2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA Review – The $50,000 STI

Is the new Subaru STI Type RA worth $50,000?
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Driving The 2018 Subaru STI Type RA & BRZ tS – Are They Worth It?

From The STI Type RA Press Kit:
“The RA designation stands for “Record Attempt” and has been applied to various Subaru performance models. The original venture took place in 1989 when a competition version Subaru Legacy broke the FIA World Speed Endurance Record by clocking over 62,000 miles in 18 days and set a top speed record of 138 mph. Furthering this spirit of endeavor, a special race model WRX STI Type RA NBR Special will attempt a Nürburgring speed record this summer.

In keeping with this tradition, the 2018 WRX STI Type RA delivers increased performance through weight reduction, suspension and engine upgrades. The new, numbered limited edition model comes standard with a carbon fiber roof panel, the removal of the spare tire, a carbon fiber pedestal wing and lightweight BBS® 19-in. forged alloy wheels shod with 245/35R19 Yokohama Advan Sports tires.

Powered by a 2.5-liter turbocharged BOXER engine, the limited edition WRX STI Type RA increases horsepower to an estimated 310hp with the help of an STI-specified new cold air intake and high flow performance exhaust. A retuned ECU and stronger pistons also contribute to the increased engine performance. The six-speed transmission features a revised 3rd gear ratio paired with a short throw shifter. The weight reduction, additional horsepower and revised gearing all contribute to faster acceleration.

Handling has been upgraded with inverted front struts and rear double wishbone suspension all with Bilstein® dampers. A modified multi-mode VDC gives the car better stability control to keep it on its intended path. The Brembo® brake system, with monoblock 6-piston front calipers and dual-piston rear calipers, features an exclusive silver finish and is paired with cross-drilled rotors for better heat dissipation.

The WRX STI Type RA is immediately identified by an exclusive Cherry Blossom Red accent around both the front mesh grille and new rear bumper cover. An STI front underspoiler has also been added for better stability at high speeds. The exterior mirrors with integrated turn signals, a roof-mounted shark fin antenna and STI fender badges now come in a black finish. The rear deck lid displays the WRX STI Type RA badge.

In addition to the eye-catching exterior, the WRX STI Type RA cabin features Recaro® performance design front seats with red bolsters and stitching as well as an embossed STI logo on the head restraints. The signature red stitching and accent trim is visible throughout the cabin. The steering wheel is wrapped in Ultrasuede® for better grip and has a black gloss-finish center spoke insert with STI logo. Push-button start with Keyless Access is also standard equipment. Each of the 500 WRX STI Type RA produced for retail sale has been individually numbered with a plaque mounted on the center console.”

Source: http://media.subaru.com/pressrelease/1130/1/subaru-debuts-limited-edition-wrx-sti-type-ra

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  1. Post By Joseph Larrivee

    I enjoyed the fact that you reviewed the BRZtS as well, maybe try mentioning in the title that next time? Also, I am not sure that you're comment about the STI RA not meeting the performance threshold of a car costing nearly 50k is accurate. Based on what I have read this car is capable of crushing lap times on a lot of tracks already. I guess we will have to wait for somebody else to give out some empirical data instead of off the cuff opinions.

  2. Post By Lorn Johnson

    STI S208 is a better package JDM exclusive

  3. Post By Arseniy K

    It needs to produce around 450 HP for that price to make it interesting.

  4. Post By Matt Miller

    subaru is loosing me and Im an STI owner. Thinking of trading in for a V8

  5. Post By Zel Cazares

    This is Highway 74, Palm Desert. That’s a fun road for sure

  6. Post By Alexander Pauli Hassing Nielsen

    Engineering Explained could you please make a review on the 1990's Opel/Vauxhall Calibra 4×4 (if possible)

  7. Post By AcquaNINJA

    Anyone who spends 50k on this car clearly has no knowledge of cars, it isnt best at literally anything at that price point

  8. Post By Cam Kels

    Wow, all this time I thought RA meant "Racing Altered." At least that what one of my Impreza books says.

  9. Post By Noah chive

    In my opinion being faster than it's predecessor with less horse power is a success.

  10. Post By durtdonthurt

    Are you going to be releasing a full review on the tS?

  11. Post By CosmicBlu EvoX

    are the pistons forged or how is it "strengthened"?

  12. Post By Ian Collins

    A $50,000 corolla. No thanks. I'll pass.

  13. Post By Rick Walbridge

    I'd buy a used Porsche.

  14. Post By Idonteatdog

    Subaru lost his mojo. Too expensive, still looking like a teenager car, outdated engine, ugly interior. The STI needs a good desig, 400 hps like the Audi RS3, AMG A45 et caterva. That ugly big wing should come as an optional accessory or aftermarket.

  15. Post By PhajEJEK Ly

    $50,000 for a 4 door COROLLA ???

  16. Post By jurrien75

    Price of a new STI in the Netherlands: $120000 which is more than half TAX

  17. Post By Trackappeal

    Subaru is reaching with this bs. Taking leftover Sti s and sending em back to the factory for piston upgrades, so they can resell them as a new model, smh.

  18. Post By Orane Waldron

    bring back the Evo and call it Evo 10X that would be a win…….This is a fail same as the 5bhp increase they did to the BRZ and try to convince th world its a revolutionary upgrade

  19. Post By Jerome limjuico

    Those bbs rims looks like the ones on the evo x's lol

  20. Post By Anthony B


  21. Post By Ben Chesterman

    Amg A45 is only 2000 euros more , than a top of the range wrx sti in Germany already .

  22. Post By BuffProductionHD

    how do you hold that power with those stick arms …get in the gym bro

  23. Post By Rei Moloon

    That is a joke right? I learned what Subaru is doing with their "limited number of these made" in my high school economic class back in 1986!

  24. Post By Ruslan Sovinskyy

    You can throw a hood scoop and a spoiler on a corolla to get the same car

  25. Post By jnagime

    $50k?? Nah….still a kids car

  26. Post By D S

    How do you compare it with the type r?

  27. Post By Sam Rippy

    Subaru is trash now completely rediculously overpriced for terrible power output. Its 2018 make a decent engine that makes good power for 37k come on now theyve been making the same power since 2004 it’s embarrassing. And this is coming from a wrx owner

  28. Post By kaleb vandermei

    50,000? Uh no, over priced.

  29. Post By Zhiyuan Zhang

    WRX (and sti) is my dream car, but I think about Porsche 718 or used 911 if I have 50k.

  30. Post By Jama Joseph Mangulabnan

    Well Subaru has to give the 2020 STI at least 400 hp and 400 lb-ft as stock in order to be ahead of the competition again.

  31. Post By Slobodan Obradović

    I like subaru under 40k its reasonable price, but 50k is to much rather I will buy BMW X3 M40i 54k, can find for 50k much more usable car 355hp 4.6s 0-60, Subaru is 305hp and 5.3s 0-60, my chose will be new BMW X3 M40i for 50k

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