1975 VAZ-2103: A Soviet Time Machine

An automobile that was produced in numbers well into the tens of millions doesn’t seem so unique, but what if one of those cars hadn’t been touched for more than forty years before its rediscovery? That’s the story behind this Soviet-era survivor that shows just under 150 kilometers on the clock, and it’s all original despite the Curtain coming down decades ago. It’s a time capsule from an altogether different history than most of the cars in our Made to Drive series, and though it’s not a sporting machine by any means, the VAZ-2103 “Zhiguli” is still one of the most significant cars ever built. Let the proud owner of this 1975 example tell you why.

See the photoshoot and further info on the VAZ-2103 here: http://petro.li/VAZ

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  1. Post By Erlend Dammen

    I have been the proud owner of one of these for the last 15 years. It's been a joy, have driven about 60.000 km.

  2. Post By Teddy Watson

    Plane seemingly psychologist tftgrgr or diagnosis clear studio nail emphasize.

  3. Post By Mike Yerke

    I want one.

  4. Post By Mario Puente

    We all knew these cars as LADA in Southamerica. Did Russians ever call them as such?

  5. Post By Felipe The Gentleman Driver

    Wow! What a russian spy car!

  6. Post By Егор Медведь

    старое гавно!

  7. Post By Fluterra

    Thank god Communism is almost extinct. What a POS.

  8. Post By LeadHammer

    VAZ is the name of the company/factory: Volzhski Auto Zavod, that is, Volga Car Works (not to be confused with Volga cars made by Gorky car works). The cars themselves were sold in the Soviet Union as "Zhiguli", but this name was considered hard to pronounce for export markets and also sounding similar to gigolo, so on the export markets it has been sold as Lada. Starting from the 2108 model in 1986, VAZ switched to Lada for the domestic market as well.

  9. Post By Erubey Michel

    Will you guys do a Supra?

  10. Post By Peter

    Having a weird culture here in mid-east europe for ladas, I can tell you they are properly shit

  11. Post By SAMREZ-55

    Super condition !!! Respekt

  12. Post By 120bpm

    This should have russian subtitles! I can add it if you allow it in settings.

  13. Post By Albert Tran


  14. Post By Миша Wittmann

    Такие машина когда на дороге видят-все стараются от них держаться подальше-и водители и пешеходы.Надо вообще запретить прохождение техосмотров такому старью и убрать его нахрен с дорог страны.

  15. Post By Tomas Hancar

    My grandpa used to drive me around in one of these FIATs 124 back in mid 90's. Brings back memories!

  16. Post By Neil Davidson

    I wonder where this was filmed. It couldn't have been in Russia because he didn't have a dashcam…

  17. Post By O G Moustache Male facial companion


  18. Post By Claudiu Punk

    Felicitari frate moldovan♥️

  19. Post By Ronald de Rooij

    I drove it once, also a 1975 model. It was called "Lada 1500 S" in the Netherlands. I remember everything feeling very heavy. Gas pedal, brakes, shifting, clutch all heavy. Steering was a tour the force, even and very indirect. It was also very difficult to drive away in, as the clutch only knew 2 states: Engaged or Free, nothing in between. Almost the same for the gas response of the engine. It felt like a racing engine. Touch the pedal and it would rev up big time! It was very reliable, only rust was a problem after a few years. That was not uncommon. The car used not too much fuel (9l/100km) which was good at the time for such a big car (it was considered a roomy car in Europe back then). A pity they never made a luxury station wagon version. Only the cheap model could be bought as a station wagon with 1200, 1300 and yes also this 1500 cc engine.

  20. Post By luidgiskovoroda

    nice fiat

  21. Post By Rocky Jacob

    We have a the same car in India it’s called 118ne . My favourite.

  22. Post By K.J. G.

    Leave it to Petrolicious to make even a shit soviet car look somewhat cool. This channel is incredible

  23. Post By Balázs Bartha

    I love how people hate it just because they saw someone who heard once that somebody said to somebody that these cars are suck, Fiat copys and etc. Get your knowledge right. I also love the old Top Gear and now The Grand Tour, but they are just simply hate it because… why not? If they were that rubbish as you say and think, people would not use them nowadays… because they do (or at least who had one, regret get rid of it)Great video Petrolicius!

  24. Post By gagu112

    Roman de al meu ❤

  25. Post By MrGrentch

    I love that car. And fair play to the owner for finding, preserving and driving it.

  26. Post By Spider

    the owner is romanian :)

  27. Post By Миша Wittmann

    Совдепия всегда делала низкокачественные говноизделия и автомобили не исключение-полный отстой!Парадокс-в совковские времена все грезили иномарками,а сейчас состарившиеся совки дрочат на то что и машиной то не назавешь!

  28. Post By Миша Wittmann

    Машина полный отстой,как и всё,сделанное в ссср.В металлолом или подарить какому-нибудь совкодрочеру.Да на ней же опасно ездить-ты бы еще телегой поуправлял!Всё имеет свой возростной ресурс.А у всего совдеповского его не было изначально.)

  29. Post By irritablearchitect

    Moldova looks quite picturesque.

  30. Post By Eric Shea

    I'm curious if the owner has replaced the Soviet-era tires on this time capsule. There's a close-up of a tire at 5:38, but I can't make out all of the lettering.

  31. Post By Igor Horvat

    Прелеп филм :)

  32. Post By Hudson Hornet

    Foarte frumos! Sunt mândru pentru compatriotul meu! Bravo!

  33. Post By Maarten Eevers

    And then to think that even the DAF shown driving by in the end of the clip is already considered 'uncommon' in Western Europe.The East surely has some automotive treasures.

  34. Post By Solex Sahara

    Я хочу такую!!

  35. Post By Car Freak

    Suka blyat

  36. Post By ZWERI2

    Roata way!)))

  37. Post By Taylor Sweetova

    Italian and Japanese Design +200% no Vodka

  38. Post By Mike McKay

    So it's an Italian car? I'm confused

  39. Post By ansaree97

    Wow, what are the chances of coming upon something like that?? That is one beautiful, unique machine and I don't think anyone could've done a better job at telling it's story than you guys.

  40. Post By Mappax RO

    in sfarsit un video la care nu tre sa imi pun subtitrari

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