2014 Jaguar XFR-S: The Big Cat that’s Quiet, Powerful & Loves to Drift! – Ignition Ep. 86

On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago gets behind the wheel of a Jaguar XFR-S, an even more powerful and limited production version of the already lively XFR. As competitor to the BMW M5, and also Jaguar’s fastest Sedan, the XFR-S is packed with a supercharged V-8 that produces 550-hp and 502 lb-ft of torque, and is also given an assortment of new exterior upgrades that truly separates this cat from the rest of the pack. Given these traits and its inherent tendency to drift, we wonder if Jaguar is on to something with its more youthful approach to its cars.

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  1. Post By Lucas Foster

    The styling definitely reminds me of a Falcon, especially with that wing

  2. Post By Joe Hesketh

    Should see the jaguar xe v8

  3. Post By MAJ GAMER

    4:58 Drifting is slow but not in Saudi Arabia

  4. Post By geminiwilliams037

    Tomato – tomàto any ???

  5. Post By ColdCathode

    If he finds it too quiet, maybe he'd be more comfortable in a Mustang or something. He clearly doesn't know what to do with a luxury Jaguar.

  6. Post By Jaguar7444

    Sexy car… and sexy driver. ;-)

  7. Post By 飛べない天使


  8. Post By Bilal Çalıkuş

    Can anyone please tell me the song at the beginning, thanks.

  9. Post By Tom Salt

    Jag-you-are not jagwarr, God it's annoying.

  10. Post By Aeneas Izichi

    Jaguar, pronounced Jag-You-Were, not JarGwarr! It's as embarrassing as listening to an American in a French restaurant ordering a Feeellayyy meenyorn! (The garrssonne wandering off laughing under his breath!)

  11. Post By sloppy jo

    its a JAG stop being petty

  12. Post By The Truth

    Its refined and quiet unlike the presenter who doesnt have a scooby do.

  13. Post By RandMan14

    I really don't like those Honda Accord wheels they threw on it.

  14. Post By Arne Hurnik

    If I got this right, the Jaguar XF is like the British E-Class, right?

  15. Post By Noah Clarke

    How do you doA Worthy Of An Oscar2 carry quixotic What's your opinion about it, guys !

  16. Post By Josiah Mejia

    Angeles Crest Hwy is my favorite road and it's so close to where I live! You can really push a car there.

  17. Post By Dawn Cook

    My unlce has this car gold and supercharged

  18. Post By Dawn Cook

    My uncle has this car…

  19. Post By Paul Quince

    Please Americans… It's JagUar or like Jag-YOU-Are NOT JagWaar

  20. Post By Wilbur Lesrac

    americans want loud machines. but i would get a track exhaust for this beast

  21. Post By Max Tabor

    the guy says it's not loud enough, that's because it's a Jag, it's not supposed to be shouty, but refined and comfortable, which it is, I've driven this monster in German Autobahns, it was in fact, one of the most comfortable performance cars I've driven in years. oh, one more thing, it's not Jagwar, it's Jaguar [Jag-you-are]

  22. Post By Dre Ray

    I dont reallty get this car, Its a Jaguar. It supposed to be comfortable, Quite, "Elegant" a big cruiser, Yet they make it track capable and loud as shit?……I dont really get it…

  23. Post By ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣

    I'd get a vanity plate that says 1BADCAT

  24. Post By Leandro Trinetta

    59 people prefer a chery QQ

  25. Post By dnoff27

    take off the spoiler, give me a manual and i'm in.

  26. Post By BestCanKeanRob2

    He says the sound isn`t that great,sounds pretty throaty to me.

  27. Post By Luke Nankervis

    Jag-you-er not Jag-waa..geez americans..they are english not Yank..learn to say it properly!!

  28. Post By armymatt83

    this is what the Lincoln LS could have been.

  29. Post By mopar man

    typical british too quiet. leave v8 noise to us muscle cars

  30. Post By Davis A Santos

    i dont like Subaru WRX wing. LOL 

  31. Post By GWLAD

    the people who buy these are sick of being sold the same german junk all the time

  32. Post By Watt.patrick


  33. Post By anes tt

    the xfr-s 2014 is the compition of the m5 f10 the 550 hp v8 502 lbt vs v8 4.4 litre tuin turbo 560 horse

  34. Post By Jakob Jugovic

    only people who hate german cars would by this, for the same money a merc or bmw is a better solution

  35. Post By Sino Deutsch

    i'm surprised by his comments about the soundeven the base V8 XF sounds awesome… not loud like a F-type but still sounds strong

  36. Post By dj may

    its a ford falcon

  37. Post By Infinite Space

    I love the direction that Jaguar is taking with their new cars!

  38. Post By Frozen Canuck Patrick James

    I like it.

  39. Post By Michael Smith

    There's no W in JAGUAR !   "JAGUWAR IS NOT RIGHT "

  40. Post By Vitor Correia

    Um sonho, reune luxo e potência

  41. Post By rockyrobin24

    It's jaguar not jagwar

  42. Post By Shane Earley

    What an absolute monster of a car, I love it, I love Jaguar in general and the XF has always been my favourite.

  43. Post By marc1093280

    I love the XF. Can't wait for the updated version.

  44. Post By Icyjai 447

    The more I look at this car the more I fall in love with it

  45. Post By jamessi Ten

    is there a manual transmission jaguar

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