450 HP ATS Racing 1990 Lotus Esprit SE

When Lotus sold this car new in 1990, the Esprit SE made 284 HP from a turbocharged 2.1L Inline-4, an incredibly stout number for the time, thanks to forged internals and hot cams from the factory. ATS Racing of Denton, Texas went to town, and this stock-bottom-end Lotus now makes 450 HP at the crank, 380 HP at the wheels. At under 3,000 Lbs stock, the Esprit goes from fast to missile thanks to ATS’s upgrades.

Full build sheet:

• Garrett GT3071R ball bearing turbo
• Tubular manifold, 3” downpipe with electronic cut-out
• ATS Exotics tuned chip
• ATS Exotics water to air intercooler core with electric water pump
• Ported intake manifold inlet with intake plenum spacer
• Walbro fuel pump with ATS Exotics upgraded wiring
• Larger secondary injectors
• Revolution Brakes Front Big Brake Kit
• Rear brakes from a later model Esprit S4
• 18” wheels
• Coilovers

32 thoughts on “450 HP ATS Racing 1990 Lotus Esprit SE

  1. Ja son says:

    LOL NanKang tyres

  2. if i have to see another ad with the dorky verizon guy im gonna blow my fuckin head off other that though i absolutely love these cars was def my favorite gran turismo car when i was younger glad to see it in action in real life.

  3. Murkle Man6 says:

    MY old boss had a slightly tuned version of this, in deep blue, always got excited when he drove it in. Got a lift to work and back once it was amazing when the boost comes on, fastest car id been in too.

  4. Jack1138 says:

    Matt is 6'3", 239lbs, but in very good overall health, like someone else…

  5. Mr. Cairo says:

    Clicked just to see if Matt would fit in it.

  6. Trill T0ny says:

    Damn straight outta gta❄️ I love it

  7. kalel Wilson says:

    You forgot to give it a Doug score…..oooppss!!! wrong channel…..lol

  8. G Garrison says:

    wow this esprit build is shit. matt get your hands on a proper stock s4s or v8.

  9. roadhog29389 says:

    I imagine sticky tyres would amplify the chances of trans issues

  10. Nick Price says:

    Original paint? Ha

  11. mrraspoetin says:

    a lot of noise but it doenst look to go fast

  12. MrDatjewboy says:

    The transmissions are a weak point and he couldnt make any more hp or itd blow

  13. JohnnyNr5 says:

    The owner put a hole in the exhaust, and the car sounds like it has a hole in the exhaust. Too bad imo. ..and i don't get why you'd buy crap tires for such a car, and why you don't fix the brakes before letting Matt drive it. But.. I know these cars are tricky, and that you need to get used to driving them to trust them as much as they can be trusted. ..and that build quality is horrible. But they are cool AF :)

  14. Evan J says:

    Control Panel Open

  15. Toyota4Life says:

    Used to be one of my dreams cars growing up

  16. It doesn't sound that great…

  17. In car voice has been terrible for months, why have you guys not invested in a different mic/recording device on your person?

  18. doesit go100 says:

    this is top 5 most beautiful cars ever made period.I seen one in a parking garage in NYC and it had a flat tire and about a inch of dust on it.Shame to see.Cars so amazing looking in person.

  19. Darkcide8 says:

    was my fav on nfs 2

  20. David Ha says:

    I drove one of these in the trails like a Jeep.

  21. Lander F says:

    The suspension looks tired on this Esprit, it has way too much body roll.

  22. Cant wait for ZR1 one take!

  23. Great for driving through swamps .

  24. Cant wait to see you drive Aarons Ferrari and ill bet his green mr2 makes you scream.

  25. bryan lettow says:

    I remember buying this on Midnight Club iii: Dub Edition at 11yrs old thinking it was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

  26. "who remembers the movie Pretty Woman"

  27. 1MrBryn says:

    I'd love to see these get the Singer treatment.

  28. Toxic Potato says:

    One of the most beautiful "wedge" cars ever made

  29. Martin Quin says:

    One of the best looking 80's-90's car's in my book next the the Countach

  30. Some Dude says:

    aww snap

  31. Steven V says:

    its a mini diablo!

  32. keidicko says:

    Doesn't handle doesn't stop ,tuned but trans and clutch wont take the power ! WHY ????

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