1998 Chrysler Concorde: Regular Car Reviews

We drive the chariot for ne’er-do-wells: The 1998 Chrysler Concorde. (fixed the year, thanks)


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42 thoughts on “1998 Chrysler Concorde: Regular Car Reviews

  1. Make an episode about the Chrysler Crossfire.

  2. Poet WP says:

    Oh look it’s a 4 door catfish body camaro.

  3. Kevin Howard says:

    Not sure with all the bashing on it. I do own one with 252000 miles with regular maintenence and still is strong. If you look at these cars for sale they all have very high mileage!! There engine and transmission reliability is hard to beat with the 3.2 and 3.5. Maintenence on the timing belt and water pump and tensioner is important and the suspension is cheap and comes as entire control arms and lateral bars for 25 bucks and mine wasnt replaced until yesterday. So say what you want

  4. Lucid says:

    ohhh this song at the end

  5. daddyjankie says:

    *An Ugly Version of a Camaro

  6. Fioaoiudou says:

    It looks like a used up bar of soap.

  7. gjmob says:

    Understeer city, the whole engine is in front of the front axel line and its front wheel drive. At least they didn't export it.

  8. meseyc says:

    There has never been a car that catches fire more than that pos

  9. CyclingSJH says:

    The designers did a coin toss to see which end would get the headlights

  10. 3 A.M. 金 says:

    Do a lexus sc300 bruh

  11. Lprath 51 says:

    ….way to fall ode… go get em snake

  12. My uncle said his Concorde was the best and worst car he ever owned. He said it was wonderful to drive, but it didn't really work very often.

  13. polentusmax says:

    The front of camaro 98 is very similar

  14. jjthesavage says:

    I was forced into the chip on my debit card. Love that line!

  15. EasySteps says:

    Even when I was younger and these were new I always would get acid reflux looking at them. So fucking ugly.

  16. no idea why. but i've always loved these. i'm not interested in ever getting one but i'm glad they exist. ya know what i mean?

  17. meseyc says:

    that dude that sings at the end needs to release a cd with all the car songs lol

  18. I like it that car very much. I still have a cirrus v6 and is amazing.

  19. Rammstein45 says:

    MY FIRST CAR!! It was a beast too!

  20. Steve Jobs says:

    Holy shit if you squint hard enough it does look like a catfish camaro

  21. I haven't owned a car yet that you haven't ripped apart with zest! hah!! Go find the boring Ford Five Hundred and continue the tradition. LOL!

  22. brilliant and funny!

  23. SEAN MICHEL says:

    I cant believe people bought this thing

  24. SuperBigEv says:

    The rear seats in theses cars are amazing, like sitting on clouds

  25. coffeeblak86 says:

    Quite possibly the biggest pos.

  26. Do I really need a history lesson to learn about a car?

  27. Chrysler actually had cab forward models in starting in 1939….  And cars from that era were only full sized.  The fuel lines on the LH vehicles are usually made out of the same plastic as the mcdonalds straws.

  28. dman2520 says:

    Shit. I have the 99 Dodge Intrepid, essentially the Dodge variant of this. Engine and base platform and all. :0

  29. had a 93 with the 3.3. bought it for 1000 bucks the issue was from start up you had about 10 min of use of all 5 gears after that it would stay stuck in 2nd lol. with no reverse. so every morning i had to play beat the clock to get to the freeway for work, so it wouldnt get stuck in 2nd before she warmed up. drove it like that for 3 years lol. surprisingly it was in really clean condition ,engine never gave not one single problem ever.shame the tranny was sour , i mean have you ever had to ask your date to get out and help you push your 4000 pound car backwards 10 feet out of the stall at the movie theatre on a rainy night???? aww i miss that car.

  30. cesar romano says:

    That thing looks like a pet rock on wheels.

  31. "Sporty luxury car that your dad bought to celebrate his raise" Sounds about right. My buddy's dad had one of these. He ended having to borrow that car in the middle of winter less 2 years after getting his licence. That was the winter I decided that I'd never drive with him if there was snow on the ground and I'd be less than enthusiastic at any other time.

  32. erod017 says:

    Had a 2000 intrepid biggest piece of shit I ever had the displeasure of owning. It died 6 months after i bought it. Now I own an 87 firebird and life is great again

  33. One of the last American sedans with a bench seat

  34. The Chrysler Concord is the kind of car Doug DeMuro would give Hoovie if Hoovie were his kid.

  35. Man, you love Metal Gear Solid.

  36. Frank Burns says:

    Did Police Scanner Dad suffer a massive stroke?

  37. Lol… The "daily cost of copper" comment got me

  38. Slayer John says:

    I actually own a 1988 Plymouth Reliant LE sedan. 94,500 original miles.

  39. will desko says:

    Metal gear reference with the end song??

  40. Alex SAAB says:


  41. Matthew says:

    Gross, look at the chrome peeling off the logo…. such garbage.

  42. AUDRiUX! says:

    my dad had an LHS , were they sold in europe , or did someone actually go to the effort to ship one over to europe?

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