1994 Audi RS2: Strap Into The Snow Wagon


1994 Audi RS2: Strap Into The Snow Wagon

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Like last week’s installment in our Made to Drive series, we are back in France, only this time at much higher elevation as we power slide through the snowy roads of the Courchevel ski resort perched high in the Alps. With his skis affixed atop and a preference for counter-steering, Mark Birch is using his 1994 RS2 exactly as intended. Sure-footed Quattro paired with a classic Audi turbo five under the hood is a recipe for the ultimate snow day as far as we’re concerned, and though it never received any motorsport attention, it sure does a good job of aping its WRC relatives as it carves sideways ruts into the churned-up powder behind it.

See the photoshoot and further info on this ’94 Audi RS2 here: http://petro.li/AudiRS2

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43 thoughts on “1994 Audi RS2: Strap Into The Snow Wagon

  1. Paul Edge says:

    that's a quality car

  2. Yes, I fell in love. Again.

  3. TheJoePepper says:

    It's not very often I have to turn on the closed captions, but with that accent, trailing off speaking style, and the fact that the music is too loud, it was pretty necessary.

  4. Va Vo says:

    Amazing car!

  5. Even the 2.6E V6 Engine in my Quattro Avant is stunning. A RS2 is a nearly unreachable Goal what a lucky guy!

  6. i have plenty parts for rs2 available. its not like you cant get them for reasonable price..

  7. Ozz Fan says:

    Petrolicious always so fucking good.

  8. p904 says:

    Am I the only one who could watch him shut the hatch all day long?

  9. MeaDz2 says:

    I love that RS2.

  10. _ article_ says:

    Music waaaaay to ugly

  11. Man I miss the Valkyr days..

  12. Jānis Meija says:

    this is one of the best cars Audi ever made in my opinion.

  13. Sweet car. The music is too loud though. Kinda hard to easily understand the guy speaking

  14. This car is a legend ! The 2.2 5 cyl and the RWD biased quattro made 80-90's Audis so good :)

  15. Seva Litvin says:

    Speechless. This particular vehicle is a legend, which laid the foundation and served as engineering example for all high-powered station wagons for centuries to come. This is what I call German engineering.

  16. mrsepox says:

    Let us hear the exhaust it has a beautiful 5 cilinder in it and u have the calm music playing in the background come on!

  17. jaceq9 says:

    That is one piece of film art to picture this hopelessly dull interiored, not too well aged boxy plasicky audi the way it evokes emotions like the dying puppy.

  18. ViDiS91 says:

    Amazing car. :)

  19. Beauty <3

  20. Kay Voyager says:

    It brings tears to my eyes seeing this. I own a Audi 80 TDI Avant and indeed it's a very fast and economical wagon. Very good ground clearance very good reliability and plenty of space. What a legend of a car!

  21. RayJ-HT says:

    I had the 4 door version of this car….5 speed and I loved it….interior smell and all. I'm no longer an Audi fan but I still have a special place for the 91-95 line up.

  22. I'm getting old..

  23. NonnoJaco says:


  24. ARMYTRIX says:

    So cool!

  25. Colin Ashby says:

    Get rid of the music. Ruins the video, music while narration and car is driving.

  26. Auditography says:

    Very enjoyable video. I made a similar one to what I think is the greatest Audi of all time, The RS4 B5. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD7ubYyY19I

  27. Congratulations. It's a great car bro.

  28. ebayerr says:

    I thought all of the European and British cars were supposed to be right hand drive?

  29. 3RT says:

    Crazy how the Audi A1 S1 is quicker now.

  30. Radi Geshev says:

    I would love to add this car to my collection some day..

  31. Efer E21 says:

    Has RS2, can't pronounce "Porshe"

  32. 13THPR0PH37 says:

    I could have used a little bit of less voice

  33. John Askew says:

    Stunning, that’s all that needs to be said.

  34. PDS SIGNS says:

    So nearly bought one some 20 yrs ago.

    Fabulous video.

  35. mufflejoy says:

    The dual-tone 5-cyl sound is just so entoxicating.

  36. For those who don’t know. This was Ayrton Senna’s favorite car. Side by side with the NXS.

  37. the best Audi ever!!

  38. I live in this town, i have seen this rs2 in a road thousands times!
    Je suis amoureux avec sa voiture!!!

  39. i know they don't rust, but still, seeing this quite rare car being driven in the snow makes my heart ache a bit

  40. >you can get loads of kids in it


  41. marko vukas says:

    My name ia marko vukas

  42. george byrne says:

    Hi Guys, normally love the videos. This one sounds like the owner was recorded while being locked in the glovebox. The car is also somewhat underwhelming. Sorry!

  43. RC000E says:

    Wanted to hear the car a bit more…maybe a little pause of the talking and music to hear that car do it's thing would've been nice. Great looking video though and a very cool car. I personally had a little snow wagon infatuation for some time…it was the Honda RT4wd wagon, 1990. Car is unstoppable in the snow and with a small peanut of a turbo added, that thing was just pure awesomeness. I have video of a blizzard that dropped 17 inches in just a few hours that locked down the city…but not me, a few friends and the RT4wd turbo on blizzaks!

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