2016 Cadillac CTS-V Hot Lap! – 2015 Best Driver’s Car Contender

Pro driver Randy Pobst hot laps the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for Motor Trend’s 2015 Best Driver’s Car.

The Cadillac CTS-V is one of 10 contenders competing for the title of 2015 Best Driver’s Car. The winner will be announced on Thursday, October 1st on the Motor Trend Channel – http://youtube.com/motortrend and http://www.motortrend.com

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  1. Post By 3ash

    It has the best flyby sound

  2. Post By Flyy Mal

    Daaamn that first drift was CRAZZYYYY!!

  3. Post By MYinfinitig35

    Love this car.

  4. Post By VintageRKO

    This car is so fcuking underrated

  5. Post By Edward Kenway

    Thank god Americans are around to make cars like this fuckin beasts.

  6. Post By thatamerican550

    Great car, just needs more luxury and quality

  7. Post By Nitrous Oxide

    These new CTS-V are ain't to be fuc*ed with

  8. Post By MC Kina

    im gonna have the coupe one day

  9. Post By Allen Saunders

    the two Cadillacs the vett and the viperacr the 2 mustang gts and the z28 world class cars in all things including handling

  10. Post By Ben Daulton

    ICE T!

  11. Post By Lone Wolf

    Is it me, or is the steering loose? My 2012 Impala seems to have a tighter steering wheel. I can run that thing to it's speed limiter 115mph, and the steering wheel is not all over the place. Just wondering, not a troll.

  12. Post By Kevin Williams

    Love these car's.

  13. Post By TopLift


  14. Post By Georgina Vega


  15. Post By PowerheadTV

    When are we going to see the CTS-V against the hellcat and / or audi rs7???? killer drag races. I would pay to see that one!!!!

  16. Post By boondockr87

    just think about all the old people driving this with their retirement money, trying to race youngsters, lol

  17. Post By RogueBRZ

    Has the same overheating issue as the Z06. :(

  18. Post By François D

    You are getting old Randy

  19. Post By François D

    I don't think Randy can handle that beast properly

  20. Post By super kingkong


  21. Post By Calvin Watkins

    That car is just too intimidating to drive at that kind of speed… Raw Power, I mean no wonder the people who can afford these things drive five miles under the speed limit… Real talk!!

  22. Post By Ryan Ross-Pok

    I would love to see Keiichi Tshuchiya do the Hot Laps!

  23. Post By George Poseidon

    1.38 52 Cadillac good bye z06

  24. Post By George Poseidon

    corvette z06 1.38.60 Buhhahha Buhhahha

  25. Post By AlextheGuitarist

    There must be something wrong with the cameras

  26. Post By AlextheGuitarist

    God that Caddy sounds dull!

  27. Post By Alexander Healy

    It's faster than the Z06 around Laguna Seca!!!!!!!!!

  28. Post By Christopher Brown

    I HATE the whine you get from supercharged engines. I would rather have the twin-turbo V6 ATS-V. Even better, any of the Dodge products with a naturally aspirated V8. I LOVE the sound of the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger in both the 5.7 HEMI and the 6.4 HEMI versions. At least the CTS-V's supercharger whine is less pronounced than that of the Hellcat's whine.

  29. Post By justin

    That is an unbelievably good driver

  30. Post By rweghg3

    Just a little over a second faster than the ATS-V… I thought the CTS-V would be a little quicker around the track than that, also both the CTS-V &  ATS-V seemed to suffer from the same brake issues so it must be a flaw in the mechanical design & not a mechanical failure.. Think I'd have to go with the ATS-V since the CTS has jumped in weight class…

  31. Post By sean ho

    Do a Head-to-head with the Cadillac CTS-v and a BMW M5

  32. Post By jacklayton34

    corvette can't seat 5

  33. Post By CeeStyleDj

    why does the sound cut off so much when he's off the gas? I hope Cadillac doesn't have some gimmicky sound canceling technology and it or pipes the engine noise into the car. Please explain this to me someone. Thanks

  34. Post By James R. Astor from Austria

    Lighter than a M5??

  35. Post By Da.Gray1

    Cant wait to see if the 2016 ZL1 will be 640 hp!!!

  36. Post By Greg Burke

    just cause it has a vette engine doesn't mean it's supposed to be a corvette. it is a Cadillac. and a pretty bad a** one at that.

  37. Post By bowtie mountain

    This car is for the Euro fan crowd. Lots of fun in a big car.

  38. Post By Nick G

    This thing is absolutely sick. A dream car for daily driver.

  39. Post By ice44567

    This car is functionally, completely fucking absurd. And I love it.

  40. Post By John Johnson

    Again, no 0-60 or 1/4 mile. Another bad review

  41. Post By trebor229

    this is pretty much my new dream car.. DAMN that thing looks and IS freakn' BAD fucking ASS!!

  42. Post By Artyom Timiryazevskaya

    What a great way to kick off the hot laps!

  43. Post By dltafrc17

    got to take a ride in one of these bad boys. holy crap this thing is bad ass.

  44. Post By Scott Palmer

    Cadillac chose Michelins for CTS-V and ATS-V. Why not stay with that awesome Pirelli RF from the CTS V-sport? Oh, because that Pirelli RF is made out of lies, racoon farts, and landfill? I drive a '15 V-sport, with front tires shot @ 7,000 miles. Dozens of other V-sport owners have the same problem, according to online forums. Cadillac won't replace my tires bc I lowered my car. Same tire wear as other owners, but I'm out of luck. Alignment's in spec, and springs were purpose-built for CTS' magnetic ride control. Then, with the NEW V models, they switch from Pirelli to Michelin. Coincidence?This shows that Cadillac has split-personality disorder: "New Cadillac" (now a NY-based, global, ultra-luxury brand) assigns a team of race engineers and enthusiasts to build and market performance vehicles to compete w/ zee Germans and Japanese. But when an auto enthusiast buys said performance car, and makes a performance mod, he's voided his warranty. So which is it, Cadillac? Are you a glitzy, customer-focused, performance-oriented luxury brand? Or a nickel-and-diming Big Box interloper? My experience tells me they are the latter.Stay away from Cadillac's V and V-sports unless you're going to leave them totally stock. They are no luxury brand. They are a cost-cutting, publicly traded company who will use a technicality to avoid taking care of a well-known tire problem. Rant over. Yes I know this is a 1st world problem so don't bother.

  45. Post By RayJ-HT

    Everyone knows these cars are faster with the electronics on. I was wondering why the car was sliding so much. He had the traction off…I also wonder if the rear limited slip was working with those systems off. It just makes no since what they do sometimes.

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