2012 BMW M5 vs Nissan GT-R: Driven & Drifted – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Chris Harris reviews the new 2012 BMW M5 and Nissan GT-R, in the rain. Do these two cars belong together? Probably not – but it’s perfect for YouTube search results, and thats why we’re doing it. Watch as Chris reviews the two cars on the street and on the track.

Read Chris’s PistonHeads article here: http://pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=25199


  1. Post By 6lr6ak6

    M5 and GTRs my fav, plus Chris Harris 100 times better than those cunts from Top Gear.

  2. Post By Jonathan Rivas

    Ok. This guy is a hack

  3. Post By dasgtr

    Relax. Take a deep breath. Stop complaining over which car is better for this or that reason. Realize that these cars were built to very different philosophies. One is a quietly styled executive super sedan straight from the factory. The other is a racing derived sports coupe with a vast tuning industry built behind it.I'll gladly take both of them.

  4. Post By Mike Robo

    BMW .. any day a lot more classy too

  5. Post By nko bns

    Which ave maria is playing at the end ?

  6. Post By nom chompsky

    5 years later he's saying exactly the same thing about the new GTR!

  7. Post By PetrolZone

    I'm so jealous of your car control Chris!

  8. Post By Hwoarang121

    I would take the GTR over any BMW.

  9. Post By Ian Tomlin

    It always makes me laugh when car journalists say how the German plastic interior is so much more luxurious than the Japanese plastic. They are both just plastic mate! No luxury there! Why? These aint luxury cars! The Nissan will cost a lot more to make because its so much more complicated and better engineered than the BMW.

  10. Post By Alex Alex

    fuck off..the M5 is much better

  11. Post By Die South Slav

    This was released 5 years ago ._.

  12. Post By festeradamz

    ill stick with the v10 thanks

  13. Post By George W. Bush

    actually rewatching this after so many years I realized for the first time he didn't turn esp off loljust r mode

  14. Post By Jack Hobbs

    GT-R for me no doubt.

  15. Post By Doctor Drift

    2 horrible shit boxes

  16. Post By VTX00128

    BMW = V2GTR = Cruise missile

  17. Post By Phillz

    Chris we want you back…sincerely,Everyone. <3

  18. Post By Thomas Hartnell

    Chris, you wear some shit jumpers

  19. Post By Apotheosis

    lol i see this dope ass intro, dope ass music waiting for greatness, instead its this silly sounding european, kind of killed the video, dope car though.

  20. Post By CaptiveRiticuli

    The M5 has always been a great drivers car with near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, the best of the lot in my opinion was the E38 hand built car with the 3.8 340bhp version.These days M5s are brutes on the road while maintaining a comfortable 4s up heading down to the coast for the weekend. The GTR on the other hand as we all know, is an entirely different machine, with a multi-billion dollar tuning industry behind it the GTR remains unbeatable in real world performance needs.

  21. Post By Av63PNT0

    Watching this guys excitement while driving these cars and explaining how exhilarating it is awesome

  22. Post By GoKartsAndStuff

    Outro music?

  23. Post By MotoBoy

    GTR for me. BMW lost it's soul a long time ago

  24. Post By Hendra Di

    M5 all the way!

  25. Post By skievl23

    skip to 8:00 to see drifting

  26. Post By Devonte Murray

    I would take both. A M5 first for everyday use and the GT-R for weekends on the track and dragracing.

  27. Post By Adam Spurling

    I have f10 M5 ……… what a car so much power so much comfort and fantastic handling!!! it does everything so well forget AMG,AUDI RS , JAG XFR yes these cars are all awesome and brilliant and are great cars that would please anyone …. but there not the orginal all great but copys of the m5 ….god we are spoilt for choice these days

  28. Post By Steven Hearnden

    how could anyone under 80 choose that horrible German car over a GTR??

  29. Post By Peter Baker

    At 8.17 Chris is putting the traction control in race mode, not switching the traction control off. It explains why at 9.12 he says he is fighting the systems while trying to drift. Other than that an excellent video.

  30. Post By Sean Hamre

    bmw all day im not paying 100k for a nissan to be uncomfortable and did i mention its a nissan. get a maxium for 28k if you want a nissan and add twin turbo lol not the same but almost

  31. Post By SMRIDER100

    they both can fit 4 people.. yeah right try and sit on the back seat of a gtr LMAO

  32. Post By Mario De Cristofaro

    If you have a family, M5.

  33. Post By شعيب سالم

    The M5 is faster (not off the line obviously), more comfortable and it is 2 cars in one. It can be used daily, for shopping, fitting 4 people comfortably (even at high speeds), taking kids to school, going on long journeys. It can also be a MONSTER with the touch of a button. It's quick, fun, comfortable, sensible, handles well, performs well and that's why it's the car I would pick.

  34. Post By Honald Trinton

    I wonder why the M5 sounds so bland, I've heard the exhaust of the older X6M and it sounded great

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