2012 Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta – /TRACKSIDE

You know the drill guys. Bringing you closer to tens of thousands of horsepower, hundreds of liters of engine displacement, countless fragments of shredded rubber, unbelievable noise, and many miles traversed. This is TRACKSIDE at the 2012 Petit LeMans, Road Atlanta.

23 thoughts on “2012 Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta – /TRACKSIDE

  1. dcdude345 says:

    Please make these again

  2. I love falling asleep to the sounds of the track.

  3. Alexi7666 says:

    Really good camera work.

  4. This is a fantastic example for showing those who have not been around motorsports live just how fast these cars fly around corners. It's just mind-blowing.

  5. This is beautiful, in a 2001 a space odessey kind of way. Well done, /DRIVE

  6. Mark Cotner says:

    14 people don't like racing, but watch the videos anyway.

  7. J.S.S says:

    Would be awesome to get Australian V8 Super Cars at this circuit

  8. Chad Ferenc says:

    this is great filming and producing done here, if this video dont leave you wanting more then iono

  9. Chad Ferenc says:

    a great track and a killer list of the best manufacturers competing, a must see if your lucky enough 2 have track nearby, i believe there are 10 alms venues in the states, petit le mans october the 19.

  10. v500k says:

    I miss the Trackside series, don't scrap it, Drive! :D

  11. LOLOL Leo XD

  12. Rd Rg says:

    Great video, stylish, intelligent and beautiful.

  13. Very ala Steve Mc Queen.. Loved it.

  14. TheJmbf10 says:

    now this is podracing

  15. stormy5969 says:

    Brilliant, well done…

  16. A Nelson says:

    A trackside video of the Bathurst 12 Hour would be fantastic!

  17. Nice video! My buddy and I caught a flight down and we were there Friday and Saturday. 2012 was my 4th year attending the Petit Le Mans. Of course I'll be there this year too.

  18. chevyv8350 says:

    i saw this and the viper went out on the grass in the first corner he couldnt drive like wtf
    corvette ftw

  19. Nice to see the Deltawing..

  20. My favorite shot 11:18

  21. TenaciousD says:

    One of the best race tracks!

  22. Jack O'Beans says:

    Thanks to whoever found my keys and turned them in that day. Other than that it was the greatest race I've ever been to.

  23. pabauza says:


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