2004 Lamborghini Gallardo – (Track) One Take at the FIRM

The FIRM – Florida Intenational Rally And Motorsports park is a car enthusiast’s heaven. Thanks to them for letting us come play with all their toys, and book a play day for yourself and your friends at:

The 2004 Gallardo was Lamborghini’s first real run at the mass market under Audi ownership. And some major changes to the car after just 1 year means that today, the 2005-and-up cars are quite a bit more on the used market. Which makes the 2004 Gallardo a screaming deal as a trackday toy or tuner car.


  1. Post By supraguy2jzgte

    i will be taking my h22 accord out here next weekend for a track attack!! cant wait!!

  2. Post By YOUSUF SHAD

    80k lol these still go for like 90s to 100s with under 40 k miles I just picked up my 2005 for 96k 26k miles

  3. Post By fcukthenicks

    I bought a track day with a Gallardo for next month. Will it be awesome? Auto24Ring in Estonia.

  4. Post By James Wigg

    We don't want to see your ugly face. Show the car from the outside!

  5. Post By kc Achukwu

    that doesn't look like a 2004 Gallardo

  6. Post By Shey Puvanesh

    So, will we be seeing Matt in a Gallardo, getting it Twin Turbo'd by Heffner Performance?

  7. Post By kate akaluso

    how much is a 04 gallardo?

  8. Post By Michael Brown

    Wow that engine sound is fantastic

  9. Post By Brian Heiden

    You looked happy as a little kid in that lambo at the end of the video good shit lol.

  10. Post By mikeymang101

    thats a how a lambo should sound!

  11. Post By Elliott Fenton

    Are the flybys in this video a one time thing because you guys were at that facility? It's interesting because it looks like one take production value has increased! Great Video!

  12. Post By Rawest

    hairy fingers or tattoos ? lol

  13. Post By ViRuSTriNiTy

    The car might be dated…but it still has the best Lamborghini sound, pure shrieking awesomeness.

  14. Post By SpyderRios

    Hey Mat do you know if this Gallardo had any modifications to it besides the already mention brake pads. I am pretty sure it has some kind of exhaust, either that or the new Gallardos come super restrictive in terms of noise. Also I remember Jeremy Clarskson mentioning the same thing about this type of transmissons and how new ones willMake them feel old and slow. That's exactly how an old Gallardo compares to a new one and one ofthe reasons why a dream Gallardo for me would be the manual transmission Balboni. Also it sucks to live in Fresno Ca. Not a single dam track to take my car to have a bit of fun. I can't wait to get the hell out of here :)

  15. Post By Kevin Ho

    thanks for these videos wih driving schools, ive known about a few a few of them and now I know much more, expanded bucket list ready!

  16. Post By RJ Till

    Nice driving, looks like Farah is getting surprisingly quick!

  17. Post By AN D1

    Stay away from pre 2006 Gallardo, quite a lot of issues. After 2006, much much safer option.

  18. Post By John May

    is this track open to the public ?

  19. Post By Zach Osborne

    Went onto their website all excited about this place, then saw the price list… Never mind :(

  20. Post By zeek3177

    i live in Fl and didnt know about this……..fml

  21. Post By AgravepasmonK

    Guns ? wtf ?

  22. Post By John (new channel)

    That sound

  23. Post By Eriohla956

    One of the sickest videos in my opinion

  24. Post By a4achtung

    FIRM looks like paradise!

  25. Post By Yamaha RZ

    I thought when he said "51, 000" he was gonna follow it with "horse power", i am disappoint. Great video as usual Matt. Thanks.

  26. Post By Car Commercials of the Past

    Great sounding car.

  27. Post By unicorn harry

    quick question how closely are you related to fred durst mat?

  28. Post By varun jaitly

    For someone looking to buy their first super car, would you recommend a used R8 for 90k or a used Gallardo, also 90k? It seems as if the first supercar you buy shouldn't be brand new, but thats just me.

  29. Post By Tim Bond

    Damn, those apex's were on point.

  30. Post By Huan Nguyen

    Fire your sound guy.

  31. Post By Serby

    I wish they didn't look like a chick car.

  32. Post By Stevie Klaer

    How tall is Matt? I barely fit in it an I was about as tall as him.

  33. Post By xRUBE0823x

    So I just bought a 2016 Fiesta ST and I'm new to driving manual, i just wanted to know if anybody had any tips on learning to heel toe, the ST has very awkward positioning of the gas pedal compared to the brake, any tips on how to get passed this and heel toe?

  34. Post By R32tho

    Literally thanked god when i saw it was matt and not someone else lol

  35. Post By Jeffrey Nguyen

    Hey Matt, what's the lifespan of these clutches, typically? Does a maintenance light come on that tells you when to change it?

  36. Post By Andrew Ippolito

    +The Smoking Tire Looks like you had a blast driving. Great sound on the 04 Gallardo, based on your commentary may not be suited for the mind numbing traffic in NYC as far as clutches go, probably about 6-8k for clutch replacement? Your opinion is still worth the price of entering the supercar club?

  37. Post By RazorFX

    I really enjoyed this one Matt, thank You. Cheers from central Europe!

  38. Post By arms manga

    Geezez, my ML430 shifts quicker than that wtf

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