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Take a look around the all new Top Gear studio in this 360° video. Note: Make sure you’re using Google Chrome or the YouTube app on your mobile device to fully experience this video.

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  1. Post By Top Speed


  2. Post By Haminku

    The new one is pretty nice.But… but where is the toybota and the indestructible Hilux?Those who remember the trio will always miss them.

  3. Post By SwiftArtz

    but… it doesn't look like a hangar anymore…. the other studio used the fact that they were in a hanger, this is kinda… too modern..

  4. Post By BIG BOI

    Roses are red Violets are blue I miss the older top gear And so do you

  5. Post By Python Vehicles Australia

    this new series is way better than expected

  6. Post By TECH DROID

    your new top gear sucks bring back the old buddies

  7. Post By Niels Blok

    This looks amazing!

  8. Post By Robin Kerr

    Top Gear is dead.

  9. Post By Blue Prickles Aviation


  10. Post By cc dc

    Waw i like it Keep going

  11. Post By RetroAdzz

    Dont matter what you do Top Gear, it'll never compare

  12. Post By Yorkshire transport fan and more


  13. Post By Sirius

    does anyone actually watch top gear anymore?

  14. Post By MickyMuffMuncher

    I've really enjoyed the 1st 2 episodes of the new series

  15. Post By Tosh iba

    music/song name?

  16. Post By Pernich

    The Grand Tour.. They are like nomads; going to countries to shoot their shows.

  17. Post By Zain Riaz

    Amazing studio, old one was getting outdated.

  18. Post By jenea D

    Nice a lot better than the old studio

  19. Post By yaris7422

    where is hilux?

  20. Post By mgregggphone

    Wait… top gear is still a thing?

  21. Post By Philip


  22. Post By Danny Guo

    Top Gear is exactly like The Grand Tour, apart from every single detail.

  23. Post By sonycall

    As I always say: I really want Matt Le Blank's Top Gear to be better than Evan's (It really was shit). Now I would have 2 great car shows to watch.

  24. Post By Evolution XXX

    new top gear is great

  25. Post By Callum Quigley

    I don't possibly know how people can think the grand tour is actually good. The cars aren't the focus at all. Chris harris will be an amazing fit. Genuine bloke, loves his cars and knows what he is talking about and is interesting. Best of luck to TopGear, maybe they will make the grand tour shape up a bit!

  26. Post By DARTH VAPER

    really enjoyed episode 2 guys!

  27. Post By DARTH VAPER

    Chris Harris stop touching the bloody guests. Poking slapping on the shoulder, grabbing!….

  28. Post By Rantendo


  29. Post By GoodKingMort

    Absolutely love the new studio!

  30. Post By obg mugen

    you can use buckingham palace as the TG studio but without the hosts that made the show what it was, u might as well just watch paint dry.

  31. Post By Troubleshooter125

    Redesigned so that there is NO SIGN that Jezza, Hamster or Captain Slow EVER occupied those environs. Nice coverup job, BBC. :-P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  32. Post By Y Lee

    What the…..All I can see top gear logo.

  33. Post By Admiral_Awesome

    Wish all these Clarkson fanboys would disappear and leave the show alone. Its doing well, 80% of the hate has disappeared after the first show. GT was scripted and sometimes painful to watch. Its a comedy show with cars whereas this is a car show with a touch of comedy give it a few episodes and the presenters will bed in and be brilliant. They got a spark here, soon there will be fire and GT will quake in its boots

  34. Post By TB 3

    That song sounds oddly like the Grand Tour Theme Tune

  35. Post By Tardisius

    Still 2 cheap 2 put a few chairs in =)

  36. Post By Spencer poore

    I watched the new episode. Everybody should watch it. It is actually quite good!

  37. Post By Koen Van Oosten

    The new Guy's are nothing comperd whit the Old ones

  38. Post By djverhulst

    on Firefox it works fine no Chrome needed

  39. Post By Afonso Ferreira

    This place used to be awsome and had character… Now its just another tv studio…

  40. Post By Sir.Smoke

    The season has started off strong, fun to watch. Grand Tour is the old boys having fun, Top Gear is the new guys driving cars.

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