2015 Mustang GT – One Take

Matt tests the new, 2015 Mustang GT with Performance Pack at Angeles Crest Highway


  1. Post By Addison Tucker

    Just need to find one around $22,000 with some miles and you bet your ass it's mine

  2. Post By travisio

    "My balls are chillin' "– Matt Farah, 2015

  3. Post By Charles McCarthy

    As far as the clutch, there's a spring inside the pedal you can remove that gives you great feel.

  4. Post By Miatacrosser

    California drivers won't pull over and insist on sitting in the fast lane and making you pass them on the right. Which, in California, is legal. What the libturds don't realize is that it is illegal to make someone have to pass on the right. But most Californians hate all things that are right, which is why they are so wrong

  5. Post By Bray Zap

    Can you daily drive a GT?

  6. Post By msladek1385

    To get launch control to work, you have to press the traction control button twice, quickly.

  7. Post By Paul Tiplea

    Between this and the 6th gen Camaro SS, which would you get as an every day car?

  8. Post By joan hernandez ciriza

    Damn american cars are ok but next to a european top of the line car is like comparing god to a gipsy

  9. Post By jldude84

    Meh, I'm just not as excited about this car as a 2013. Can't quite put my finger on the reasons specifically, maybe it's the heavier weight, maybe it's the slower acceleration, maybe it's the newer interior dash design that I don't care for over the last one, or maybe it's just the fact that the 2015 doesn't have the sexy LED tail light rings that the 2013 does.

  10. Post By steve james

    s550 mustang is an utter piece of junk.full of problems and rides like a pos..go buy the gen 6 camaro if u want a proper car coz the s550 is junk..i sold mine after 5 months of ownership.glad to see the back of it.

  11. Post By Butcher.cs

    9:49 story of my life. i drive 250 – 350 miles a day lol

  12. Post By Austin Ricca

    Pretty old video… Woops. But just wanted to say. Even if you bust that POS OEM half shaft in the rear, you're in luck. Because they make way stronger ones along with pretty much all of the rear end components, in aftermarket.

  13. Post By Alexandre

    Thank you for the axle ratio recommendation.

  14. Post By E92 M3 E

    E92 M3 or 2015-17 Mustang GT?

  15. Post By DogDaybreak

    This car would lose 70-80lbs just replacing him with me.

  16. Post By mikefrommontreal

    Hi Matt, honest to God question please… If you had to choose between 2017 Mustang Gt, with performance package or a used 911 Base model or maybe an S (997) at roughly the same price, which would you choose for a Daily driver and would you be happy?Any words of advice would be great.Thank you :)

  17. Post By Joe Estrada

    Very blunt man , I like that . Keep the videos up

  18. Post By sstevocamaro

    I would not have been going that fast in the mountains like that lol

  19. Post By MrSportyguy2012

    That is one awesome drive. Love doing those kinds of drives.

  20. Post By SJC Cobra

    When are you gonna drive an SVT Cobra ?? come to PA and you can drive my 600 HP 03 Cobra convertible !!!

  21. Post By Brad Raziano

    Best reviews on YouTube

  22. Post By Grumpy Bear

    Eh, I dunno. I still kinda want a '12 boss 302.

  23. Post By White Pony Guy

    I'm going back an forth between a new GT or used LS3. Its going to be a summer fun car I have a Wrx for winter.

  24. Post By frenchie5k

    Aladdin @18:11

  25. Post By Alex Huff

    Todd Howard on the 2015 Mustang- "It just works!"

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