2014 Audi RS7: Top Speed Bahnstorming in Germany! – Ignition Ep. 80

On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago tests the new Audi RS7 through over 500 miles of German roads, including top-speed blasts on the unrestricted Autobahn. With 560 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque from its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8, the RS7 eclipses even the R8’s 5.2-liter V-10 in power delivery. We find out just how monstrous the resulting acceleration is — as well as the top speed — though the green countryside of southern Germany.

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  1. Post By chancy319

    You should have gotten the Performance version instead.

  2. Post By bigwie52

    Carlos you still have to learn so much

  3. Post By Евгений Буч

    Pure Sculpture Design an Proportions. Car has a great spirit!

  4. Post By Richard Jones

    They don't get out of your way because your in the Audi…. it's just the natural European way of driving… unlike the USA

  5. Post By Travis Frewsmith

    Can't decide if the sounds is nice or just like a tractor

  6. Post By bernd lauert

    250 kmh is about 150 mph btw

  7. Post By Georgios Tologlou

    Not a sedan mate..

  8. Post By Facundo Marino

    3:32 fuck you audi i love you but why do you do this mf

  9. Post By Vortex HD

    came here from Bart's video

  10. Post By Tony Stark

    309kmh = 192mph

  11. Post By Andrew Saumier

    That car is so beautiful with that paint

  12. Post By Tharim Ahmed

    m6 gran coupe is lyfe

  13. Post By Branislav Mladenovic

    What a terrible exhaust note.

  14. Post By Fleisch Berg

    I'd love to see an Autobahn comparison between an RS7 or a comparable M or AMG car, and a new Mustang, Camaro or another modern muscle car from the US. Seems like the newer American cars have made huge progress in terms of suspension, chassis, cornering speed, stability under power etc. lately. So, for some Germans it would be very interesting to see how they compare to "our" cars in terms of stability, comfort, durability and safety when travelling at high speeds for hours, which used to be Audi's, Mercedes' and BMW's territory. Cheers from Deutschländ!

  15. Post By Martin Luther King

    192 mph in a AUDI RS7 thats crazy

  16. Post By Feelgoodhitofthesummer

    Blat, blat, blat. Love that sound.

  17. Post By MrCr3ep3r

    looks like they didnt have the money to afford the extended speed limit wich btw is a total ripoff but i have driven faster in a 230hp tt so its pretty pathetic that audi locks such a car at 250 km/h

  18. Post By Richard The

    I don't think Quattro is the equivalent of AMG / M. It's more like 4Matic/xDrive…

  19. Post By Mehdy Akl

    I feel like this guy doesn't work for them anymore.

  20. Post By Chris Davies

    Sounds like a pile of crap with an exhaust system fitted to it.

  21. Post By D. M. Cook

    What driver pushes his/her new vehicle to over well over 100 mph on a highway during a downpour? Definitely not a SMART one!!! Death doesn't discriminate, pal!!!

  22. Post By Cristian Halmagean

    Best cars? In Germany!

  23. Post By TheDowner

    My 2016 A6 has the 2.0L Turbo. You want to talk about an amazing engine? Yes. 252hp from 121 cubic inches. Plug in some tuning, and you can get these engines over 400hp. The torque is also off the charts at 273ftlb. The EA888 in it's present tune is probably the best engine in the world, overall. It has far more power than most people will ever use. I've done 60mph runs in less than 6 seconds, and probably closer to 5 seconds.

  24. Post By chris s

    You lucky devil. 300+ klm/h

  25. Post By Deebo Jackson

    Audi created the RS7 for the American market. You can't buy an RS6 in America

  26. Post By Blake Chesledon

    I thought Quattro was just what audi called their AWD system

  27. Post By Underwood95

    Correct me if i'm wrong please! My understanding is that you can have a very good high performance car with a regular non-turbo V8! But yet car companies now a day over complicate and over engineer the hell out of their cars! Do we really need things like 4 wheel steering?

  28. Post By JurisKankalis

    yo, man! people don't respect the car. people are used to move over from any lane that has a free lane to its right, no matter your car. don't flatter yourself. another part of the german highway code, without which you couldn't have those speeds available to general public, is not waving your arms to anyone if you wan't to overtake. you brake, and you wait patiently. peace!

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