2016 Ford Focus RS: The Full Story – XCAR

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The third generation Ford Focus RS comes with all wheel drive, over 320bhp and dynamics to flatter every driver. We took at look at it and its forebears to see where the magic came from.

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  1. Post By Witherstar720

    And yet you failed to get the correct horsepower… oh well was a year ago

  2. Post By Flakey

    Just came across your channel, surprised by the quality of the videos! Subbed!

  3. Post By Amaan Mustafa

    I love this hot hatch!

  4. Post By MRZ12000

    Thankyou for the honest comparison to the Ecort RS,truely addressing the torquethe driver Window maker in FWD so called hot hatch backs.

  5. Post By Ji L

    the front looks too much like the Evo X

  6. Post By Emre Karaman

    did they use the old design? thats look like my car and its 2007 focus.

  7. Post By 4AL4LIFE

    320hp? Thought it was 350!

  8. Post By claudio berna


  9. Post By Mark Artz

    looks nice but id rather take a STI.

  10. Post By Jordan Jackson

    This was a fantastic film, very good job. I'm waiting until the new RS500 comes out before I place my order and change from my little ST180 angry puppy.

  11. Post By Russian spy

    awesome clip work

  12. Post By konic40

    looks like the evo x….sounds like they got the yaw control from evo too….

  13. Post By sander

    So sad these cars aren't riding im the wrc anymore

  14. Post By mr crab

    this thing is wrx sti money

  15. Post By asdf072xxp

    With the kind of crowd this car will draw, it'll be more expensive to insure than a Ferrari.

  16. Post By vijay jittin

    wen is it coming to india ???

  17. Post By Rory MacKay

    show us how they go ffs

  18. Post By Redemption

    $50,000 for a Focus? Damn it, I'll buy a Corvette for that much.

  19. Post By Lanry Aiyewk

    they should make a 7 speed auto

  20. Post By Barbados Joe

    7:29. That's the face I'm gunna make if I ever get the chance to drive the new RS

  21. Post By sykownzu

    Nice video, top job

  22. Post By I am The Hammer

    Great looking car, up until you see the rear end. That is literally the ugliest looking rear end I've ever seen, lmao.

  23. Post By DA BEARDSMEN

    look out type R!!!

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