1972 Alfa Romeo Alfetta: Verde Pino

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In this week’s Made to Drive installment we are visiting France to spend an afternoon with a young couple infatuated with vintage Alfa Romeos. They currently own two with plans for more, but it was this 1972 Alfetta and its striking factory color of Verde Pino that began the momentum. It’s a unique mixture of a stylish but practical small sedan combined with Italian sporting heritage, and though it isn’t the most well-known from the marque’s impressive lineup in the early 1970s it is a notable piece of their history. In the case of Tristan and Manon, his wife to be, the Alfetta is now part of their family, and it will be starting a new legacy.

See the photoshoot and further info on the ’72 Alfetta here: http://petro.li/Alfetta

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46 thoughts on “1972 Alfa Romeo Alfetta: Verde Pino

  1. DannySNTV says:

    I saw this car on a french magazine : Autoretro.

  2. What a heap of shit, I'm glad I didn't buy an Alfa.

  3. biocybernaut says:

    Strutturalmente in ordine, ma chiaramente il motore ha bisogno un po' di lavoro.

  4. shoki shakya says:

    nice to see the same one as mine from nepal in france!

  5. Pietervdv says:

    I've had 3 of them in my younger years. Would love to have one again in good condition, but they've become rare and expensive too.

  6. Hamo Mamo says:

    Translate non english videos, CC distracts from watching

  7. A Z says:

    Few people know that the Alfetta was designed by a very small team led by Ermanno Cressoni,my old boss.A great gentleman that sadly is not longer with us,but will always be remembered by the people that were fortunate to have worked with him.Caro Arch un saluto.

  8. I typed in "Pino Verde" (which is the name of my father GiuseppePino Verde, he was a singer of Neapolitan folk popular songs, I lost him September 2016 at age 66) to watch for few seconds my father singing just to think of him and this video came up, it says "Alfa Romeo Alfetta:Verde Pino", the title has the name of my father in it but it was obvious was referred to some element in the video; I clicked to watch the Alfa Romeo Alfetta which my father owned when I was a kid back in 1980 bringing many nostalgic melancholic memories; and another curious thing is, the founder of Alfa-Romeo his name was Romeo and if I am not wrong was from the city myself my whole family and my father is from S.Antimo-Naples.

  9. Belle voiture ce fut ma première Alfa neuve !!!!! belle histoire ,et belle idée que de vouloir acheter un Bertone 1750 série 1
    Seul ombre au tableau l'autocollant d'un club au président à vie NUL…..

  10. Please less talk, less music and more car.

  11. jimsy73 says:

    That was my dad's car when i was a child, so many memories…

  12. BANI…Ma va sto frocio di sangue ITALIANO che parla francese dio porco

  13. Art Pereira says:

    Boxer engine? hahaha Great engine sound btw, reminds me of when I left coins in my pockets and shoved the clothes in washing machine. That was a good day

  14. Mark Somers says:

    Liked the last shot.

  15. The David says:

    Despite music+speech i could clearly hear that engine is not working properly. I know by heart how it's supposed to sound.
    Oh, and it isn't a boxer btw.

  16. A wild Ted appears

  17. mixtly74 says:

    Spero un giorno di fare un bel video come il tuo con la mia alfetta (che ancora non ho) bravo

  18. So this guy was able to buy several Alfas instead of some "passionless" Peugeot 205, not because he's affluent enough, but thanks to his "developed tastes" and "passion". Cool story.

  19. Rob S says:

    Your films are always a real treat

  20. akrokdesign says:


  21. petrolicious seems to be getting too worried about cinematography rather than on car, artsy is good but in every scene you see just trees, shadows, gloves, and the car for like a second. Loud music just too much. Early petrolicious seemed more genuine now it just seems pretentious. I used to get excited for Tuesday to watch each episode, now I just watch them if the car is decent. Car selections are just odd and not in a good way.

  22. dbevit says:

    No engine sound and too much talking… just horrible….

  23. Puse says:

    These videos are always so comfy. Italian cars are truly great art.

  24. Dep-O-vision says:

    Love these videos, but… Please sort the tuning out and the Alfetta was a clean-sheet design, sharing little with the Tipo-105 1750.

  25. Manuel B says:

    Nice movie but terrible engine noise

  26. OlivierV6 says:

    Une voiture vivante bruit superbe et du punch, j'ai eu la chance de rouler en Alfetta en passager et au volant d'une Guillietta  1800 équipée du même moteur …. j'ai une Mégane dci en voiture de prét  aujourd'hui quelle déprime par rapport, j'ai envie de la bruler , je la déteste..

  27. Do a video about the Alfa 75, the last real Alfa of its time :D

  28. Alfa have made some very pretty cars but IMO this is not one of them, way too boxy (could've been a generic '70s Datsun/Toyota/Nissan, without the badge).

    Still, as the French say: Il faut de tout pour faire un monde

  29. boatdude12 says:

    Have they done other couples interviews?

  30. Nice touch at the end! Almost made up for another pair of driving gloves!

    I have fond memories of my Alfetta. It was a fantastic car for going sideways in. Everything happened so progressively.

  31. R Peterson says:

    Looks painfully slow for an Alfa, engine sounds like its on its last leg :-(

  32. SPcamert says:

    A car used by both the Mafia and the Carabinieri. That's a hell of a resume.

  33. RoRo says:

    Come on, you name the film after the colour of the car but wait until the last scene to show it in sunlight. Every other scene was in shadow with a seemingly high F stop. It was too dark.

  34. Very nice, good to young people who love classic cars.

  35. I love Alfa Romeo Alfetta. Dad had quite a few & I learned how to drive with one of the later model Alfetta. The Alfa Romeo 75 (Milano) was a perfect continuation of Alfetta, IMO. Such superb road handling.

  36. zarkas says:

    A Car from thw ALfa Romeo Gold Era!!
    Memories from our child years!!
    Alfa Lovers Go Ahead!!

  37. Roman Macias says:

    Uh, whatever. I can't thumbs down the video, but I thumbs down the car. I know folks who drive some terrible shit boxes here in the states, but they absolutely LOVE their car. I couldn't imagine you guys doing a story like that. I guess maybe because it's European and they speak French it doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

  38. Art Vandelay says:

    Trash car! Terrible

  39. Beautiful and legendary car. It needs a lot more respect

  40. Draviator says:

    It's running on 3… How does he not feel/hear that?!

  41. Steve Nagy says:

    Not sure about this video. The Alfetta was considered at the time to be one of the bad Alfas, together with the Alfasud: bad styling and rustbuckets. To each his own, but I would not consider this a classic. It is still ugly too.

  42. That engine has serious problems. Fix them!

  43. nice Car,… good video… like this,.. greetings from 1timefav.blogspot.de

  44. I like it although I'm not a huge fan of Alfa's. This one looks like a cross between a E28 Bmw and a Datsun 510.

  45. wanderhirsch says:

    Some ugly jittery drive-by's in this video. I mean the car doesn't move smoothly through those scenes. Please fix, it is nicer to watch without it. I also want to say thank you for the entertaining content every week! Has me hooked!

  46. Fthresholds says:

    Alfetta is a goddess so fix that rattle

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