24 Minutes of Paris – The Last Legal Street Race – /LIVE AND LET DRIVE

Alex Roy returns to his old hometown, Paris France, to conduct the last legal street race of the world, the 24 Minutes of Paris. How many kilometers can he drive a car around the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile within 24 minutes during rush hour traffic? Please note, Alex Roy never breaks the speed limit at any moment during his quest. It’s impossible even if he wanted to.

28 thoughts on “24 Minutes of Paris – The Last Legal Street Race – /LIVE AND LET DRIVE

  1. Pffft… World record for biggest douche bag is about all this is

  2. this video gave me some serious blueballs. i might need medical attention

  3. pbnaj says:

    Why is this illegal if he is following all the laws? Why do they care about cops? Someone please fill me in.

  4. Frostytf says:

    This is gold

  5. wtf is this…

  6. Paul Green says:

    Alex Roy should stop doing the black and white mildly serious commentating.

  7. Middle of the night, knee down on a supermoto. Double digits easy, triple digits…unlikely.

  8. All apex, all of the time!

  9. dufonrafal says:

    Any Parisian with a good driving experience can beet this…
    You made so many mistakes!

    A good lough though!

  10. incargeek says:

    "Fak off then!!"

  11. mattorama says:

    (french)  Well what the fuck is the point of subtitles, if you aren't going to subtitle the foreign languages???

  12. eddohan says:

    He is a very intelligent douche!

  13. Where the fuck is the original of this!?

  14. burnman91 says:

    he speack very good french

  15. Akhand Rahim says:

    it seems that many of you don't understand the point of LIVE AND LET DRIVE, it is purely humour and it is because of you tangent vector have cancelled such a great show.

  16. Mike Coleman says:

    That comment made my week.

  17. bubaaaack says:

    nah, he's just full of himself and lazy to work :D

  18. Guy Rolfe. says:

    what a complete load of crap…..

  19. BatmanRZ says:

    everything this guy does….he looks stupid…..just be yourself..dont try to be jeremy clarkson, hes a fuckhead

  20. I love this guy in Californication

  21. gargantuate says:

    I'd class this guy as the stereotypical yank,brash,rude,obnoxious and self loving,ewww.
    to boot,what a boring video,complete opposite of say a Chris Harris video who gives you entertainment,facts and figures.

  22. Aaron Cody says:

    Give me back my 11 minutes, asshole. That was fucking stupid.

  23. loulimina says:

    I'm french and driving in Paris isn't about talent or driving level. It's about vocabulary: they say Paris is the city in which the most swear words are pronounced a year

  24. @wawcoldfire Totally agree

  25. Stupid bald fatty,think your looking good.

  26. Chris Voss says:


  27. Bl4ckst0r1 says:

    I wouldn't call it sport, but it's Fun

  28. i103772 says:

    dafaq is this shit? I dozed off..

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