of the senses that comes with cars like the original Mustang is a timeless pleasure. Complete with the original window sticker and plenty of documentation, Greg’s example is a prime example of this motoring icon.

See the behind the scenes photos here: http://petro.li/66MustangVert

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21 thoughts on “1966 Ford Mustang Convertible: The Original Pony Car

  1. Great video! For once the guy and the car seem honest. Its not some rich guy talking about one of their many toys.

  2. No mention of the Side ornaments! Sad. Also exhaust, grille, and side stripes are not uniform with hi-po package.

  3. Freddy Chale says:

    And I destroyed my 64 1/2 when I was only 16. Yeap what a 1st degree murder! But it was too much of a car for a misfit such as me…
    Sorry Pony lovers! But I am a repented sinner!

  4. Very cool ! Sounds great

  5. PJ Zizzle says:

    The mustang is such a fantastic car but one of my favorite parts is how it’s almost a blank canvas of a car, you can keep it beautiful and original or you can drop in engines of various caliber or set it on an extremely good suspension setup and gut the thing out. It’s probably one of the cars with the largest aftermarket industry so you can completely personalize it.

  6. Spit window corvettes and first generation mustangs are in my view the most attractive American cars ever made.

  7. slaWterCH says:

    Couldn't agree more about the last part.

  8. Arvinode exhaust?

  9. James H says:

    So he wrote a book about his own car… what a nerd.

  10. Very well done guys!

  11. Hear, hear!

  12. beauty!

  13. Interesting what he says about older cars having more drama even if they're slower. There definitely is an element of that for all older cars, but the thing to remember is that most cars people say that stuff about were performance cars in their day, so they had that drama designed into them. You can't compare a honda odyssey's drama to this, but it would be much closer to an equivalent family car of the time. Similarly the drama of a new Mustang (although still lacking something compared to the original) would be much closer to this than the odyssey.

  14. voiceisclear says:

    amazing story

  15. Mojo Risin says:

    Oh man, what a beauty! This car is an example that the best looking cars from the 40s till early 70s were from the USA.

  16. beautiful video!

  17. You know life is simple like that " car,beautiful place and a women you love"

  18. awesome car & history,… nice found,… greetings from Germany 1timefav.blogspot.de

  19. He's gorgeous. Maintain him with love Bra

  20. This channel is WONDERFUL

  21. What a joy to remember these from my college days. You're right in that today's cars don't provide the thrill of older cars. Thanks for sharing.

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