2016 Ferrari 488 Spider: The Simple Pleasures! – Ignition Ep. 164

On this episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack (http://www.tirerack.com), host Carlos Lago gets behind the wheel of the 661hp Ferrari 488 Spider. Common wisdom (and physics) dictates that hardtop convertibles must be heavier and slower than their less-complex coupe counterparts. But why does that matter? Convertibles are all about the experience and simple joys of driving. The 488 Spider takes an elaborate route to deliver those joys, from a high-revving, small-displacement, twin-turbo V-8 to electronically controlled shocks and differential. Join Lago as he takes the-oh-so-arduous task of finding out if that intricacy obfuscates the experience.

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  1. Post By Frederick Bingley

    Ayo… fuck ferrari. AMG gang. Porsche posse. Martin Mob. Lambo league. Cars I could only rent squad.

  2. Post By DYLAN

    Tail light looks like a miata! Is Ferrari imitating Mazda or vice versa? Lusso looks like a mazda

  3. Post By Tripp55

    I like ALL the hosts on Ignition. I don't think there's a bad one in the bunch!

  4. Post By RUBIZEN

    Hey Siri…find me a Roadkill video……..

  5. Post By djmixmac

    Bring back Carlos!

  6. Post By ripseeze

    dat blue

  7. Post By Yohan Poncha

    Looks revolting in blu yellow shud b considered

  8. Post By Shreshth Sinha

    What's the colour

  9. Post By HeHoZy

    I can't believe they got Elon Musk to review a Ferrari for them!

  10. Post By SquidSquirtHD

    Found my dream car

  11. Post By C0mmand X


  12. Post By Caritatristexahora O.

    Too much money for me now, maybe in 20 years :(

  13. Post By ExtremeBatz

    Overpriced ferrari yay…

  14. Post By luca Rossi

    Good seeing carlos , when i was a teenager he did all the reviews

  15. Post By ManLikeMoizz

    Anyone here after BDC

  16. Post By Skanda Subrahmanyam

    488 > Huracan

  17. Post By Juan Suarez

    I love Jonny and Jason, but Ignition should stick to just Carlos.

  18. Post By bumble bee

    Over $100K in options!? WTF? You could buy a 911 for that.

  19. Post By Simran Singh

    a guy in India(U.P) bought this and he broke it while passing from speed breaker in front of me

  20. Post By Michael Peters

    GUESS WHO'S BACK?! BACK AGAIN! CARLOS BACK TELL A FRIEND!! And seriously MT can he stay back!

  21. Post By Vincent Messina


  22. Post By Dj May

    Looks like a mclaren

  23. Post By Dan

    This ferrari costs 400k? Oh shit! I can buy personal 2-floor house in chicago. BUT HOUSE DOESN'T HAVE 3sec 0-60 :)Overall, it is very expensive. As for me, it is better to buy lamborghini, dodge charger hellcat and ford f-150 )) however, it is my point of view and you can have your totally different from mine. Good luck to everybody :)

  24. Post By Mo Baxtah

    1% of the comments on this video are about random stuff.99% if the comments are about Carlos :)

  25. Post By Kert Howard

    This car cost $140 millions Jamaican dollars to buy in Jamaica. 1 USD cost $130 Jamaican so we are pay double for this car

  26. Post By Roblox Gaming

    This is my dream car

  27. Post By 111danish111

    LAGOS CARLO !!!!!!

  28. Post By Rahul Kapoor

    where do you guys source your music?

  29. Post By Play Time2309

    Look my logo it's Ferrari 488 spider!

  30. Post By joshua hand

    As a member of the latter, I'll always prefer a manual transmission, too

  31. Post By Glenns Car Collection

    Great video, I reviewed one on my YouTube channel as well. This and the 2006 Ford GT are the best cars I have ever reviewed

  32. Post By Dolph Page

    Finally Carlos is back. Hopefully no more having to settle with the other two annoying hosts just to watch a good car channel. Also randy is cool so he's good.

  33. Post By Overdosing Confidence

    I will be rich!!

  34. Post By Moneybagg Yo


  35. Post By Drumming Ace

    Who else was using an apple device and when Carlos said "hey Siri" Siri came up?

  36. Post By Gabriel Alvarez

    I sat in a white 488 today. It's honestly pretty great.

  37. Post By Vlad The Monster

    Carlos, we miss you!

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