1970 Subaru 360: A Toy Van For The Street

It’s not a shrunken Type 2 VW, but rather an adorable little import built in Japan in an era long before Subaru started to earn its modern granola-crunching and power-sliding fanbase. Sun-soaked Arizona is an altogether alien terrain if you’re arriving from Japan, and as far as U.S. cities go, Greater Phoenix is not wanting for space—certainly not when compared to the tightly-packed streets of Japan’s metropolitan hubs—and a tiny van with an even smaller motor is no way to experience these wide-open desert highways if your version of the American Southwest requires a V8. But traversing the ramps and right angles around the city? This little UFO is quite handy indeed. The Subaru 360 Van is an efficient use of of space and it gets the kind of excellent mileage you’d expect from a barebones and mostly utilitarian machine, and yet its value lies more in its charm than its function.

See the photoshoot and read more about this 1970 Subaru 360 here: http://petro.li/Subaru360

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  1. Post By Freddy Chale

    A 6.2ft man drives his MicroMachine through downtown Phoenix… Cool!

  2. Post By Freddy Chale

    JDM´s answer to the Flower Power van! What would have happened if they had offered it the US? Lots of Hippies with joint issues… Lovely!

  3. Post By Ribierasacra

    Another one https://youtu.be/yZxzS2mwfwI This car is more like a FIAT 600 Multipla than a VW type2. https://youtu.be/VToZUt37o7o

  4. Post By AJMC

    What is that jazzy tune on the background??!!

  5. Post By Monte LK

    He's in Phoenix!!

  6. Post By taipeman


  7. Post By Nolan Wright

    Here's my toy carHere's my real car

  8. Post By Jay9485

    This video made me feel ☺

  9. Post By joey ramirez

    29 other clowns get out of it too?

  10. Post By Just Yohannes

    So dope!

  11. Post By 63mrl

    Met the gentt at the Scottsdale Pavilions car show, very genuine car guy.

  12. Post By D B

    What an eloquent piece of art that serves both functionality and emotion! Would absolutely love one for road tripping! Thanks as always Petrolicious!!!!!!! My favorite channel!!!!!

  13. Post By Jason Carpp

    Awesome video! I've heard of the Subaru Sambar 360. I've only seen one in person. It's a shame that Subaru discontinued the micro car.

  14. Post By 6kchea !

    Very unique but ffs get off the left lane!

  15. Post By Terrence Ganasen

    Would have been so cool to have one when they first came out. Very cute and simple

  16. Post By Michael Myers

    What a nice little thing. Suicide doors in the 70ties…

  17. Post By therealglennmann

    You guys did a very nice job choosing the music to complement the person and the car. Great video once again and thanks for sharing

  18. Post By Mandrak789

    Should be one seater apparently. That guy filled up the whole cabine.

  19. Post By scheethoofd

    Love how it has racing stripes ! That's what you call commitment :D

  20. Post By miki mori


  21. Post By ebiyan55

    サンバー懐かしいな〜 車も大切に乗ってもらえて喜んでると思います(^ω^)

  22. Post By Aji Irawan


  23. Post By Michael Means

    Make a video on that Subaru Brat we saw parked in the background!

  24. Post By David Brower


  25. Post By Mea Fabella

    It's pretty awesome. Well done!

  26. Post By Cas

    Hi, the footage looks amazing! on what camera and lenses was this video shot?

  27. Post By Callum Jones

    Al gore lookalike?

  28. Post By Sail Before Sunset

    Actually… I like it! I like it a lot!

  29. Post By Ron Smith

    I appreciate this channel for showcasing the many different types of cars that it does.

  30. Post By Pete Witt

    Yes! More affordable classics! I love your storytelling.

  31. Post By Miguel Reyes

    I kinda want one now

  32. Post By K.J. G.

    Dear god man, that beast in the AZ summer must worse than any WW2 prison camp. Aside from that, awesome video

  33. Post By Evan Watson

    Had a 69 model. Loved it. Bummer was parts were hard to find. Tires too. Sold a few years back. I miss it alot. It's how I taught myself to drive a stick. Glad they're around still. Got mine in .ca. Sold it in tx.

  34. Post By p904

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Oh man……how this makes me smile. The weirder the better, and the jazz that starts it off. Absolute perfection for this dude.

  35. Post By EvendimataE

    i find older cars more beautiful…..but….newer cars are easier to drive, safer and more efficient……i wish car manufacturers will make new cars with exact look as the old cars

  36. Post By James Gibat-Thoroski

    WRX STI drive line swap…

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