850 WHP 1991 Toyota MR2 by ATS Racing – One Take

This 1991 Toyota MR2 is the development car for ATS Racing’s entire catalog of Toyota MR2 possibilities. Featunring a “5SGTE” Turbo 4-cylinder engine, so named because you use the MR2’s cylinder head with the block of a 1998 Camry and a stroker crank, this MR2, depending on the desired application, will run between 30 and 45 PSI of boost through a Precision 6265 Ball Bearing Turbo, making a peak 1000 HP at the crank.

Unfortunately this video ends with the car having a bit of a crap-out on me, but fear not! It was only a blown fuse, a 20+ year old, stock fuse at that, and the car was running fine again 20 minutes later.

Special thanks to Aaron and the guys from ATS Racing for this opportinuty! Got an MR2, Lotus, Ferrari, Corvette, or anything else that needs a Turbo? Hit up ATS Racing: http://www.atsracing.com

Special Thanks to Eagles Canyon Raceway for letting me film! For track day or membership information: http://www.eaglescanyon.com

Special thanks to Mason Bleadsell and Thomas Le for the cover photos and drive-by shot assistance. http://www.bleasdellphotography.com/

Full Build Sheet – 1991 Toyota MR2
• 1000hp (872rwhp, detuned to 820rwhp for the street)
• “5SGTE” – NOT a Honda K-swap!
• ATS Racing 2.3l stroker block with proprietary half-fill
• ATS Racing custom ground crankshaft
• Pauter connecting rods
• ATS Racing heavy duty Wiseco pistons
• ARP L19 headstuds with Hux Racing cylinder head inserts
• ATS Racing custom CAD-designed MLS headgasket
• GSC high lift cams, shimless bucket conversion, and other valvetrain parts
• ID2000 injectors, twin Walbro fuel pumps, boost-a-pump to run 16V
• ATS Racing top-mount manifold with Precision 6265 ball bearing turbo
• 46mm wastegate, runs between 30 and 45 psi of boost
• ATS Racing trunk-mount intercooler
• Custom straight runner intake manifold
• ECUMaster EMU standalone ECU tuned by ATS Racing
• Quaife LSD in stock transmission
• ATS Racing upgraded axle CV joints
• ClutchMaster FX700 twin disc clutch
• KVR/Wilwood front brake kit, 93+ rear brakes

Build notes from Aaron at ATS Racing:
This engine is usually referred to as the 5SGTE because it uses the 3SGTE MR2 cylinder head with a 5SFE block (from a 1998 Camry). This block has been half filled with a ATS Racing proprietary technique that maximizes strength and minimizes the fill’s impact on the cooling capacity (this is Texas, we have 100+ degree summers). The crankshaft has been custom ground by ATS Racing for 95mm of stroke, giving us 2.3 liters of displacement (an original turbo MR2 is 2.0 liters). The rods are Pauter and the pistons are custom ATS HD pistons made for us by Wiseco. The head gasket is metal (ATS) and the (ATS) head studs are made of a material called L19. It’s STRONG but highly reactive. Don’t touch them with your bare hands.
The cylinder head has oversized intake and exhaust valves, GSC high lift 274 cams, shimless bucket conversion, and GSC valve train components. There is some mild porting, but the heads flow really well right out of the box.
The fuel system uses Injector Dynamics ID2000 injectors, twin Walbro fuel pumps, and a boost-a-pump that ups the voltage to 16 volts when under some serious turbo boost.
The turbo kit is an ATS top mount manifold with a Precision 6265 ball bearing turbo and 46mm wastegate. It runs between 30 and 45 psi of boost.
The trunk is filled with a huge ATS intercooler and a custom straight runner intake manifold.
The ecu is an ECUMaster EMU tuned by Scott McClendon of ATS Racing.
The transmission is a rebuilt stock turbo MR2 but with a Quaiffe LSD and ATS CV joints in the axles. The clutch is a ClutchMaster’s FX700 twin disk.
The suspension is new genuine Toyota struts with Eibach springs (I appreciate a comfortable ride).
Front brakes are a KVR/Wilwood front brake kit, rears are 93+ MR2 Turbo
The outside is mostly stock except for a Bomex front bumper, custom side vents, Aeroware rear spoiler and Tom’s scoop on the driver’s side, and some Volk Gram Light wheels with Mickey Thompson drag radials on the rear.


  1. Post By Fu Master

    ATS is a great shop! They swapped a 3rd gen 3s into my '91 and it runs/feels like a new car.

  2. Post By minirider118

    jesus it sounds like a diesel truck sucking gravel through the turbo

  3. Post By Mad Man Ace

    oh it revs too!

  4. Post By Mad Man Ace

    wow that sounds amazing

  5. Post By MotoMustard

    Had those same wheels on my supra.

  6. Post By illumiNaughty

    How efficient is that intercooler in the trunk?

  7. Post By Noah N

    That turbo does not sound healthy

  8. Post By BodegaDan 203

    Needs a k20 in there

  9. Post By Jeremy Stig

    put it on offroad suspension and make it a Group B MONSTER! Thats would be super cool.

  10. Post By Andy Y

    What BOV is this MR2 using???? sound so good!!!!

  11. Post By bashzer0

    Matt, did you ever do a best car of 2017 vid? Curious what your thoughts were since you drive so many, what your top 3, or top most car was?

  12. Post By Mathieu Cossette

    Impressive power pull on straights!

  13. Post By topgunm

    What's up with the constant fluttering at WOT?

  14. Post By s7v7n

    props to the owner for keeping stock motor and matt drives like strait ass.

  15. Post By Krzysztof Głowacki

    i love the scoop.

  16. Post By james w

    There goes a $50000 fuse.!

  17. Post By Duke

    Damn I miss my SW20 a little bit. Impreza fills the void tho.

  18. Post By A Rod

    Your driving experience was hilarious..seriously looked like fun man. Lol

  19. Post By Paul Kemp

    i was like "DENTON"?!?!? Step dad lives out there…awesome city! lots of parking!!! :D

  20. Post By JPM97

    why not put 700whp in the title, you're not driving it on 850. 700 is just as impressive.

  21. Post By Chris Davis

    Aaron Todd and Scott, My friend and I met you at your shop about ten years ago. Very happy to see you're still in business, how's the Ferrari and that brown 1j cresida?

  22. Post By James Mackintosh

    "surprisingly it handles pretty well…"Well it's an MR2.What's up with all that compressor surge though? Sounds like it's about to blow up.

  23. Post By SM

    I think MATT is HOMELY.

  24. Post By ianiva

    Best MR2 ever!

  25. Post By MR2 Spyder Journal

    Matt, you need to hit up DD Performance Research! Also in TX.

  26. Post By Jamie's YouTube Videos

    Would of been more impressive if they left the entire stock engine.

  27. Post By randall jr Benoit

    I <3 TOYOTA…. but they suck at brakes. Everything iv e ever drove seems like the brakes are the only spot in toyota's that need some fixing….. my tundra had shitty breaks- & most all the other Toyota's from Corolla to camery-to RAV4 to 4runners and tacos-your brakes suck…. my dad's 2017 TUNDRA SR5 great brakes … but I haven't towed with it yet …. I know you don't notice your climbing a hill though -till the top!

  28. Post By Henry Liang

    Wondering if that's a functioning side scoop. Would be amazing if ATS found a use for it.

  29. Post By Moss Mini

    700 BS horsepower… LOL

  30. Post By FamilyMan Racing

    Matt, what rpm are you flooring it at? Sounds like compressor surge but hard to tell from vid. With some combos WOT too low will induce compressor surge. But any boost/vac leak on BOV line wouldn't put enough pressure on BOV and it could flutter. Really sounds like compressor surge though and WOT corners exit at higher rpm didn't have the sound which also reinforces surge theory. Let off if you hear that. Lol. Bad juju for turbo.

  31. Post By pjs1975101

    How hard would it be to cut at the end and explain it was a fuse rather than make it look like the car might have had a real problem? Maybe Aaron should have ridden one lap with you to explain things like the rev limit?

  32. Post By Shane Ingram

    Sounds God awful. Sure is fast though!

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