1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ: An American Pastime

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In this week’s Made to Drive episode we recall less wintry weather in the heartland of the country as we join Cy Schmidt for a late afternoon cruise along the backroads of Ohio in his 1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ. The last two letters designate the V8 under hood as a special one, and at this moment we can’t think of many verbal twosomes possessing as many promises of giddy smoking-tire fun as the words “Cobra Jet”—and the base car, the Cyclone, was named after a fence-ripping, cow-tossing fit of natural aggression to begin with.

See the photoshoot and further info here: petro.li/MercuryCycloneGallery

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21 thoughts on “1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ: An American Pastime

  1. alex ossel says:

    great video, great car, great sound, great owner! This is petrolicious.

  2. jafu745 says:

    This is the sweetest muscle car owner I've seen. He's like that grandpa you always liked hanging around as a kid.

  3. typ930 says:

    nice…till I saw the crappy auto tranny…will never understand how can a car enthusiast drive an auto…I guess its an US thing

  4. scootosan says:

    Fastback styling looks fast standing still. A Bench seat nice, have your lady scooch over and cruise back roads no need for a 4sp trans. FM converter been there… Sweet Ride

  5. What a beauty and driven too. seems like a good guy with great car.

  6. alex ossel says:

    Great sound

  7. Doug Mare says:

    Hope Cy enjoys his car for many years to come. Nice film!

  8. Dennis Gump says:

    I'm not a huge muscle car guy, i generally don't get it, but this dude, he summed it up perfectly at the end. They add a zest to life. I love that. He is awesome.

  9. mark shaw says:

    It looks kinda like a 1966 to 1967 fastback Dodge Charger

  10. vdochev says:

    I love it when people keep the cars stock and nice and not put big ugly wheels that don't match with the car, lowering them, swapping engines and giving them puke paintjobs. After all those travesties I watched in car shows, it's a breath of fresh air. Sadly the preserved cars may go extinct with these new generation mechanics and car shows on Discovery channel that don't appreciate original cars.

  11. miamimo says:

    These are great videos..

  12. Great sound on this great car

  13. mgf1342 says:

    Such a calming video

  14. Lor enzo says:

    Non ci sono parole per descrivere la bellezza di quest'auto… un vero gioiello

  15. Slim Stickly says:

    Never cage a bird, you love to see fly..

  16. This gentleman reminds me so much of my old automotive teacher from high school. A laid back fellow who loved his special car more than anything. Growing up I was into import cars, but my automotive teacher took me for a ride in his Factory Five Cobra, and it opened my eyes to the world of V8's and muscle cars. I am forever thankful for my time with him as he has grown my appreciation for classic American muscle. Would love to just sit down and talk cars with old timers him.

  17. Tom W says:


  18. Vidocqtube says:

    Well fellaz, this Cyclone (or the one with the 1970 Cyclone GT grill-nose-type) is one of the most underrated muscle car of the muscle era (aside with the Buick Wildcat 67)

  19. DJ MotoVlogs says:

    To me, this is the best owner you guys ever had on video.

  20. Oreste Gallo says:

    My favorite thing about these videos is that the owners actually DRIVE the cars.

  21. Any interest in doing a video on my fathers 1969 Fairlane Cobra 428 SCJ car? Can see a video of it in my videos. A lot of people confuse it with a 1969 Torino Cobra, but there were no Torino Cobras until 1970.

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