1972 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5 – One Take

This 1972 Mercedes 280SE 4.5 is a stunning example of the golden era of full-size Mercedes sedans. It is a two-owner vehicle with records going back to brand new, and with only 70,000 miles on it, in shockingly good condition. It feels solid as a tank, and is magnificent to drive. Its owner, Werner, is a character on his own, and you won’t believe what he paid for such a wonderful classic that he uses as his daily driver in Los Angeles.

Check out Werner’s Design Firm!

25 thoughts on “1972 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5 – One Take

  1. panoramama says:

    So many key warriors !!!! Just stfu and watch the video or go to the Honda diy section if you don’t like this review.

  2. petec9686 says:

    7 grand for that is just stupid. The build quality of those things is unmatched by anything built since. As Matt said, you get the feeling it will never wear out.

  3. curtis holt says:

    really lucky guy Matt needs to read up

  4. Mark W says:

    Oh lord, won't you give me a Mercedez Benz–Janis Joplin could have not said it better.
    These old sedans were the snot (and still the snot in certain circles). I love them.

  5. serz1885 says:

    7000 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Mothmax says:

    12:30 Was that a fart?

  7. dso1509 says:

    I wonder what AMG or Brabus would have done to it.

  8. SRaen says:

    You said, "air HORNY"

  9. ramozeab says:

    Contact MBH of Virginia if your looking for a low milage vintage Mercedes cars.

  10. Adjusted for inflation, that's nearly $41k. That can't be correct.

  11. Mercedes Benz of that airer is timeless.

  12. concerning the turning radius,
    big wheel arches, small slim wheels,
    these old mercs have turning circles like tanks.

  13. I am really impressed, i think one of those here in Germany is more than 150k€, but i think he should give it an interior remake. The colours and all could be better.

  14. This car, and Werner, are all class. Definitely a nice break from all the fidgety kids who struggle with a cadence that doesn't wind up interrupting Matt.

  15. s4n714g000 says:

    what's the price on this car in the US today?

  16. Ian Mason says:

    Sometimes this owner is almost Jeff Goldblum. I hope I see a Jeff goldblum one take someday lol

  17. akashsky118 says:

    I didn't know this exact model existed until a few months ago . Shame they were US only, the small body with the 4.5 is a great combo.

  18. Jeremy Bolen says:

    Had a 280SEL in my showroom recently and one of the best sounds was shutting the door. I've seen a crashed one that the doors make that sound

  19. Wow. I kinda want one now.

  20. Colin Kao says:

    I think the owner is a contender for the most interesting man in the world

  21. aconfusedazn says:

    This review, for some reason, puts me at ease; as if I just took a cruise in this.

  22. WestSide1207 says:

    I called it right before he said the price, I don't know why $7k was the price that popped into my head, lol. Lucky man, what an amazing car.

  23. Rich Sackett says:

    It's bad when you start to watch and you want to know more about the Porsche in the background than the M-B.

  24. Wildman says:

    German and American are the only vehicles that should exist…fuck rotted out riceburning Jap, Korean, and Chinese garbage.

  25. Dope review and one of the coolest classic cars that's a daily #salute

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