2018 Volkswagen Golf R real-world review

Finding out if the 310bhp Golf R is the ultimate everyday performance car..
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28 thoughts on “2018 Volkswagen Golf R real-world review

  1. I love my Golf R. It is really good in the snow and the performance is fantastic.

  2. unable to see the video

  3. daemn42 says:

    That signature .:R interior you're looking for came on the original 2004 R32. It had it's own special steering wheel, own seats, and .:R logos littering the interior on front and rear seats, shifter, door sills, floor mats, pedals, and instrument cluster and probably a couple more places I forget now. Dunno why VW thought that making the new R interior less unique was a good idea, but as an owner of the original, I get appreciate just how special it is. There is no mistaking its interior for any other Golf's.

  4. angi733 says:

    Harry. Next Drive Giulia Quadrifoglio please!!!

  5. Lee Winship says:

    Nice,I want one! Can you adjust the ride height on it?

  6. Why doesn't usa have 2018 gold R?

  7. vido4x4 says:

    Nice video until the audio conks out at 7:44.

  8. Dokepredator says:

    If you drive the DSG version and go full throttle in first or second gear, than you know why you need the R instead of the GTI and that makes a lot of fun, the whorst feel ever if you have a frontwheel car which can't put the Power down

  9. David Farmer says:

    It takes me 5 and half seconds to let the clutch up.

  10. David Farmer says:

    310 bhp

    any one else recall when a 2 litre Cortina engine gave 98bhp?

    50 bhp to the litre that was your lot.

  11. Whats the difference between EU and german edition

  12. Leon Cupra wannabe

  13. altymar says:

    Harry, you really need to get the in-car sound sorted on these videos. At times its almost unlistenable.
    Invest in a lapel mic/ get a pro in to set it up for you.
    The 'amateur' vibe is well and good but I'm straining to hear your voice in most of the videos.
    Listening to 16 minutes of mostly-road-noise is a drag on an otherwise excellent channel.
    regards etc….

  14. Simon Coles says:

    Pity it sounds like a jackhammer…

  15. Aftastos K says:

    Harry the real sound of this car is not that bad actually so all this fake sounds are not such a good idea after all…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WOTw_lIoKw

  16. K Mack says:

    I drove one and whilst I love the Golf as an all rounder, and even have a MK7 GTD ( Mildly remapped) which I use for work as I do 40k per year, when I drove a Golf R to be honest I found it gutless! Now admittedly I have been fortunate enough to own and drive some really fast cars but I can only describe the Golf R as 'Normal' in performance terms-bear in mind what they cost… In my opinion you may as well have a normal Golf unless you modify the R heavily to give it some 'proper' performance, and yes I know it does 0-60 in 4.9 seconds if you have the DSG gearbox blah blah blah but as fast as it is on a country lane and they are fairly agile, in the real world on an open road its short on performance in the mid range and at higher speeds but that's just my perception!

  17. Lewis72 says:

    It doesn't look particularly comfortable or luxurious.

  18. Don Rolando says:

    I tested the DSG version with the akrapovic exhaust, it sounds amazing! Really worth the money, especially if you take the sunroof option as well! Sounds as good as the A45 AMG!

  19. Gotta love the placement of the dash cam lol :P

  20. Andrew Green says:

    Thank you for such a great review. One thing I need to bring up is the in-car audio quality. There is a lot of low rumbling road noise which masks the voice and makes it quite difficult to hear. A simple High Pass Filter on the audio (at roughly 120Hz) would clear this up substantially. 
    Thanks again for the review.

  21. Nima someh says:

    who the fk is harry ?!?!

  22. I had one in the US – manual – pedal spacing and abruptness of brake servo makes heel and toeing very difficult to do… Thought this was poor for a performance oriented model.

  23. Idiot UK says:

    Harry < as in EX EVO mag Harry ?

  24. rolfey101 says:

    Is this a press car? It’s on the front cover and featured in this months Volkswagen Driver magazine.

  25. One of the best car in the world GTi And R

  26. Ryan Link says:

    Is it just me or does this guy sound exactly the same as James May

  27. J Mos says:

    Harry does the best reviews anywhere. Please keep them coming.

  28. WndSks says:

    Fake engine sound is BS.

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