Art Morrison 3G 1960 Corvette

The Smoking Tire heads to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch to test the Gran Turismo Award-Winning SEMA car: Art Morrison’s 1960 3G Corvette. It’s a $400,000 one-off work of art that begs to be driven hard.


  1. Post By High Velocity

    The word CLEAN doesn't do it justice.  Truly Amazing Build.

  2. Post By sidefx996

    The exhaust pipes went through the bumper back in 1960 too when it rolled off the assembly line.

  3. Post By Machine Gun Nest

    wonder if its a small block 427.. they make a 400 small block

  4. Post By Snakebloke

    F**k the haters. I LOVE this thing.

  5. Post By Religion Is Fake

    Okay, so that's pretty much the ultimate hot rod. I think we've done everything we can do, boys. Time to pack it in. Game over.

  6. Post By Heather Ferreira

    I own a Mercedes but Art I envy the HELL out of you right now. Seriously (and I mean this in a good way) YOU SMUG. BALD. FUCKER :)

  7. Post By Michael McCrea

    Now this is a HotRod! Love that sound and those pipes in the back bumper, killer.

  8. Post By Machine Gun Nest

    i want the engine i'll put it in another 60 vette lol

  9. Post By Daniel Brealey

    LOL, what was that reference to Bruce Jenna??? Hahaha, oh- funny shit! What does he call himself now?!? Maybe not Matt, maybe not. What does a 6ft something tranny with broad shoulders drive anyway? Just don't let him drive with a trailer on, and we'll all be alright! He's lucky he's not in jail

  10. Post By Pat Jackson

    Did you ever hear of freedom? It's his car and his life, why the lewd comment?

  11. Post By Andrew B

    spring mountain raceway.. that is some HUGE track with multiple configurations

  12. Post By o2boutdoors

    The intro was wonderfully silly!

  13. Post By Ethan Higgins

    I like he's not wearing a helmet while driving a fucking convertible… Fucking moron

  14. Post By Machine Gun Nest

    sick car  at 1960 24 hrs of leman those vettes handled better around the long curves and better than any of the cars during the rain***

  15. Post By Harpo Marx

    Can't stand to see a jerk trash a car's drive train and brakes, especially a skinhead jerk with dark glasses. FAIL

  16. Post By Robert Walters

    is that a Washington state license plate ??? … the state that's referred to as the new California where there is a new appreciation for old school everything, including 'Vettes ???

  17. Post By justvettn

    Stop with the stand up comedy bit comparisons, you can't pull it off! Not funny. Honda S2000, Bruce Jenner and something about sex, had to stop the video.

  18. Post By e james

    bruce jenner??? where did that come from? this guy must be…..psychotic He can see into the future.

  19. Post By gas327

    mmmmmmm, the stuff wet dreams are made of.

  20. Post By Jonathan Mendez


  21. Post By G

    From the looks of it the styling and quality this car has is better than that of a Ferrari. Truly an exceptional car.

  22. Post By John

    You comfortable in there Matt?

  23. Post By Evan Moon

    I still really enjoy the intro to this video. It really is a dream to drive the coolest cars in the video games you play and Matt actually got to do it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  24. Post By Fred Garvin

    A friend built a '63 using these underpinnings. The car cost almost $200k to build. These chassis are not cheap, but they are perfect. The car handles great and it's never rough or jarring. It rides as nice as my CTS-V Coupe. Only faster.

  25. Post By gracie charleston

    If this guy can lay on the dirty ground and then get in a Corvette….he shouldn't have one!!!!

  26. Post By fucheduck

    incorrect!<beep! beep!> in a video game you gently press the brake pedal with your socked foot while you turn the wheel to the degree needed on the track only twits use control pads on this game. then you bash in the clutch and downshift then hit the gas(pedal) in the middle of the turn to get going forward.-unless your playing pac man then you use the joy stack to go right and eat the ghost or whatever.

  27. Post By Joey B.

    This car is SO BEAUTIFUL.

  28. Post By Scott Hill

    I'm thinking very seriously of doing the Spring Mount Motor Resort Club. The only thing is. Is that I would need to keep my Shelby there. Because it would be cost prohibitive, to be having it shipped back and forth to Arizona where I live. I'm going to fly out there at the end of next month and make up my mind. If it is what says it is. It will be absolute nirvana. It's a first-class facility on and off the track.

  29. Post By danthefrst

    Just seen the intro.But gave it thumbs up anywas.Well! one have to give thumbs up for stoner dreams.Allways!

  30. Post By Wes Hughes

    I've had this dream, but with a different car

  31. Post By Bob Massie

    Wow! Beautiful car with ALL the right stuff. 

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