AE86 P.O.V. Drive

Driving an AE86 for the first time

43 thoughts on “AE86 P.O.V. Drive

  1. Is this actually his eight six or his friends

  2. 04dram04 says:

    Its crazy how this only weighs 2300lbs. I dont know how they did it.

  3. 04dram04 says:

    the front view looks like an mr2

  4. Alex Dean says:

    Nope, that was first again.

  5. DEJA VU!

  6. Shavono says:


  7. wolf says:


  8. it's pronounced "mee-mee-s"

  9. ajien coper says:

    thats stock 4age sound

  10. LBPPlayer7 says:

    rip transmission

  11. fml says:

    headlights go up
    headlights go down

  12. same 4age engine as your beloved aw11 Mr. Regular :)

  13. Seriously, right hand drive gives a MUCH more natural gearshift. 2nd to 3rd to 2nd is just a lovely smooth action, not notchy & grabbly like LHD. Just sayin'…

  14. Robert Smith says:

    this guy needs to stick to autos

  15. PotPotatoe says:

    "Is this third?"


    "Nope that's first."

  16. JaXon says:

    Why do you think Keichi likes it so much?

  17. That steering wheel tho..

  18. 0:19 the book THE BOOK, I CAN'T THINK ABOUT THE BOOK

  19. Memes?

  20. ShadowGuidR says:

    I can shift nice and fast with both hands since having to change gears from passenger seat while teaching my mother how to drive a manual 23 years after she passed her test xD

  21. Zak757 says:

    "It barely weighs 2000lbs"

    It's actually pretty heavy when you include the driver

  22. Same hp as my neon…yet light asf. I need one. With the 20v

  23. Lord_Trumoo says:

    "A lot of Desu" you're the real weaboo

  24. Zack Salter says:

    Love the guys nod to Initial D with the panda trueno and the tofu shop word decals on the side. haha.

  25. Jaebodiah says:

    I thought my 86 phase was over. I've owned 2 corollas but suddenly after watching this I want another one =/

  26. Wat engine is that

  27. NOOOOOOOOOOO not the money shift!!!!!

  28. OLDBOY says:

    Jeezus Christ is a manual trans so hard first sounded painful

  29. Daniel Smith says:


  30. g0ttequila says:

    sounds great

  31. Brody Howell says:

    Did we get a full shot of the Roman's face at the beginning?

  32. How could he misshift so many times?
    No hate on Americans but come on! Ok it's RHD. But how hard could shift to 3rd be?

  33. thaik56 says:

    It is really that hard to shift left handed? One thing I know is that it is not necessary to "aim" from each gear to the next, rather, one should actually simply let the lever pop it into neutral between each shift (except from first to second) and aim from there. Should make the shifting much easier regardless from which side one does it. But I guess I should try it as a passenger in my car to see.

  34. This guy can't drive stick

  35. Man i would have hated you sooo much with those 1-2-1 shifts you did

  36. :feel like takumi fujiwara: hope you guys delivered that tofu good, and fast.

  37. Johny Sins says:

    buy automatic transmission u dumb fuck

  38. is this southeast PA?? It HAS to be.

  39. Ethan Gee says:

    i feel sorry for his clutch

  40. Ern Burn says:

    Gearbox may be stiff, but he can't shift either. He was going straight into 1st each rip

  41. 06subielover says:

    At 4:03 I cringed

  42. blues03 says:

    "It's okay, I've done this before

    In South Africa"

  43. – Fedora
    – Is fat
    – Black long coat
    – AE86(probably knows about it from the anime)
    we can assume that he:
    – owns a katana collection
    – has a waifu (probably shit taste)
    – has 21 kill streak in cod mw2
    – shitposter

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