1995 Toyota Celica GT-Four – One Take

The Brio Beardscape for less than Amazon is charging:

This 1995 Toyota Celica GT4 is a JDM, right-hand drive example of Toyota’s homologation version of what was, at the time, their WRC car. It features a 250HP, turbocharged, 3SGTE 2.0L four-cylinder engine, permanent AWD, and this one, features a few basic upgrades, including new struts and springs, and a stainless steel exhaust.

More photos and parts list on Wheelwell

48 thoughts on “1995 Toyota Celica GT-Four – One Take

  1. R C says:

    I picked one of the actual homologation cars (WRC special edition chassis #2197) up back in 2014 for just £2100 (~$2700), and what a car! The homologation models (1994 only) had plumbing for water injection, intercooler spraybar and anti-lag (charge air bypass to manifold where fuel-rich exhaust could combust keeping turbo spooled) but sadly deactivated in the road versions. Even without that it was such a forgiving and stable car with incredibly accessible performance (which was great given it was my first car). Unfortunately I had to sell it to fund a move to the USA, so I've been eagerly waiting until next year so I can import one super excited to see the hype building about it though also worried it will hike up prices for true enthusiasts!

  2. Mr. AWDriver says:

    So glad you finally did one of these. I owned a 91 Alltrac. These cars are so on the back burner compared to the AE86, MR2 and Supra, but yet just as fun and even more rare.

  3. Kody hughes says:

    crazy timing !! literally about 3 weeks ago i've began my search for alltracs and gt fours. such awesome cars.

  4. One of my all time favorite dream cars that I will likely never be able to own

  5. Nick B says:

    Cool car, except for the fart can exhaust.

  6. You stole that car for $5800!

  7. coldvaper says:

    One of those cars I wish we got in the states.

  8. unicorn7337 says:

    Absolutely awesome! As a GT-Four enthusiast and owner of a red '94 JDM ST205 in the UK, I really enjoyed this video and am so glad that Matt liked the car! :D

  9. Rpin says:

    Should put some of those giant rally lights on the front.

  10. Paul P says:

    Needs a bigger wing and fartcan.

  11. Seriously? (The Smoking Beard) Coming Soon.

  12. Matt, if you want to drop $12500 on one here is a listing, only 56000Km http://jdm-expo.com/vehicle-inventory/312-toyota-celica-gt4-sale.html

  13. Steven Adams says:

    Getting like every other good car show…advertisement or sponsors take over and ruin the video .

  14. yan b says:

    this car was the bomb when modded out on Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero. ps2 anyone? such good memories

  15. Roam Free says:

    Matt your channel just makes sense. You should have a way more subs man. Probably already do..but you offer other languages

  16. Where do the deer go when they reach the cliff? My third eye is open and waiting for a good answer

  17. I have an SW20 and these cars give me owner's envy. I saw one at ATS (The MR2 shop that had those cars all at the racetrack for Matt) and fell in love.

  18. Is this the young "One fucked up dentist" AKA "One fooked up dennis"?

  19. infamousjuan says:

    What road is that?

  20. Juha Kankkunen : ) my workmate has Celica gt four Carlos Sainz edition.

  21. HodsBroo says:

    This car is a beast, I love it. Is it far stretched to say this is the 86 is this car's successor?

  22. Camaro Rick says:

    All of our first cars from Gran Tourismo 1

  23. Hans Schmidt says:

    love the car but i don't get why people put fart-cans on them

  24. check out them boobies! Them titties are getting big Matt!

  25. You have the craziest luck with deer and logs.

  26. gsxtc1 says:

    Nice save with the deer!

  27. Vimeous says:

    Have an ST202 with 175k miles. Daily drive it & enjoy every second. Did the Hillclimb school at Prescott (UK) and was best of the day because it's got a great front-end, inspires loads of confidence and is relatively forgiving. Those under 5'4" fit comfortably in the back with a big boot/trunk and decent ride make it a great GT too.

    Can confirm parts can be a bstard. Some body parts no longer available and metal pipes are a real pain (usually direct from Toyota).
    Weak points are general underbody rust and on GT4 the fig-8 front suspension parts unique to GT4's and JDM Superstrut models (GT, SS1/2/3).

    GT4 prices in UK started rising 18mths ago after all other GroupA rally cars got too expensive. £4-5k buys a nice private GT4 while importers with the best are looking for north of £7k. 2 years ago £3k bought a tidy runner with good miles :(

    Great car that needs parts love to keep it rockin!

  28. Awesome 5800$ well spent !

  29. Vellano43 says:

    This brought back Gran Turismo memories. Good video! Have you thought about driving an Infiniti Q50?

  30. Van city Inda howwwwse

  31. LoL, when Matt said "….you can't spend $5800 dollars on anything better…..watches, f%&kin diamonds…" I almost lost my $hit! Hilarious!! Awesome, awesome review. Automotive journalism at its best!

  32. For Sure! We Know what this Car is!

  33. My Dream Car!

  34. a003590510 says:

    You guys, they actually did import GT4's here to the US. My bud had one in high school in the 90's, they are left hand drive and pass emissions and everything. SUPER rare. I have tried to find one for like twenty years and only found one '86 all-track. I actually prefer the older '91 body style to the '95 with the pop up lights. Man this was the coolest car back then. This and the eclipse GSX, and the Subaru STI RS coupe were the shxt.

  35. Austin S says:

    I’ve wanted a GT-4 since I was a kind. Really bummed the U.S never got any. Can’t wait until these and the Evo Vs become legal here!

  36. 김준성 says:

    where in canada is this?

  37. rfouR_ says:

    Always loved these.

  38. do a nissan 370z!!!!

  39. Annoying Guy

  40. Blake Swan says:

    Such a cool car

  41. Ya know whatimean

  42. Now do the 2ZZGE/ZZT231 Celica GT-S Matt!!!

  43. alvarortega2 says:

    Sweet car. Odd that gets no love. In Europe you can find them for the same money as a good shape mk2 golf … So if I was living in North America, I'd import them from the EU in factory LHD and avoid the hasle…

  44. Mr. Meeseeks says:

    yes!! GT-Four!! really underrated rally car. 58k of pure goodness

  45. What happened to Harry's razors?

  46. Neck fupa on point these days Matt!

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