245ps Golf GTI vs 240ps Alfa Giulietta Veloce realworld review

Latest Golf GTI with 245ps goes head to head with the 240ps Alfa Romeo Giuletta Veloce. Big thanks to my son, Charlie Metcalfe, in the making of this video! Couldn’t have done it without you.. (Be nice…)
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32 thoughts on “245ps Golf GTI vs 240ps Alfa Giulietta Veloce realworld review

  1. adrian firth says:

    Good review but "a key" seriously!!!

  2. decayintheuk says:

    fun+flair vs frumpy+efficient

  3. I bought a Giulietta veloce 3 months ago, 6 months old and 3000 miles for 21k. The dynamic mode makes the steering nice and heavy and makes the engine feel so sharp. Must be one of the best used car bargains out there. Such a great car to drive and often gets admired.

  4. blade H12 says:

    We don't have the Alfa Romeo Giuletta Veloce in Canada, looks like a fun car but not what I would buy anyway. The Golf R is just 2k more than the GTI, with the snowy climate we have its nice to have the AWD like when I had the WRX, besides the GTI is more flashy aimed at the younger driver, I'd take the Golf R for the stealth look.

  5. Blake Swan says:

    Really a let down that Alfa doesn't have a manual option. Deal breaker for me

  6. DAGATHire says:

    Have a 3 year old veloce. When i bought it i visited Audi/VW, i drove the GTi and the A3 etc etc.
    Far too sterile for me tho' Soon as i got in the Alfa i knew it was gonna be the one. So much character and for lack of better words xfactor. And it's a genuine head turner. People look at it. No one looks at a GTi or an A3. It's just another one. seen them before, uninteresting. But people look at the Alfa. Not that it matters much, but it's an instinctual thing. It's an intangible thing.

  7. Dale Cooper says:

    I prefer the Alfa. By far. It has a soul, and it is more than "just" a car. Itis stylish, and also more engaging.

  8. Great review, but i have to wonder what car manufacturers have to do to please some people. The Golf R is too conservative, ok, i get that. So jump in the Golf GTI and comment that there's a bit too much signature red! Then there's the paint vs sunroof. A grand for a matt paint job is ok, but a grand for a panoramic sunroof is pricey? I know what I'd rather have!

  9. Josekpl says:

    CH MET License plate on the Alfa :) Nice touch

  10. A Hughes says:

    Wonderful! I'm thinking of buying a GTi as I can't stretch to a Giulia so this has got me thinking… Cheers Harry. Another great video!

  11. Great review Harry and you now have a new subscriber!!! I've got a Polo GTi which is due for an upgrade in four months. I've been looking at an S3 and Golf R although thats the upper price point…I've been into Alfa twice previously and left without one, after seeing that Giulietta though, it might be third time lucky. The Magnesia Grey looks the business.

  12. you can see it in his face witch is better

  13. Paul Leggett says:

    Not entirely sure a £30k car for university can in anyway be part of a "real world review". However, enjoyed the video

  14. Ali JCW says:

    I wouldn't be brave enough to sink my own money into the Alfa but it's the one I'd rather drive down a great road.

  15. RichieT5 says:

    Great video guys – petrol head families rock

  16. RichieT5 says:

    The engine note of the Golf is so anodyne

  17. RichieT5 says:

    Alfa anyday. The mention of a Golf sends me into a coma, they’re so bloody boring and insanely dull design wise

  18. The Alpha is 7 yrs old? Did I hear that correctly??

  19. meady200 says:

    I do like comparison vids! Well done! Only its mother could love the face of that Alfa though, it’s hideous!

  20. chobbito says:

    Had a Giulietta for 3 years with no issues, moved to a biturbo Audi A7 which is much faster and comfier on long journeies but you can't love it like the Alfa and I miss it, never missed my Golfs.

    Great personal review

  21. Great video, more of the same please!

  22. I will never understand paying thousands extra for paint that doesn’t shine, love the videos.

  23. Jeoka Gem says:

    7 years between models is like a whole generation in human terms and yet the Alfa's standard is up there with the newer car.
    Alfa simply has a different racing pedigree whereas the VW is just a "wannabe"?

  24. The David says:

    This Alfa is out of production already, they want to get rid of the stock and they'll do it any price. In any showroom you can have it new 20% off its list price + all extra options for free, at these conditions it's a "buy it now".

  25. Its the Alfa for me

  26. popovicvl says:

    What's the need to lie?

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1750 Turbo TCT Veloce, weight 1395 Kg,
    Volkswagen GTI Performance 2.0 245 CV TSI DSG, weight 1415 Kg.

    Where you find 130 kg more weight on Giulietta?

  27. colin young says:

    Nice one Harry.

  28. Nowadays, only a pikey copper thief could drive a Golf.

  29. Alfa Won says:

    Give me the Alfa everytime

  30. Giulietta every dat. the Golf is just too… generic? The Gol used to have charachter, like the Alfa does.

  31. James Young says:

    Charlie is a great addition to the channel, lets hope he comes back.

  32. You both summed it up perfectly, the Golf is probably the better car but you want to drive the Alfa home, Its the Alfa for me every time! once you have owned an Alfa you either become an Italian car enthusiast or you will never buy another…

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