A Winning Strategy: Inside Alexander Rossi’s Indy 500 Win! – Motor Trend Presents

On this installment of Motor Trend Presents, we reveal the true story of rookie driver Alexander Rossi’s improbable comeback win in the 100th running of the Indy 500. Co-owner Bryan Herta’s risky fuel-saving strategy helped power Rossi as he outlasted the leaders and crossed the finish line moments before his fuel ran out. Featuring interviews from Alexander Rossi, Bryan Herta, Michael Andretti and other team members and experts, plus race day radio communications that bring audiences into the action during the nail-biting victory.


  1. Post By Linda Goodwyn

    Is anyone watching this after seeing him on the Amazing Race?

  2. Post By Phillip Schmitz

    Anyone know the music from this?

  3. Post By Skalex Pro


  4. Post By Corey Greika

    Alexander Rossi new favorite bye bye Helio

  5. Post By Andrew Fogiel

    Alex got 2 laps out of 0.65 gal, well 1 and 2/3s or whenever Alex ran out of fuel on final lap, that alone is one of the most remarkable aspects of this story.

  6. Post By Eric Elkins

    Great combination of commercial and beautiful documentary footage. Well done!! Sponsors are definitely a must in Motorsport so it's all good.

  7. Post By zukacs

    castrol edge lol 1:44

  8. Post By zukacs

    how can u americans make everything so dramatic ?

  9. Post By Amca Amca

    (MGL Fan ) Alex is a great driver. I wish he would have gotten the backing to make a REAL effort in F1. It would be nice to have a strong American driver representing the United States at the very top of auto racing. Me too…

  10. Post By Amca Amca

    88 years later american rookie Win Alexander Rossi !!!

  11. Post By srinivasan krishnamoorthy

    so he won a race without racing….great !

  12. Post By Free Range Brain

    Forza Alonso!!!

  13. Post By Andi S

    Who come here after see Alonso going to drive for Indycar 500 in 2017 , instead of Monaco ?

  14. Post By Musicman81Indy

    Oil commercial or not, this was one AWESOME video. In my best Dave Colabro gravely voice, "WOW"!!!

  15. Post By ChicagoCrew


  16. Post By Ryan Panganiban

    Alex Rossi Formula 1

  17. Post By Thee Right Grip


  18. Post By M PB

    hey you fuck where do you get the balls to run down olive garden , olive garden is awesome

  19. Post By Robert Kroll

    Alex is a great driver.  I wish he would have gotten the backing to make a REAL effort in F1.  It would be nice to have a strong American driver representing the United States at the very top of auto racing.

  20. Post By The Owl News Network

    a work of art.

  21. Post By Harmoney and Greg Campbell

    best oil commercial I've ever seen

  22. Post By TheMagicMan119

    I was there on turn 4 when he stopped and got out of his car

  23. Post By Will Christian Neones

    Wow looks same strategy winning of dan wheldon

  24. Post By JanitorIsBack

    so basically this was a fucking commercial for castrol oil

  25. Post By Jack Stawowczyk

    Its a shame he never truly got to race full time in F1. What he and the team managed to pull off that day was a hat trick. This video basically sums up all the magic that exists in motorsports.

  26. Post By Sergio Bello Rincón

    Man, this is a topnotch commercial, but what an amazing win !!Great strategy, great teamwork, great driver, well deserved

  27. Post By Kansas Sam Brokeback

    Castrol commercial? I'm glad it's good for F1. It blows in motorcycles.

  28. Post By DEADLOK69

    I was about to mention that he should go and get an endorsement with Maxwell House. Because of the pitch quote "Good to the last drop". But he has Alaska Coffee Roasting Company.

  29. Post By Roper BMW


  30. Post By Michael Cobb

    great team and driving incredible win

  31. Post By Richard Armellino

    Everyone is commenting about his "secret", the truth is that F1 and IRC cars both have fuel mapping options and many other controls integrated into the computers (all within the rules – including how fast the throttle response it)… it might just be something that he found works good with his driving style to make the extra MPG and doesn't want to let it out – he doesn't come to your job and tell you how to mop the floors or kick the bucket on you, let's not knock his talent as a professional either.

  32. Post By mike chadwell

    Alexanders story is great. You ruined it by making it a cheesy oil commercial.

  33. Post By House | Films

    At first I felt a little duped at the end when this all came crashing down as one big ad. I thought, "SERIOUSLY?" But then I thought about it and that's gotta be one of the best ads I've seen. At least it wasn't plastered all over and made too obvious. So although the plug felt REALLY out of place and unnatural I have to say I would like more of these. All-in-all… well done.

  34. Post By samghost13

    A Hero Story! Fantastic Indy Race! Congratulations

  35. Post By mgrande11

    I hate it when I get tricked into watching commercials,  which is why Old Spice enhances confidence and commands female attention. And that’s a pretty fancy trick indeed, provided you always buy products only really cool men buy.

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