2016 VW Golf R vs 2016 Subaru WRX STI

Comparing the 2016 Golf R to the 2016 Subaru WRX STI. The Golf R features a 2.0L turbocharged I4 engine producing 292 HP and 280 lb-ft of torque, while the STI features a 2.5L boxer 4 cylinder producing 305 HP and 290 lb-ft of torque. The Golf R is a practical hatch with plenty of cargo space, and refined both on and off the road. The STI features an AWD system capable of putting the power down better, through multiple LSDs, a rear torque bias, and a front helical limited slip differential as well as a rear Torsen differential.

44 thoughts on “2016 VW Golf R vs 2016 Subaru WRX STI

  1. ZBasic64 says:

    Thanks for the info, I enjoyed the comparison

  2. gary jones says:

    Subaru has lost their way, the 2015 Sti is no better than the 05, that shitty 2.5 engine should have been ditched years ago and went with the ej22 closed deck block and dual avcs with direct injection.
    The drivetrain was mastered by prodrive who built the concept p2 based around the impreza of that time, but Subaru ignored it and persued the poo point 5 engine.

    They are now miles behind the competition. The new focus rs is in another realm.
    I just hope when the re introduce the Sti in the UK, it comes with a high power, energy harvesting hybrid system.

  3. Really love the golf R. I'm just in love with the golfs

  4. Introspect says:

    Fantastic review, thank you! I currently own a Golf R dsg and have owned 7 various Impreza STi's over the past few years. The Subaru 4 wheel drive system for me is a better system. Subaru also is a thoroughbred pedigree car with strong rally heritage and experience, where as VW have very little experience of race & rally. So the VW is a 'softer' road car for every day use which becomes a serious performance car when required. The Subaru though is more hardcore, not as quiet on long distance high speed driving as the VW Golf R is. When I owned my Impreza's, I often wished for a car which had the best of both worlds for me personally – extreme acceleration and handling, 4 wheel drive, cabin refinement and a superior automatic gearbox (you get fed up of manual driving in London daily!). The VW Golf R is that car for me today. Very happy with it in almost every way. Thanks again for your excellent review!

  5. Eddie Bob says:

    If you actually dyno both these cars the golf r has better results. So yes the golf r has more power and more early on torque. Golf r handles better, it was like a 2 min track and was ahead by 2 seconds. So yes the golf r is a better daily driver and a better track car lol!

  6. i'd take the new Golf R over the STI. The Golf just feels more manly for me .

  7. Dao Vang says:

    Larch Mtn…

  8. Bebop says:

    I currently own an S3 with the dsg. It is a good comfortable car, but when you have owned 3 sti's before , you find the automatic S3 as dull as a monk having a tea. I m planning a return to a true sporty 4door sedan/hatch with a rewarding stick shift box. Sti or R manual. Keep autos for oldsmobiles and vans

  9. The R might be the better car, but the subaru looks a million times better than the R.

    I'm debating on whether I want to trade my '15 wrx for a '18 STi or '18 golf R. Or just keep the WRX and go stage 2+ in it.

    The focus RS is nice, but I don't know. I'm just not feeling it. I think it doesn't look aggressive enough. Same problem the golf R has. They just don't look like sports cars. I get people coming up to me asking me about my WRX many times through out the week. I don't feel like I'd get that same response from people with an RS or golf R. They just don't look aggressive.

  10. M. H. says:

    the be is better on gas, be lied about there fuel economy and lost billions

  11. The R all day as the STi is so last decade

  12. "a nice linear curve" I see what you did there Jason ;) Great comparison!

  13. exit07 says:

    Since you drove the DSG version of the Golf R, did you noticed any harsh shift on a the lower gears?

  14. John F says:

    Performance capability aside, what would you say is the more reliable car over a six year period? I've heard of a lot of people complaining about the poor reliability of VW.

  15. The Golf R AWD is front wheel drive bias. But, it still functions well for slippery situations for bad weather and performance situation where the rear axle partially engages or torque vectoring.

    I think this is because the Golf R is really just a super boosted Golf with an AWD. The STI AWD system functions more like an Audi, though. Unlike the Golf R., Audi AWD is always split between the rear/front wheels, with RWD bias.

  16. H Liu says:

    How much more maintenance cost of golf r than sti? I am thinking getting a golf R over sti and maintance cost for german cars over years is holding me back

  17. That looks like the PNW you are cruising through.

  18. Howie Carson says:

    3 letters make the Golf better D S G

  19. Sanju Gautam says:

    The 5 don't on manual transmission has helped a lot to improve my driving. Especially driving on upside hill and slopes. I have bought VW Cross Polo 1.2 TDI – 2014 and want to know things that i should not do that can cause huge maintenance changes such as change of Timing Belts soon, Clutch plate and barrings. Could you please share any link of the video that can help me with things not to do and things that need to be taken care of at intervals. from INDIA / BRIJESH

  20. Edwin Lam says:

    Very nice video! Do you know what tires does the Golf R has – run-flat or regular? Do you think think Golf R's better fuel consumption has partially to do with its lack of spare tire?

  21. "That said"… VW is a VW, Subaru is a Subaru and I'll pick the latter on any occasion. The VW brand just has no appeal to me.

  22. I'm looking at vw golf r and the sti I plan on driving it in the mountains a lot during the snow season what one would you recommend more for that?

  23. Ehsan A says:

    Hi could we say that Golf is a sport car?

  24. Gary Sandhu says:

    Why does North American golf R not have the Led lights, sunroof or opening centre armrest console? Can anyone answer that? They get these options in Europe.

  25. jayxeno says:

    As someone who will be replacing his jetta TDI, I appreciate this video.

  26. monkeypolicd says:

    i have a dsg 7r and stis dont wanna line up to race lol.

  27. EMuybridge says:

    A lot of people compare these two cars based on their day-one performance but what about reliability? These are performance cars that are presumably driven hard. The knock on the EJ for age is also a "pro" in a sense as it is clearly tested and proven. Will the R stand up to the same levels of abuse as the STI? Day-one comparison is a good starting point but how do these two cars stack up after 20 track days?

    Thanks for your video — keep up the good work.

  28. loool my 2016 seat Leon cupra beat 2016 sti esyyyyyyy on 200k.m sti brakkkk lol

  29. 17 and 23 ratings for a new sti??? I'm getting almost 21 combined from my extremely heavy, non aerodynamic Dodge Durango. to be fair I have the option of two wheel drive only,and the sti has more horsepower I believe.

  30. wei huang says:

    "2016 VW Golf R vs 2016 Subaru WRX STI"

    Best click bait on youtube!

  31. Joey Thomas says:

    Basically if you vape, buy the Sti. Well have your parents buy it. If you're an adult, get the R.

  32. hash browns says:

    Both look fun!..just afraid of carbon deposits from VW's direct injection system.

  33. Cringe comments about what is faster. Most of you own old beater pops and moms camry's pretending here you are knowledgeable about cars.

    Now let's cue the idiots that will post vulgar language and tell me they own a total badass ride.

    Point of my post is if you want speed. Stop pretending that you control the wisdom of what is fast and what other people should drive.

    FAST is totally not relevant for a commuter. The mere illogical points brought up by some of you are so cringeworthy i hope you do realize that pseudo experts are abundant here.

  34. Ben Jay says:

    wow the 2016 STI can't reach 60mph in 2nd :O

    My 99 WRX (GF8 Hatch) Can reach 65mph in 2nd

  35. Ben Jay says:

    After Diesel gate scandal i think Countries should put embargo's on VW outright.
    (including all the other cars under the company)
    and anyone buying one these days is just helping pay for their court case.

    Not like they wont try do it again.
    If they have not already found another way to scam diesel engines.

    They are worse than some random street gang who mugs people.

  36. Sensei says:

    I'll take a speed3

  37. Car fans says:

    take a dsg not  a manuel in a golf R

  38. Bleuvis HD says:

    He looks like Calfreezy lol

  39. Great and fair comparison review on topics that a "driver" will want to know. Too many other reviews talk about fluff like how many cupholders there are. Keep up the good work.

  40. Chase Omelia says:

    What's the price difference?

  41. sergio37440 says:

    you speak a lot, and all your videos are all about cars.. your name channel should be named automotive engineering instead of engineering explained.

  42. Ben Hayat says:

    I wonder if you have driven the Focus RS and what your opinion is between Gulf R and Focus RS.

  43. Radu Dan says:

    Why'd you pick the STI over the Focus RS? (nvm, just watched NdvuJHQFFbU)

  44. Blake Ogle says:

    I need to find some really rich guy to buy me a Golf

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