2015 Bentley Continental GT3-R Hot Lap! – 2015 Best Driver’s Car Contender

Pro driver Randy Pobst hot laps the 2015 Bentley Continental GT3-R around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for Motor Trend’s 2015 Best Driver’s Car.

The 2015 Bentley Continental GT3-R is one of 10 contenders competing for the title of 2015 Best Driver’s Car. The winner will be announced on Thursday, October 1st on the Motor Trend Channel – http://youtube.com/motortrend and http://www.motortrend.com

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42 thoughts on “2015 Bentley Continental GT3-R Hot Lap! – 2015 Best Driver’s Car Contender

  1. like driving a kardashian around the streets of la

  2. Sounds like a leaf blower with an exhaust leak

  3. Adam Petten says:


  4. Lorenzo9008 says:

    Bentley or Rolls Royce

  5. 윤상준 says:

    차존나무거운데 이걸로 레이스를하네

  6. justinbig10 says:

    Not my favorite Bent, but i'll take it! Only reason I'd take the regular gt over this is because this one has those ugly hood scoops and gay boy racing stripes. Bentley's are supposed to be big fast and sexy, not trying to outdo Lambo's on the strip in Vegas! He keeps calling the Bent a big girl, well guess what? Some of us like big sexy girls!

  7. ENDZ says:

    That man is talking shit he doesn't now what he's saying

  8. I hate Bentleys so dam much

  9. chevyy steve says:

    Good job Randy!!

  10. Too much go pros on the car makes the car itself looks way too ugly.

  11. CeeStyleDj says:

    Ponder this. The Hellcat weighs about 500 pounds less!…damn

  12. CeeStyleDj says:

    what's the reason why it tops out at 170 vs. the other Continentals? Gearing?

  13. Yes, please can i have the sticker option on my £200,000 car..

  14. TonyTube407 says:

    Randy makes it look so easy.

  15. Jon Doe says:

    I wish I was super rich and had a posh accent.

  16. Victor K says:

    remove the stripes and i like the bentley

  17. Friggin bad ass car.

  18. Tim McNeil says:

    Love it, awesome car.

  19. Musab Afridi says:

    3:54 empty go pro case attached to his helmet. lol

  20. This car might be so pointless, you might as well try to get a phantom to compete with F1 cars

  21. TheUsmc1488 says:

    Why oh why did they waste time and money developing this thing???

  22. GOD says:

    I love this guy, Randy Pobst. Love his commentary. Can listen to him all day

  23. emicrack86 says:

    it has the RS7 engine

  24. I don't like the look of this vehicle. Incredibly disappointing

  25. klwhitacre says:

    Its a very cool piece of engineering. My only question is: What were the exhaust engineers looking for? Some may like the sound, but a small-ish displacement V8 with a pair of turbos should sound incredible, and I just don't care for the sound of the Bentley. The folks at Aston Martin know what a British V8 should sound like. Still, I love seeing the engineers being allow to engineer.

  26. Jorge Guzman says:

    this car is beast

  27. Kartez Drake says:

    But it's no Nissan GT-R Nismo. -_-

  28. Say that again?? Weighs 3892 lbs MORE than the Z06? Something got lost in the metric to standard conversion lol

  29. Dean Kaufman says:

    It sounds like it has an exhaust leak

  30. dragantoe says:

    why the hell is this not 60 fps?

  31. Samspeed94 says:

    This thing is called Continental GT3R and still isn't good on a race track.

  32. Firebrand says:

    There is nothing more special in the automotive world than a pointless car. A track version of the Continental GT is a laughable prospect and yet the GT3-R is simply glorious. Completely redundant, no market, no competition but seeing and hearing these things running around just puts a smile on my face (like so many other cars also do).

  33. dante Paige says:

    this car sounds like a car from vice city gta

  34. I think it does if there less weight

  35. I'm getting one. Next year doing a big road trip across the USA and Western Canada… Perfect car to take. OK, owning a CTS-V I'm just making up an excuse to buy a Bentley :)
    The car looks and sounds awesome… For a small Manor House ;)
    Did I forget to mention you guys choose one of the best tracks in the world?

  36. marc1093280 says:

    I think the Bentley Continental GT3-R is a great car all around. It's not lightweight by any meaning of the word, but it's super luxurious.

  37. ch9driverSiR says:

    I hate Randy Pobs

  38. Still A Footballers Car..

  39. aj06bolt12r says:

    That thing sounds like shit. Reminds me of a utility atv with stock exhaust.

  40. es3502012 says:

    Make those cars lighter for GOD S SAKE B E N T L E Y!!!!! this is just plain garbage honestly. GT3-R is the most aggressive Continental GT yet (or ever) and it is slower than a RC F which is built for a faith of NA, if that thing is built with forced induction it will whip the ass of the GT3R much harder!

  41. can people stop complaining about all the cars they chose for this challenge. If you don't agree why don't you get your own funding and make the same challenge.
    I don't understand what makes this car not a contender? Only thing holding the car back is its weight. Being heavy doesn't mean it can't be a "drivers car"
    That's like saying someone who is overweight can't be an athlete. It just doesn't work that way.

  42. Joel Moe says:

    ahhh i love your job, Randy! :D love that big girl lifting her skirts around laguna seca even if shes not at home

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