2014 Cheap Truck Challenge! 93′ S10 vs 95′ Grand Cherokee vs 75′ International – Dirt Every Day 32

What happens when you take three low buck trucks driven by cheap truck drivers on an off road shoot out? You get Cheap Truck Challenge. Put on by Petersen’s 4Wheel and Offroad Magazine, Cheap Truck Challenge is the annual low buck truck competition where Fred and his pals must buy and build a 4×4 for under $4000. On this Dirt Every Day Fred finally takes his Chevy S-10 to Reno, Nevada for a battle of the budget beater rigs!

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34 thoughts on “2014 Cheap Truck Challenge! 93′ S10 vs 95′ Grand Cherokee vs 75′ International – Dirt Every Day 32

  1. RUST adic says:

    Damn 1400 for that s10. Got my first 84 s10 for free and the only thing that broke was the rear diff. I ended up putting a 2 way open diff in. Also put a super charger in after i cleaned the engine and polished it. Had a 3 inch drop on american eagle 5s and good year street tires. Was only rwd though it was fun to do burnouts in

  2. could've made that s10's 4×4 system reliable by removing its vacuum actuated system and replacing it with a twist lock cable

  3. Daniel Rich says:

    Buuuut you have the same bore and stroke as a chevy 350 with that v6! Liter size to liter size, the 4.3 was better anyways. And the truck is way lighter than the other 2

  4. I love the s10

  5. You should do a follow-up on these trucks.maybe you could do more upgrades

  6. my six cylinder is sorta like a v8, it has around 300 lb. ft. of torque at 1600 rpm paired with a Muncie 4 speed, first gear is a very nice 6.55:1 ratio, also reverse gear is 6.09:1 so I could rock crawl in reverse LOL.

  7. Will Hakes says:

    What are the triangular boxes they put on the back of their trucks? Fuel tanks? Winch batteries? LOL, I feel stupid.

  8. Just Nobody says:

    4:03 thats face xD 6:17 XD lol

  9. Josh Parker says:

    I bought a 2nd gen ram 1500 4×4 yesterday for 1,400 and im loving it,my first 4 wheel drive

  10. nikepatel93 says:

    the thing in the car @12:05

  11. Danny Moreno says:

    These guys are super dorky. . I wish they were my friends lol

  12. Is it a v8 quadradrive ? Or a shit 6cyl with selectrac edit v8 good choice

  13. Would you sell the s10

  14. Mr Nacho says:

    I need to finish the resto on my 79 international scout!

  15. 407ForRent says:

    Fix the 4×4 wtf

  16. Next time buy you a YOTA – stock with stock tires it will concure that hill faster than the jeep……but you might loose a jeep fan….just run that other new cool PURPLE jeep & that will show us YOTA guys lmfao….should be stedy after that

  17. Nova Green says:

    I've been watching as many older episodes as I can and I see that pink sasquatch and laugh every time.

  18. John Brunton says:

    I thought the s10 platform used a vacuum actuated front diff

  19. I will never understand what the appeal of the S10 is. It is probably the ugliest, least charactered vehicle on the road next to a 1998 toyota camry. Seriously … they need to discontinue that ugly pile and squeeze any that are still alive.

    Also I call BS on the international being 500 bucks… even in clapped out conditions they go for at least 2k around here.

    the ZJ was magnificent though, I love those cars

  20. The manual is awesome

  21. The guy driving the s10 I want to say I DRIVE A 1985 S10 THERE TOUGH AND AWSOME IM ONLY 12

  22. JohnathanGB says:

    Do a Dakota Build!

  23. i started using 8 strands of 550 paracord that i twisted together for a pull rope. seems to work very well and cheap. if you need more strength just add another strand, i say every strand adds another 425 pounds of pulling strength. been doing it for about 2 1/2 years.

    go ahead and give it a try, ill try and upload a video next time im out. ill go over the twisting, as to get all lines equal. how i set the shackel or hook. also a demo of it being used on some LIVE ACTION.

  24. dave runner says:

    A 2 wheel drive pick up is useless on anything more than a hard packed dirt road.

  25. rudyyy60 says:

    You should have fixed the 4wd on the s10

  26. MaxxRussia says:

    What made me dislike this video is the fact that just because of "sponsorships" they put some bullshit Falken ATs on the truck. Shit, even if they put MTs on it and still supported Falken I would.

    Honestly who the fuck thought it was a good idea to put ATs and compare to MTs in a cheap truck off road challenger like WHAT!

  27. Ryan Fox says:

    Funny, I have a 1991 S10 Blazer 4×4 with the 4.3 all stock with mud tires and it would have climbed challenge 1 no problem. Maybe this guy needs to not off road anymore. By the way the issue that your having is directly under the battery and its a vacuum issue. Just an FYI for ya

  28. reaper136969 says:

    these challenges are dumb just build your trucks and take them on a trail and swap them a couple times and just give pros and cons on each one to help people the kind of rig they should buy

  29. Haffner says:

    the biggest challenge for people in denmark is there is no place to drive

  30. the s10 is struggling like my traxxas rustler did when i tried to drive it in sand
    its a RWD 2WD rc car
    and the sand tires were too frickin tiny

  31. Why does it seem like they aren't comfortable on camera

  32. Aaron Foster says:

    I remember why I stopped watching this guy he's just so dumb that's a manual t case meaning you shift it into 2wd to 4wd low and high the cable is broken? Who fucking cares get under the truck and lock it in 4 low or 4 high use your brain cmon guy

  33. BRS RC says:

    All you guys needed to do is put a C-clamp on the 4WD diaphragm. You know just squeeze it together and keep it there

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