2018 BMW M6 Gran Coupe – One Take

The BMW M6 Gran Coupe is, mechanically speaking, identical to the outgoing F10 M5, with a 560hp Twin-Turbo 4.4L V8, 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and, unlike the new M5, rear-wheel-drive only. The dimensions are similar to the M5’s as well, but the styling and attitude say something else. And now that the new M5 has been very conservatively re-styled, the extroverts in us should have a look at the four-door version of the two-door version.

The vehicle, as well as promotional consideration (sponsored instagram posts) were provided by BMW of Beverly Hills, a subsidiary of the Sonic Automotive group! Check them out at:

36 thoughts on “2018 BMW M6 Gran Coupe – One Take

  1. ansaree97 says:

    Could you give your camera's lens a wipe please

  2. Diggin the Panerai, Matt!

  3. It's an overpriced boat.

  4. r070404a says:

    How the hell is this thing a coupe with 4 doors….BMW has lost it

  5. muzman777 says:

    Matt, some great one takes at the moment, guess panic set in with the punters! No new cayman videos yet then??? Hahahahahaha. So, running in period then? What does ragging on a brand new car do to it mechanically in the long run, in your opinion Matt?

    Could you include what sort of MPG you are getting when you have these cars for extended periods? You might think that if you can afford the lease price on a £120,000 car, that the MPG is not important. I disagree.

    Anyone who has earnt the right to buy/own an expensive car, does not want out of control fuel costs, unless you are uber rich. If you have to fill it up twice a week at what $75-ish a tank. £150 x 52 weeks a year = lots of hard earned green burnt off into the climate of California, or $7,800 a year, x 3 years of a lease, is an extra $23,400 bucks over the period!!! So nearly $25,000 is a lot of green in anyone's pocket!

    Good work brother and can't wait to see the new projects when they come around. Podcasts is as ever, funny as fudge. Be well.

  6. SPanunu says:

    Hey Matt, have you ever driven on the autobahn? Sorry if you’ve answered this before

  7. Alex Korda says:

    love the 4K filming, looking good…

  8. Marcos Aruca says:

    You guys lost the game……

  9. What happens to these cars after the journalists are done with them? Especially curious after Matt says he got it with 14 miles or something. Aren't you not supposed to romp on most cars in the first thousand miles or so for the engine to break in nicely? Would feel bad for the person to buy this car and have problems later due to the engine not being broken in correctly

  10. the depreciation must be astronomical in one of these

  11. dwight122324 says:

    What road is this?

  12. Chris Dooley says:

    Idk if I had the money I think I’d take the Audi RS7. They’re both stupid fast but I like Audi interiors more and I love that five door shape.

  13. I thought this show was done along time ago. I dont look for it anymore but it still shows up with new content sometimes. Im not into the podcasts and dont wear a watch. Has Matt decided to keep doing the one takes Im confused.

  14. Great video, and I heard the competion package is even better.

  15. Ford Motors says:

    This cars always looked like a spaceship

  16. ltwargssf R says:

    2018 ? That shit looks like it can be a 2008 why is bmw so dated ?

  17. kongman27 says:

    nice , but i would still prefer a merc

  18. V12TT says:


  19. Kind of over the whole sedan called a coupe trend. If it has 4 doors I'm not ever calling it a coupe, unless they're bloody only opened from the inside like the RX8. Still a nice car, but prefer the current M5 over it.

  20. Jekyll says:

    Dirty ass lens

  21. Peyton says:

    They gave a brand new car for a week?? Do they realize how much it will have depreciated in value after you use it for a week? lol

  22. storck08 says:

    The new M5 is the new generation car of which M6 (probably named M8 after all) version has not been shown yet, but is near. You really would make a brave (and certainly not a cost consious decision) to buy thi M6 right now.

  23. So Matt gets all the clean new everything working press cars while Zack gets all the home build sketchy race cars from fans I love it long as I have something to watch while on the can every morning

  24. Colin says:

    I definitely prefer the new M5. The M6 is nice but the styling has been stagnant for far too long.

  25. I once got a 640i gran coupe as a loaner and I fell in love it's an amazing car.

  26. smasila says:

    I don't like the sound at all.

  27. Wayard says:

    Would be nice if you could clear the smudge off the lense at the start.

  28. Karpo1986 says:

    Four doors = Not coupe

  29. WillWilla says:

    PLEASE make sure you clean the camera lens…

  30. Chef Bojan says:

    The best looking BMW!

  31. Scott Harter says:

    So it's a very slightly longer, very slightly lower M5 with less power for more money. I don't understand why both cars exist at the same time.

  32. MrBasinator says:

    Without fake noise, sound way better imo..

  33. Got to admit, this is one sexy car.

  34. Chris Dorgan says:

    Was that a cocktail shaker in the cupholder?! :P

  35. “Gran Coupe”
    actually a sedan

  36. Tony Gantus says:

    When is it supposed to be a new version of the M6 Gran Coupe? 2020?

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