1991 Ferrari F40: Driving The Dream Car

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Ferrari makes dream cars. It’s what they do. Perhaps no Ferrari in history has lived up to that promise quite like the F40.

See our behind the scenes gallery and read more about this 1991 Ferrari F40 at http://petro.li/FerrariF40Gallery

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30 thoughts on “1991 Ferrari F40: Driving The Dream Car

  1. Ben Davis says:

    It really looks good.

  2. Swiffy says:

    2:41 How does that work xD

  3. Worst guy owning a f40. Worst f40 video. When this guy said "just like a modern sports car" you know what I said is true

  4. Rossa Corsa..the BEST red in the BUSINESS!

  5. SamWillDrive says:

    I live in the Chicagoland area and we see this gem all the time, posted a video on my channel about it not too long ago. It's great to see Petrolicious film it!

  6. TheUsmc1488 says:

    Nice video as always, still prefer the 288.

  7. Langers VW says:

    Great Video one on my all time favourite cars;) my child hood hero……… you bloody loucky git

  8. 93remix says:

    "it's 50, A.K.A. Ferrari F50… break it down"

  9. I can usually relate Petrolicious’s videos to a matter to beautiful cinematography and direction. This one falls short.

  10. craig howard says:

    I'd rather have that Ferrari over any other Ferrari made including the new ones it's always been a dream of mine to own one since I saw one in 1991 in a showroom.

  11. Alex Medrano says:

    A E S T H E T I C . . .

  12. kenfukumoto says:

    Just watched this and the 288GTO video. Highly disappointing to see Petrolicious head this direction. Too much music and sound effects. I hope you return to the beautiful minimalist videos that made me subscribe in the first place.

  13. Ryan Zell says:

    Great vid. Now do the 959.

  14. Tweekend27 says:

    Who else had a poster of this car on their wall as a kid or played 'Test Drive 2: The Duel' on the Amiga back in '89..?? :)

  15. Pixel Dust says:

    does it really have the Toyota mouse-rail seat-belt system?

  16. Fangio JM says:

    Last car Enzo personally signed off, magnificent

  17. Afeef Helou says:

    I adore your videos….. Absolutely stunning!!!!

  18. BJK1715 says:

    LOOKOUT!!! OH SHIT!!! BOOOM !!! one good NYC pothole would destroy that car.

  19. This video feels and sounds too artificial. I didn't even recognize the real F40 sound.. Don't go up that road Petrolicious.

  20. The F40…designed and engineered by Nicola Materazzi.  Approved by Enzo Ferrari.  Absolutely Brilliant!

  21. Aslak Vind says:

    Two words: Thank You!

  22. Andy McKee says:

    One of the worst Petrolicious videos ever made. Sound all up the stuff, annoying music, weird editing and pace. Was the usual team on holiday or something?

  23. Lucky boy

  24. F S says:

    F40, i love you

  25. Whats with the recent short length?

  26. Podrian intentar poner subtitulos en ESPAÑOL para el publico hispanoparlante

  27. battlestage says:

    Why in God's was there music playing at all?

  28. Is that at the Autobahn, Joliet?

  29. M.Fachri says:

    It's a fast car on a short clip, stating the obvious.

  30. Did Jay Kay ever own an F40? Sounded like a Jamiroquai reference at the beginning, to me …

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