2015 BMW i8 Test Drive – Predicting Traffic Lights

The 2015 BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid featuring a turbo 3-cylinder engine producing 228 HP and 238 lb-ft of torque sending power to the rear wheels. At the front of the car, an electric motor supplies 129 HP and 184 lb-ft giving the vehicle AWD control. There’s a two-speed automatic transmission up front for the motor, and a 6-speed automatic transmission in the rear for the ICE. Total system output is 357 HP and 420 lb-ft. There’s a 7.1 kW lithium ion battery onboard for pure EV driving.

Built into all new BMWs is the Enlighten App which provides a countdown of traffic lights for when they will turn red/green. An incredible feature that allows for better timing of lights, saves you fuel though improved driving, and gives you peace of mind knowing when the light will change.

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Options Included:
Pure Impluse World Interior
– Black brake calipers
– 20″ light alloy wheels
– Alarm system
– Leather engine cover
– Storage package
– Heated front seats
– Headliner in anthracite
– Park distance control
– Ambient lighting
– LED headlamps with cornering
– Active drive assistant
– Head-up display
– Harman/Kardon premium sound
– Enhanced Bluetooth with Smartphone in

MSRP As Tested: $150,095

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  1. Post By Vid Trstenjak


  2. Post By A Toolbag

    But does it have a dipstick?

  3. Post By Just Another Gamer

    I don't typically like BMW, but this is an awesome car. Does this have an autopilot feature? I'd be interested in seeing that technology in action. Actually really appreciate the design and the way this one looks.

  4. Post By ZenGamer97

    Stiil rather get an F80 M3

  5. Post By giorgi giorgitko

    Enginnering Explained,i have a question and plzz answer me,which cars are heavier coupe or sedan?i look for about bmws but cant find a true answer,i though coupe is lighter because of 2 doors but some ppl told me that 4 door are lighter,for exam bmws m3,can u please explain that? thank you

  6. Post By westcoast37

    Does anyone know info on the 2016 i8, I've heard about a faster "S" model so I've been holding back on getting one vs. getting the Tesla P90D!?!

  7. Post By zak4life

    Interesting, is the stop light has antenna's for that goal? To give data to the car ? what if hackers could hack into the system of the traffic light and change it the way he wants that's kinda crazy it might happen or not but overall nice video about this new technology

  8. Post By tam nguyen

    it would be better if they fitted a 6 cylinders instead

  9. Post By Maik Elétrica Automotiva

    Belo carro. Parabéns pelo vídeo!

  10. Post By Matthew Wright

    so 100k + for a 350 hp BMW that's total a deal

  11. Post By Violetta

    I hate how modern sports cars are projecting a fake exhaust note into the cabin through the speakers. That's just gay, and a lie.

  12. Post By Adrian Rodriguez

    This car is pretty fun to drive

  13. Post By Koji Takata

    Yeah sounds great the speakers always doing the job.

  14. Post By Shobhit Mathur

    Try implementing this in India.

  15. Post By Jerry Woods

    The interior design looks bit disproportionate but still better than the bland interior design of a Tesla.

  16. Post By MIchael Wright

    Green screen.Motor sound effects.Shitty overpriced car that looks fancy 150 000 sounds illegal.

  17. Post By 7150285

    I love the Lambo style door!

  18. Post By Mick Wrinkles

    It's a great shame that all the car industry does is invent stuff that keeps the people who don't pay attention to driving from crashing and taking all self-responsibility away. I don't want to live in a world where everything is suited and designed for the biggest fools. 20 years ago at least they expected some rudimentary form of intelligent behavior from their customers, today they expect that their customers are all complete idiots who aren't able to hold a spoon without getting hurt.I don't want or need any of the modern electronic devices that beep all the time and reduce the efficency of my car because of adding weight. I have something that makes all those devices useless: working eyes, a working brain and common sense, thank you very much.

  19. Post By Alex Banning

    " '-Is there a cop?''-Yeah right there.' " Guns it down narrow roadway

  20. Post By Zeljko Krstic

    woow hahaha what a car

  21. Post By Merto6

    This car could be so much better without all the electric crap.

  22. Post By Benson Lam

    We made the light we didn't speed. Wow

  23. Post By CJ 4 life

    Make a video on headlights, that would be cool.

  24. Post By DirtyLion

    Anyone else notice the dick at 4:48?

  25. Post By mrzoperxplex

    Now you have totally sold out.

  26. Post By Grant Sarver

    Hey man. I'd just like to say thanks for all your videos and help on understanding cars. Keep doing what you're doing. Thumbs up!

  27. Post By jrod898

    do you have any videos on 4 gas analyzers or 5 gas analyzer?

  28. Post By Vinh Tran

    more videos please!!! love your vids.

  29. Post By suprememaxpayne

    Cool feature, but takes too much space in my opinion. Any way to make it smaller?

  30. Post By Martin Angelov

    for 150k you get a whole 350 hp……. for that money you can get a 911 Carrera S, F-Type, C7 Vette wich are all sexier and faster….

  31. Post By Steve Cjr

    you mean it actually comes with blinkers?

  32. Post By DimensiiioN

    Shitty fake sound.

  33. Post By g4rr377

    so there's yet another driver aid that reduces the need for outer cabin awareness and takes away some responsibilities. all they need now is a screenwash bottle that's filled up with rainwater automatically and a mode where you park outside the shops and then the car goes park for you, gives a fun game of going to find the car after yay


    No one buys hybrids- too expensive £100,000 plus if i had that cash id buy a Maserati or somthing


    Is it purely electric or a hybrid?

  36. Post By iNFamousGerProd

    Hahaha i thought i was the only one who checks the other stop lights to try and predict when mine will turn green!

  37. Post By Alexander Tagiev

    Would be interesting to see a short personal reflection on a car after each test drive, just throwing it out there

  38. Post By F!@#Guilt

    Is that portland you were driving through? beautiful city. you should do more reviews driving through the city.

  39. Post By sam712

    Does the city provide traffic light data?

  40. Post By emark24

    Kudos for driving a beemer and using your turn signals

  41. Post By kkthxk

    I saw one of these driving in a parking lot today. Looks pretty sharp, i was really surprised at how low to the ground it was. I was like is this thing supposed to be a sports car??They really need to put a little more thought into those driving events. City centers are awful, there are cars and lights everywhere!

  42. Post By ahastar1141

    I feel like the light prediction system would be most effective in a car with a manual transmission and would aide in getting a jump in the light

  43. Post By Edgardo Amado

    At one point I thought they were gonna put some Mariah Carey, hold hands and drive to the sunset.

  44. Post By ThisIsSolution

    if you gonna dish out 150K go with the tesla P90D The tesla will eat this car in every aspect except the blue seatbelts

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