A Dangerous 7.4-mile Sprint to the Clouds – /LAUNCH CONTROL: S02E08

/DRIVE is proud to partner with Subaru’s LAUNCH CONTROL. Catch up on Season 2, as we lead up to the premiere of Season 3 on May 20!

Season 2 kicks off with a frigid bang as Team Subaru attacks the event known as Sn* Drift 2014.

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“You only truly know how to accomplish something once you have actually done it. Turning points and opportunities are only fully recognized with hindsight.

So, for a team as experienced as Subaru Rally Team USA, reverse engineering a championship title should be straight forward. Except it never is.

Thousands of circumstances and decisions led to this moment, and no two seasons will offer the same opportunities. Experience might form the road map to a title, but it’s a road map already out of date. The 2014 championships bring new competition, new events, and new cars. A new road awaits.

This is Season Two of Launch Control.” – Subaru’s Launch Control Page


  1. Post By Duan coviero

    have no clue what the hell the copilot is saying

  2. Post By notetoselves

    how does that navigator not get car sick?

  3. Post By I AM HIT

    need more weight reduction. id throw out that passenger

  4. Post By David Stein

    WTF are there any restrictions on vehicles? makes no sense. Take the gloves off. let's see what the fastest time really can be.

  5. Post By Coconut Donkey

    wooohoooo scoooobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  6. Post By Ronnie Black

    "i'd probably put about 80% of the success to the co-driver, but to be honest thats usually the case with any rally" haha

  7. Post By King Of The Gods

    who els was yelling YOU CAN DO IT!

  8. Post By King Of The Gods

    who els was yelling YOU CAN DO IT!

  9. Post By Snafu2346

    Those drops look insane.

  10. Post By Jesse Maron

    dude at 2:53 is so lucky, he should be dead

  11. Post By Trane Francks

    Fabulous episode. Great cinematography and storytelling.

  12. Post By Kai Zhou


  13. Post By michael williams

    Whoever our creator is, if there is one at all. They definitely spent some extra chromosome dust on Travis Pastrana.

  14. Post By Dat Anchovies

    I want to see what they can do with their new chasis

  15. Post By Roice Tiamzon

    Subaru at its finest

  16. Post By Revamptheindustry

    lol at that flappy hawkeye

  17. Post By Cati Ledgendary

    it is lame

  18. Post By stack those bananas

    Did he just say "home to the world's worst weather"? Wow instant dislike, come on!

  19. Post By haha lol

    I wonder if monster Tajima could break the record?

  20. Post By Dodge Power Wagon

    was a great time glad I went

  21. Post By Ashish Mohan

    I didn't know these cars had horns!

  22. Post By bmx687

    God i love that smooth leathery smokey voice of the narrator

  23. Post By Sean Walsh

    whats the vent on the roof for? Downforce?

  24. Post By Samael

    Craig is pronounced Crayg, not Creg. Grrr.

  25. Post By Rawest

    the voice of the co-driver is so annoying :(

  26. Post By enigmaPL

    Cool film. Well produced, fun to watch. Cool event, and what an amazing road, that has to be a bucketlist road to drive on, even if not competitively. Keep up the good work.

  27. Post By 16countach

    well done Higgins !!! thumbs up for the Manxman (y) (y)Awesome, awesome event !!! its more as a rally stage than a hillclimb.and have to say, that the track have character of many of the Manx roads, so Dave must have feel half as home :)

  28. Post By Eric Heydenreich

    Just awesome, making me want to play Dirt 3 so bad!

  29. Post By doghands

    Drew was on point!

  30. Post By Iam Brian

    that 6.09 run take real belly…wow!!!

  31. Post By Justin's Pit Lane

    Good stuff and some fantastic views!

  32. Post By Zygrene

    Why are there flat tires in almost every episode so far in this series? Can't the tires be designed to minimize chance of punctures?

  33. Post By Frietpan

    co driver sounds anoying as f

  34. Post By Maciej G.

    This is insane. And the Dashboard cam show's how close they approach the edges of the road on Slaloms and L-R 3/4 turns….

  35. Post By Krystal Owen

    Two questions:1) Is that the tranny or a charger that makes the chirping noise when listening to them from the outside while change gears?2) The co-driver, what is he actually saying? I havent been able to decipher what the codriver is actually saying yet.

  36. Post By Cole Robbins

    "Predates both by years…" I'm pretty sure that this event has been held so sparingly (23 times in over 100 years) that it doesn't really count. Pikes Peak has been held every single year except maybe in the 40s due to the war (92 runnings and soon to be 93 this year.)

  37. Post By Sir Cabão

    that was beautiful…

  38. Post By Jesse Crandle

    Is a co-pilot mandatory or something? I seriously doubt any of the veterans NEED it, they pretty much have the course memorized. Basically it's just 110 pounds of extra weight for no reason lol.

  39. Post By Mcloven5044

    what kind of gear box do they use ?

  40. Post By Cole Robbins

    "6288 ft above sea level…"Pikes Peak Hillclimb starting elevation:  9,390 ftStill looks pretty cool though, and elevation isn't everything.

  41. Post By 2JZ swap the dog

    They averaged 72.2 MPH up the hill.  Let that sink in.

  42. Post By kyle

    This dude could narrate grass growing and I wouldn't be able to stop watching.

  43. Post By Adrian Saldana

    Is the narrator the same from all access?

  44. Post By MethKitty

    Man, this one gave me chills. So awesome

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