650 HP 1970 Chevrolet Camaro by Detroit Speed – One Take

This 1970 Camaro is Detroit Speed founder Kyle Tucker’s personal weekend ride. It’s set up with every bit of suspension DSE makes, so it can handle Autocross, Track Days, Road Trips, and Weekend Cruises. Under the hood is a MAST Motorsports LS engine featuring drive-by-wire technology, and for something so fast, it’s a ridiculously well-rounded package.

Learn more about this 1970 Camaro at:

FULL DISCLOSURE: Detroit Speed paid for flights, accomodations, a rental car, and several meals towards the production of these videos.


  1. Post By alpeena

    seems like a great humble dude………and his builds are just about perfect…….about all of them. I love that his builds are rather quiet vs say the Ring Bros….dont get me wrong, those builds are fantastic as well, but they are just too much…over the top……Detroit Speed builds are so simple, handsome, low key.

  2. Post By AIllick

    I raced against this guy at a SCCA CAM Challenge event not long ago. Mike Dusold had his shop car and a gang of his customers out there too, if you're not familiar with the name Dusold check it out because it's worth the time. Now, these guys were all damn fast, but guess what spanked them all handily…. Dude with an '88 Firebird, car had stock interior, no cage, even had stock brakes! It even had an old school Chevy 350, sounded very healthy but definitely wasn't upwards of 650-800+hp like the other cars. It did have very wide wheels, at least 315's and very good quality suspension, but it goes to show autocross is all about car setup and positioning!

  3. Post By Andrew Finck

    One day Matt, one day…

  4. Post By WiryOak

    Why have the extra weight of rear seats if you cant sit in them?

  5. Post By Doug Mare

    2nd-gen F-body will always be my #1 favorite "affordable" American platform. The prices are climbing these days…sigh…but I've never driven anything else that got so sideways with such control. Many fond memories. Someday there'll be a high-end 2nd-gen Camaro or Firebird in my future, and I'll leave the crazy-fast but rusty rattletrap that was my beloved '77 in my memories.

  6. Post By Daniel Vasquez

    I just bought 1970 split bumper I have looking into this build to get ideas of what I'd like out of my build. Literally JUST started striping the paint off and have some parts in hopefully 2 weeks but I'm so excited to get something like this going! Thank you!

  7. Post By Daniel Brealey

    Your scared of old cars??? Harden up cupcake…

  8. Post By Dden Dden

    Someone know what that Wing is?

  9. Post By Connor Jared

    Stop, please, my wallet can't take it anymore. This channel is just a go-to for my "future shopping list", and I can tell you that I'm broke in the future thanks to this video. But sure as shit I'm driving fast and in style while being broke. :)

  10. Post By Michael Cousins

    Love this car, love the video but can you PLEASE tell whomever does the editing that when Matt is going up through the gears on cars like this, for the love of GOD….. dont cut away to the generic drive by!!!!!!!

  11. Post By Mr. Chandler

    I will agree this is an awesome piece of machinery well engineers I miss my 1970 Camaro back in the day and I was in a horrible accident with the car and I know this may sound a little funny but car save my life I took good care of it she was running a big-block 427 620 horses she was my baby my Come Fly with Me looking at this car almost makes me want to cry continued success to Detroit Speed I don't know 73 Nova if I hit the lottery or come by your shop LOL

  12. Post By Hammer Smith

    take the front bumper off!!!!

  13. Post By CJSchecter96

    Dream camaro right there. My only question is with the roll bar rendering the back seat basically useless, why not save some weight and take the seat out? I know it's a daily but I doubt anyone crams back there.

  14. Post By 01REDEYEDDEVIL


  15. Post By jboy

    Boring! I love the car, had a 71 for 25 years, but I don't want listen to these guys yak while watching the trees go by… Show the car fer cryin out loud!

  16. Post By PhenomProductions23

    Trans-Am Racing would be Proud.

  17. Post By PhenomProductions23

    26 Mustangs became Jealous of this 2nd Gen Camaro.

  18. Post By PhenomProductions23

    13:27 LEGENDARY !!!!!

  19. Post By Jacob S.

    why all this stupid stickers on?? why??

  20. Post By CamaroWarrior

    i did a ride along in that exact Camaro at the GM Nationals in Carlisle, PA a few years back… sick fast car

  21. Post By PA Trail Riders

    Bad ass

  22. Post By Must Tard


  23. Post By MrMillennium67

    Awesome car and owner!

  24. Post By KABAR432

    what a sick car!

  25. Post By Mark Zanghetti

    This car sounded NASTY!!! Thanks for sharing this car and company with the world, YouTube is a great thing for sharing this kind of car company with the world.

  26. Post By MostHated818

    They need to do the g-body like this.

  27. Post By GODOFGUITAR2112

    Man I'd love to get some of those parts for my '79 Camaro.

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