1974 Chevy Van: Body Repair and Quick Paint! – Hot Rod Garage Ep. 19

On this episode of HOT ROD Garage presented by Lincoln Tech David Frieburger and Tony Angelo will show you how to get the most out of an affordable paint job. Our hosts will run through what to expect from a Maaco paint job, and what you can do before and after paint to really maximize your finished product. We’ve taken our rusty, banged up 1974 Chevy Panel Van and turned it into a sleek, less banged up Red Rocket! The MSD Atomic Surf Van looks ready to roll on Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour 2015!

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  1. Post By World Coming Down 5777

    Humans 6 foot tall built the great pyramids. Society is still pretty phukin stupid.

  2. Post By Remix Island Music

    Thats a nice color!

  3. Post By demonic477

    The strangest car I ever built datsun B210 hatch back with subaru brat drive train lifted 28 in over stock height you had to stand on a milk crate and jump up to get in it and it was street legal in florida. it took 3 weeks to build in the drive way cost me 50 dollars to build I had both vehicles given to me and they both needed work so I made one out of both . I drove it for 6 months and then sold it for 800 bucks win win . I loved that thing you could park in a 3 foot deep mud pit and people would drive there cars in thinking it was shallow.

  4. Post By SenselessTuning

    Love me some Tangelo because he bridges the gap between the older expert mentors we look up to and ourselves. He brings anyone who has ever been a tuner fan or currently is a younger fan deeper into the car world.

  5. Post By 1carlsworth

    wow- after all that hard work, the matt clear is horrid

  6. Post By Zach M

    I like how this is basically a Maaco commercial where they are doing a lot more prep work than actual Maaco guys do in real life.

  7. Post By Z0MB13

    Hats off to the paint guy that is actually doing the work! :-D

  8. Post By CodeRed

    i would kill for a van like that

  9. Post By Sean Bailey

    Never seen Macco spend so much time on a car…usually a 5 min overspray job without fixing any dents lol.

  10. Post By TheReedBreed

    What episode did Frieburger get his leg cut in?

  11. Post By john

    "dude, this piece of junk has so much bondo on it"> proceeds to put more on it

  12. Post By Allan Francis

    wtf did this fgt take Finnigans job

  13. Post By BCcreativeInnovation

    this is not how to do proper bodywork/paint, what a shame on the vehicle they used…if you plan to do that type is work on a vehicle…use like a vehicle that's not worth much

  14. Post By Marshall Kell

    The BAM! at the end of the video gets funnier and funnier every episode hahahah

  15. Post By Marshall Kell


  16. Post By Marshall Kell

    Honestly, I kinda dug the whole flaky patina thing the van had going before.

  17. Post By Papercraftfreak3

    Drag racing is comin'…

  18. Post By Aden Anthony

    As a great man once said, "Best day at work ever". Good job guys. I'm already kinda digging this guy. I'm a massive hotrod guy, but I love classics, I love off-road, I love drifting, and although I love hotrods most, I just think that you can't judge a person off of their main interests.

  19. Post By Alex Woodward

    "sucks that there was a lot of bondo on the thing. so after we found that we put more bondo on it"

  20. Post By silosis

    i actually preferred the ratty shop van look to the red. came out good though

  21. Post By lapp.tech

    I love Road Kill but some times it can get a bit too silly so enjoy this show a lot since it's more serious. Keep up the great work guys.

  22. Post By mr. luca

    where is finnigan

  23. Post By Hav NoFear

    Why you did not remove outside door handles , lock cylinders Radio antenna ?  …… ?   What is Mike doing ?

  24. Post By gus91326

    Did no one get the reference to Jon Snow? Awesome.

  25. Post By John Vain

    that primer, sealer and single stage paint they use must be thinner than water.  I've painted for over 20 years and never move the gun that fast.

  26. Post By Ryan Barbolt

    I hit my ring finger down to the bone with a 4" cutting wheel through a welding glove once…good times.

  27. Post By Halliday7895

    hahah the caption is off and saying funny words ….

  28. Post By Chris Brown

    What paint line is the matte clear from?I am looking for a matte clear to spray over the original paint on my project car.

  29. Post By Kyle Jorcha

    Skip to 1:46 if you wanna skip Lincoln tech.

  30. Post By BedsideTiger

    John snow knows nothing

  31. Post By Eric Christie

    Them faces at 1:54

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