1981 March 811: Formula Vice

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In this week’s Made to Drive installment we are in Florida with Petrolicious’ friend and vintage motorsport enthusiast, John Campion. Joining his collection recently, this 1981 March 811 Formula 1 car represents a different era of top-level racing, wherein one could buy an engine and build a chassis to compete without spending hundreds of millions of manufacturer dollars. Though this sinister black sword of a racing car wasn’t on the same pace as that year’s world championship contenders, the Guinness-sponsored machine driven by Irishman Derek Daly was still ferociously quick in an absolute sense, and it’s a treat to see it in action on a race track so many decades later on.

Watch John interview 2017 Motorsport Ireland Young Racing Driver Of The Year and Sexton trophy winner, Jordan Dempsey: https://youtu.be/h45cBGl4DPU

See the photoshoot and further info on the March 811 here: http://petro.li/March811

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47 thoughts on “1981 March 811: Formula Vice

  1. Lina Aerts says:

    Since dose stage producer patient controversial assess tournament slam plan.

  2. slspg says:

    Today's kids don't know crap about the real F1.

  3. fmd3d says:

    Lancias stolen the show :D

  4. wareidav says:

    Superb story and a genuinely decent guy. Fantastic car from my generation of motorsport. The music just matches the imagery perfectly. I would love to see the shoot with the Lancia.

  5. Autodromo says:

    Always love to see John sharing has passion for cars! Great video!

  6. John B says:

    Great video. Really like this one.

  7. Petrolicious: you guys are the standard by which all OTT productions are judged. Amazing. Keep up the good work.

  8. Speet says:

    Would be greatfull if that guys can shut up

  9. More passion like this please, thank you.

  10. Jake says:

    Gee, where's the Halo. ???

  11. Wow…. this is real #passion

  12. Beautiful car!

  13. george32323 says:

    Partnering up with classy brands Petrolicious! Well done.

  14. Gman k says:

    Great video and a great guy! FIGHTING IRISH!!!!! My grandmother would be PROUD!

  15. mojoblues66 says:

    Designed by Adrian Newey. It was his 3rd car design, and according to his autobiography, his most important, because it laid down the fundamentals for all his future work.

  16. Giuseppe says:

    I think it's great that someone is willing to put miles on a classic F1 car for a photo op, don't get me wrong, but I do wish the video would've had more driving and car sounds and less talking and music. Also, if you had a young, proper racing driver in that thing, why only show us the sedate driving of a middle-aged amateur? I understand he's the owner, but to me this all feels like a big wasted opportunity.

  17. Roman P says:

    3:57 not F1 worthy move with the cap

  18. Mark Clowes says:

    brill video #racemodeon

  19. Midget Man says:

    this is the newey car

  20. Monty Crain says:


  21. 2manysecrets says:

    Born in 2000?! How is that even possible?! Where does the time go..

  22. hunzolee says:

    March 1-4 2018 Sebring international raceway, in Florida. Vintage classic. Great show to visit.

  23. Wonderful film – it couldn't have gone to a better home.

  24. Not Nubilous says:

    John Campion is so eloquent and passionate about his collection, so stoked

  25. Adam Zaidi says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing!

  26. This is everything I love about Petrolicious.

  27. Is that PBIR?

  28. Rosevan says:

    Amazing episode ! F1 … vintage… please more stories of these pure racing beasts. Hope to see this car perhaps in Montreal during the F1 weekend as a special guests among vintage pure sounding F1 beautiful cars. Thanks.

  29. DucFanDan says:

    Okay guys, need five minutes of video of just the car on track with nobody yapping. C’mon. You did it with the Ferrari 250 GTO on that wonderful mountain road, you can publish another pure sound video like that again.

  30. And that is just 40 years old backmarker F1 car

  31. absolute record for using word "I" in one video

  32. P Kuudsk says:

    I watch most of these 2x the production is great. Back when racing was real and cars were built without massive rule books ,the drivers drank smoked and had women chasing them like rock stars. All the vintage racing is better to me.

  33. T0BBi94 says:

    5:29 onwards, great storytelling, together with the sound it feels like im there, amazing video!

  34. Driven on the track once and then you strap this on ….. awesome!

  35. Ken Clark says:

    Pretty car, something you just cannot say about today's machines.

  36. thhulk306 says:


  37. "When you get a dollar or two.."
    How about "when you get enough to spare a million or two to purchase and restore a classic F1 machine with provenance…"
    I dislike false humility.

  38. Release the whole jordan Peterson interview you shady cunts

  39. titanus49 says:

    You forgot to mention Eddie Irvine,a Ferrari F1 driver in the late nineties. He was from Northern Ireland

  40. Most unsuccessful f1 car ever? Only finished 4 races, no points and didn't even qualify for most.

  41. Kick W says:

    They belong on track not in a museum somewhere

  42. mjncad says:

    From a time when motor sports was fun to watch!

  43. Adrian Musat says:

    Hello petrolicious. Could you pless tell me where i can buy that document holder with stopwatch? :) minute 1:11

  44. whats with watches these days?

  45. I can relate to every word hew spoke. Great film, full of passion!

  46. SPcamert says:

    This guy might just be in love with his car. Like romantic love.

  47. This generation of F1 cars are the best looking IMO

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