1991 Ford Festiva: Regular Car Reviews

We review one of the smelled Fords, which isn’t really a Ford. The good thing is, if it weren’t for this car, the Fiesta wouldn’t exist today.

40 thoughts on “1991 Ford Festiva: Regular Car Reviews

  1. LordEvan5 says:

    Ray Bradbury I’m a custodian in a school and the school librarian just shitcaned the schools entire stock of Bradbury she said the kids won’t read em what’s wrong with the world or am I just Old

  2. You should review the p45

  3. Cyborg says:

    Dude you’re inspiring me to be better at English with your subconscious take on these reviews, honestly thank you

  4. looks like the shifter falls off at 1:50

  5. Looks like some teenager thought it was pretty cool lol

  6. Multigamer X says:

    How do i offer you a car to drive, I have an 07 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP if you want to drive it, LS3, 303 hp, front wheel drive, fun car, I think you’d like it

  7. It's like looking at the closest thing to a kei car America has ever made

  8. Geo Metro review?

  9. Jaap Oomen says:

    Fiat panda from 1980-2003 is lighter (690 kg/1521 lbs)

  10. kcin1523 says:

    This is one of my favorite reviews

  11. That thing was in its element in San Francisco back in the day.

  12. Bryn Clarke says:

    "When the sun shines shines on you more often than not, people forget that you know what rain feels like too"


  13. Jeremy Saevn says:

    I am S.Korean and my mom had one of these back in 90s. Mr.Regular said word "Kia" and "Pride" is hard to see in a same sentence, but back in late 80s this was really a pride for South Koreans. Everyone was proud about the reconstruction after the Korean war, and the year Kia Pride was released, there was Seoul olympics. Almost very Koreans have stories with these.

  14. ameen says:

    i have a 1,3L kia pride i came here to try to love my car…but now i cant even look at it any more LOL

  15. I like the pine needles clinging to the undercarriage.

  16. BigDannyK says:

    You made me read "All Summer in a Day"
    Thank you :-)

  17. Why are you going to Frackville?
    Isn't the temperature NINE?

  18. Kevin g says:

    I still have my dad festiva back here same color as this one just don’t know what’s wrong with it. I want to get it running for a lil ricer/work car

  19. Andrew Samy says:

    I know a guy who swapped a 2.0L v-tec turbo engine into one of the Kia variants

  20. Moletastic69 says:


  21. odeiup says:

    Some one is trying to sell this for 12,000 dollars.

    It’s riced.

  22. Achitori says:

    smol boi

  23. Could you do the pinto already?

  24. The car: an ugly little bread box. The story behind it: fascinating :) Land Wind (I think it's one of those copy-cat Chinese brands) still makes those things albeit it with an updated body

  25. Underscorer says:

    Isn't this basically a VW Golf GTI Mk1?

  26. I lost my shit after he said “NO IM NOT TAKING MY TAIL OFF ITS WHO I AM”

  27. I just bring a dose of reality to assholes, ok bitch, put it in the back of your pickup truck. DO IT NOW!!!!!

  28. Jim Cameron says:

    My festiva carries two full (leaded) fuel canisters on the front grill.

  29. Fiesta EEUU. Engine! There? Here in Europe. Fiesta,1'1 1,3 1,4 carburetor ,injections ,6 1'8 8 valves 1,8 16. Valves,turbo RS fiesta.

  30. Jake Slovinskis dad, huh? Hmmmmmm i wonder if his first name is harold

  31. The american cough japonese cough Korean cough version of the Fiat Uno. It is slow, but can be fast.

  32. UnitD77 says:

    "parts car" with subs, custom interior bits, and mods….. WHYYYYY. I would never touch a parts car with mods.

  33. TheMemeKing says:

    Gen 1 honda civics are lighter

  34. Andrei Lazar says:

    Maybe it's a bit too late for this, but there are cars lighter than the Festiva, search for the Trabant, a 600cc east-german car that was said to be maid out of cardboard, cuz it was, and it weighed around 600kg wet

  35. Jason A says:

    A modified Festiva would make a good rally car

  36. Elites311 says:

    the suzuki cappuccino is lighter than this

  37. Taz S says:


  38. 4 of us in college picked up our friend's Festiva and set it on the sidewalk as a prank.

  39. My dad said it looked like a puppy taking a crap.

  40. Skyace 95 says:


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