Ariel Nomad v rivals – is this the greatest off-road test ever? | evo REVIEW

The Ariel Nomad takes on a Ford Fiesta rally car, Bowler Defender, rally-prepped Porsche and a Polaris RZR.

evo’s Henry Catchpole said it was the best day he’d had at work in ten years. Is this the greatest off-road test ever?

Watch Ford Fiesta R5 rally car:
Watch Ariel Nomad review:

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  1. Post By James Byford

    My dad bought a bowler defender and he now races it

  2. Post By liverush24

    The Bowler sounds like a 6r4.

  3. Post By nicky kelleher

    This is awesome

  4. Post By Begge86a

    So where are the offroad moment, all i see is car racing on a gravelroad

  5. Post By doug harrison

    All very good but which was fastest?, I'll assume it was the WRC car but what about the rest and where did the Ariel rank?.

  6. Post By Clay Ealey

    What about the Rally Fighter?

  7. Post By Sam Karr

    Whats wrong with brits? Can they not say "Z". Fuckin pricks.

  8. Post By Canaan Banana

    tarmac is for batty boys

  9. Post By xaos kuntablast

    lucky man

  10. Post By Luke Hill

    c'mon, take a rally fighter!

  11. Post By Primo Ibarra

    no is not the greatest off road test

  12. Post By The One Percent

    I'd love to be able to have the money to kit my fiesta ST out for rally both on road and gravel but Sadly I am a poor body that loves pricey things.

  13. Post By DJOpaixMusic

    0:52 Sure, the Polaris RZR looks too tall and that it'll tip over, but think about it;All the weight is on the bottom. The "tall bits" are just roll bar and netting.

  14. Post By mark powell

    got you ..thanks for the correction

  15. Post By Mr Raging Riots

    Where do i sign up?

  16. Post By James Buckey

    I could watch Henry drive on the the gravel all day

  17. Post By chris Thoms

    awesome stuff!!

  18. Post By Simon Tam

    The 'Comet' is missing from your illustrious line up!

  19. Post By Evan Le

    I'm trying to get dis in AsphaltXtreme

  20. Post By Cliff Lee

    the fiesta wrc car, can you actually buy one?

  21. Post By Elliekin 0224

    Better than top gear 2016

  22. Post By mobit76

    5:45 That almost took the tyre off the rim !!!

  23. Post By Giulio Imparato

    do they really rally cars with paddle shifters nowadays!?! come on! that's illegal!

  24. Post By Charles Gioffredi

    evo should enter the Baja 1000 and see the real off road racing

  25. Post By bill keller

    awesome bro , love the 911! what car was the most fun to drive, and where did the porsche have its advantages compaired to the ford wrc car?

  26. Post By Heslip Scott

    o thumbs in the wheel yikes

  27. Post By Kodreanu23

    You haven't brought Rage buggy to the contest. Other than that, fantastic video.

  28. Post By Sir Mutton Chops

    The RZR would be a lot cooler if it cost less than $15k and didn't have a CVT

  29. Post By Dawi

    Love the vid. Put a smile on my face. Thanks!

  30. Post By Christopher Leamons


  31. Post By EngineFan

    Name of the Song at 02:33?

  32. Post By Alexander Praymat

    Enjoyed! Would have been even better with a few more of the other EVO testers; especially those that normally stick to tarmac – just to get a different view from Henry who has done quite a few rally events and is used to the loose stuff.

  33. Post By Daniel Draghici

    Find a way…with someone else's car…cause I'd never scratch the shit out of my car off road lol

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