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As if the road-going Valkyrie wasn’t extreme enough, now Adrian Newey’s taken it to the next level with the track-only AMR Pro.

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  1. Post By srinitaaigaura

    Only one more thing, it needs Fan assisted downforce. Then it's a 2 seater Red bull X2011….and it can spawn a new racing series… Nothing's gonna come close to this.

  2. Post By sickjohnson

    These are the things that dreams are made of….

  3. Post By Sideshow Bob

    My new favourite car, hands down.

  4. Post By Sideshow Bob

    the wheels are so cool. anyone know what the two thingies are on the bonnet?

  5. Post By Janusha

    This thing will be fast as hell… But will it appeal to people as a CAR?. Will it be some sort of hero in the industry? No… Hell no.

  6. Post By Eddie Panedi

    All the idiots who think they know how to design cars (besides Gordon Murray) are going to be absolutely schooled when this comes out. From what I can see, Newey has ticked every box, and checked it twice. This car is going to crush anything that came before it by a very wide margin. Those douche bag billionaires with their overpriced Bugattis are going to have to cough up for a brand new car, because nothing will compare to this in sight, sound or experience. BTW, Bugatti hasn't participated in a race in nearly a 100 years so I don't know why anybody thought that they were all that great anyway. They just threw a bunch of money at some average engineers. This is on another physical dimension. Adrian has honed his skill WINNING F1 championships for decades, so prepared to be schooled, boys! Ask me how I know….because I was on the OSU team that won several national and international Formula SAE/Student championships, so I know a winner when I see one, trust me.

  7. Post By Kieron Ash

    Funny how an Adrian Newey unleashed car looks a lot like a LMP car. Would love to see this in WEC.

  8. Post By Hugo Stiglitz

    Ok, that's another new dream car. That and the Senna are my 2 favorites now. I think I might prefer the Senna because it's like a real hypercar while this is purely only for track driving.

  9. Post By woip7761

    A little bit expensive for a nice crumb catcher!

  10. Post By Neil Shah


  11. Post By Ensany Global

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  12. Post By Adam Taylor

    How do they get these measurements of speed etc? Has it actually been tested on the track? I'd love to see some actual driving footage.

  13. Post By James Corsiglia

    I hope the owners track it. Whatever results it will achieve will be spectacular! Can’t wait!

  14. Post By John Doe

    You dress like a slob.

  15. Post By György Kozmér

    Magnificent car…. but never seen a creepyer guy like he is

  16. Post By TOM haapalahti

    Coolest car ever

  17. Post By Anand Singh

    100 TRUMPS RATING !!!!!Guys.TRUMPS RATING!!!This is already a winner in every possible way.Stop comparing and go home and do stuff.100 TRUMPS RATING !!!!

  18. Post By Alec Dunn

    Good grief! thats impressive engineering right there!

  19. Post By Manco Kwan

    the Aston Martin valkyrie is a huge middle finger to this Senna saying that a form follows function hypercar doesn't have to be ugly.

  20. Post By Tad Ficus Catus

    What engine has it got?

  21. Post By ShionShinigami

    Sorry guys, but those figures are complete understatements. How the car looks and with the power it has, it will definitely be more like 5G conering, more like way over 2000kg of downforce and closer to 400km/h. The Senna or anyone else won't be a match for this car in any regard.

  22. Post By Theferrariguy5

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  23. Post By Ronald Kasteel

    it looks like a toy

  24. Post By Janusha

    No. This wont be known for years to come as the new Mclaren F1 because this car makes the monumental mistake of breaking form. It opens up in all directions and reveals itself to be a thinly disguised racecar and not a "car" at all. Not an object of desire. Not something to put on a kids wall. Not something to take out with a nice girl or to fix at late nights in your garage. This thing is cold, sterile and sciency. Not an object of desire or passion.

  25. Post By Nabeel Fareed Moosa


  26. Post By Dr_Watson

    So Newey is actually getting to make a real version of his Gran Turismo X-Cars. Awesome.

  27. Post By Ryan Miller

    Utterly glorious and mad.

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