2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Race Car – (Track) One Take

*We apologize for the position and auto-iris of the forward facing camera, which was set up while the car was in garage and on jack stands. We understand if you don’t know the layout of Willow Springs, it may be tricky to follow. We will try to do better next time. MF*

This 2015 Camaro Z/28 began life as a road car, and was converted by its owner, Russ Taylor, to run in NASA Super Touring 2 class racing. It runs the stock powertrain, with the dry-sump , 505 HPLS7 V8 and 6-speed manual transmission, but significant weight has been removed, and it now only weighs 3,300 lbs, wet. Stock weight is over 3,800 lbs. With a roll cage, significant aero work, and lots of tire, this Camaro looks intimidating, but it’s actually quite straightforward, forgiving, and FAST to drive!
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Shoutout to all the sponsors involved with the project!

@fusionofideas –technology integration
@racingbrakeusa –Forged Big Brake Calipers & sintered metallic brake pad
@ohlinsusa – road & track coilover
@andersoncomposites –Carbon Fiber Body panels
@aprperformance –GTC500 Carbon Fiber Wing
@ridetechsuspension -lower control arm /rear sway bar
@trackspecmotorsports –Hood louvers
@optic_armor –lexan Race windows
@racepakdata –IQ3 Data Logger
@twmperformance –Comp Shift Knob
@gatorwraps –Custom Vinyl wrap
@stevechristycomposites –race spec carbon aero splitter and canards
@bmrsuspension- Suspension components-race Bushings, toe rods, trailing arms, Front sway bar.
@hgperformance –track prep
@jbracingtires –race tires
@richardsperformancemuffler –custom race exhaust
@simpsonraceproducts –Helmet
@lasfitautolighting –LED Head Lights


  1. Post By hotrodscott

    Thanks for the ride along Matt. Whats with the ratchet strap swinging around the dash?


    Chris Harris approves.

  3. Post By supersnkae

    oh noes, someone forgot to turn on spot meter!

  4. Post By WShade

    Whats up with the strapped dash?

  5. Post By RjRacing

    Amazing car and setup. Please do more of these brother, I hate that one-takes are tapering off :(

  6. Post By Denis O'Flynn O'Brien

    Bless you for being able to commentate while driving that beast

  7. Post By mnypit

    Did I miss why there is a ratchet strap hanging from the dash?

  8. Post By David Steinhour

    I was surprised to see so much braking without pushing the clutch. For some reason I always assumed you'd not try to brake the engine as well. I guess you gotta preserve traction, right?

  9. Post By Business Man

    Does it have a Trump sticker on the rear window??? Haha

  10. Post By Shodan Cat

    Why does it have a massive shift knob, like it's a sequential shifter?

  11. Post By Ronagery

    With all due respect Matt….that take was not necessary at all. Its like serving bread for free when you expect to eat some nice meal…which never comes ! YALLA i cant wait for the new show habibi

  12. Post By Newsom Garage

    Is it impressive my V6 Camaro has the same strut tower bar?

  13. Post By Noah Damoose

    Trump sticker lol

  14. Post By Christopher Wilson

    This is actually how it feels to drive a Camaro. You can't see a damn thing!

  15. Post By sds

    Putting Trump stickers everywhere now I guess

  16. Post By Sarah Dell

    Wow, someone who is actually brutally honest on their track ability.

  17. Post By trumpetcarguy

    The low bathtub camera angle out the front really magnifies the lack of visibility inside a 5th gen Camaro. It's hard to see out of a Camaro, but not this hard!

  18. Post By dash capture's of Vermont

    Really not looking forward to one takes being over soon. Hope the new content steps up to the plate.

  19. Post By Jack Steel

    good run matt!!! that Omega is a bitch

  20. Post By Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th

    I am going to really miss that helmet.

  21. Post By Tyler Davis

    His Instagram is @z28racing

  22. Post By Randoom

    Of course there's a trump sticker on the rear windshield.

  23. Post By Derek A

    Feels like I'm a five year old who was just allowed to sit in the front seat for the first time.

  24. Post By apostate001

    Why not run the Corvette magnetic dampers?

  25. Post By Force Times Distance Equals ? Torque

    3300lbs Camaro + Ls7 427 = Legit AF

  26. Post By Grizzly

    Next level socks

  27. Post By DeVron001

    nice long socks haha

  28. Post By Bud 215

    What's up with the rachet strap?

  29. Post By Artagain

    What's up with that helmet Matt?

  30. Post By Gran Turismo Veloce

    FYI this man rides a scooter as his daily… just remember that when you see his heel and toe / left foot breaking technique. *bows down

  31. Post By Bar Gym

    Saw a z/28 'albeit a stock one' this last weekend at VIR. They are mean for sure. Owner was telling me it was a pig,  but i bet this beauty with all it's weight reduction is quite the machine. Would have loved to hear more about why you would swap the spool valve dampers for something else? Seems like that was one of the best pieces of kit you get from the factory for track, no?

  32. Post By Gran Turismo Veloce

    Man was not lying about his feet.

  33. Post By Christian mrclep

    Well, the sky is pretty and blue…

  34. Post By Gran Turismo Veloce

    I’m going to miss Matts shadow.

  35. Post By numulis321

    First thumbs down. CUZ I CAN'T SEE

  36. Post By I'll be Frank I'm Leary about using my name

    Can you imagine doing that to a 6th gen, the i4 weighs 3,340lbs to start with and has the best weight balance because there is no weight up front, i know everybody says you got to have the v8 but the v6 sounds very good almost NSX good and the T2.0L is a very overbuilt engine good for 550hp on stock internals, just slap a ZZP zfr turbo on for $1,998 and a tune for $400 and you have a 500hp engine in a Camaro that you could get into the sub 3,000lbs weight range. The alpha chassis has phenomenal turn in and the chassis is far better then the 5th gen, if you got it down to 2,900lbs it would be hard to beat considering the 3,900lbs ZL1 1LE ran a 7.16min around the nurburgring.

  37. Post By Kyle Gilmore

    What a beast.

  38. Post By jordan hughes

    What's with the ratchet strap on the dash?

  39. Post By Kiril Zangagolev

    I love the pedal cam

  40. Post By Justin Ludka 451

    lol the helmet

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