2012 Audi R8 GT – First Test

We head out to the test track in Audi’s race track ready R8 GT to see if it has what it takes to battle the world’s top supercars.

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Shot by: Jim Gleason, Gordon Green & Corey Denomy
Edited by: Jim Gleason

37 thoughts on “2012 Audi R8 GT – First Test

  1. This is old moter trend

  2. Exoticars19 says:

    How can anybody think the New 2016 R8 looks better than this… This is the BEST R8 (design wise)

  3. Prookie23 says:

    R8 GT, most beautiful car ever built.

  4. HKS NISMO says:

    The straight line and braking performance is amazingly close to the RS7

  5. jimser says:

    best car built so far…

  6. Very nice car. The best R8 version!

  7. neettim says:

    Well that's Australia. In US currency, I think it's overpriced.

  8. these are $399,000 is Australia( just for the R8+ model). Stop talking about overpriced. 458's are around $619,000 here.

  9. my bad .. I meant "should" :P

  10. neettim says:

    lol not everyone

  11. it's not just your thinking… it's common sense and everyone would agree with you :)

  12. neettim says:

    It's a great car, don't get me wrong. But it's way over priced, even Top Gear says so. It costs around $200k and has a top price of 198-199mph. But if you got that kind of money, mine as well spend an additional $25k for a Ferrari 458 that's faster with a better name. That's just my thinking

  13. 2010drive says:

    How does the performance not match the price?

  14. 2010drive says:

    Might want to learn how to spell millionaire first!


  16. wtf why would you say that. everyone thinks its hot as fuck.

  17. LameBoyDavid says:

    Nope dis car frekin seexyer than a buggati

  18. Ruvim P says:

    Dream car!!!!!!!!!

  19. Rizwan khan says:

    gt spyder is coooool

  20. my dream car

  21. Rodrigo DJ says:

    My dream car!

  22. neettim says:

    I definitely love this car, but the price man. If only the price was lowered or the performance matches the price, then this would be the perfect car

  23. Really cool car in person!!!


  25. Gigine Ahmad says:

    which i think this car design is the best in the world

  26. Fadi Jakoub says:

    i'm gonna drive this car
    in gta 5

  27. gninja92 says:

    i seen this car at a dealership. i got to. thompson dealers

  28. Dennis125ccm says:

    I have a audi r7
    And this car is cool max. 320kmh

  29. Hear That? says:

    Gallardo is AWD too…

  30. Hear That? says:

    When you are going in to a corner but instead of turning when you turn the wheel, the car keeps going straight/in a wider line around the turn. Cars with a lot of weight at the front suffer from this.

  31. Omar Awad says:

    You're a 12 year old, you don't have an R8 GT. You're too busy making pointless videos that nobody watches.

  32. Omar Awad says:

    Most likely her husband's car.

  33. C4Lust says:

    Not that it matters but I have had the pleasure of encountering one of these on the road a few times. I didn't know that only 90 or so would make it to the US so I guess it is more rare of a sight than I thought. It was white though and being driven by a female. Good for her…

  34. C4Lust says:

    It's designed to perform at the track as it has a lot of track-ready equipment on it. Straight line speed is not the only thing cars like this do. This car is significantly faster at the track than an S8, even though the S8 can almost keep up on the street.

  35. Robert Lubin says:

    You are a fool

  36. Damn I'd hit that car

  37. this video for those who want to buy the car not to see it performance

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