Aston Martin Vanquish startup and rev

Watch Aston Martin’s CEO, Dr. Ulrich Bez, start up and demonstrate the many exhaust tones of the all-new 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish


  1. Post By Caleb Bostick

    Lol sweeet

  2. Post By venom5809

    I need that car and that leather hat. That hat is the shit.

  3. Post By Dugg117

    Bet you occasionally don't twist the key long enough when you get in your car…

  4. Post By Jacob Moses

    What a fabulous sound!

  5. Post By Michael Maurice

    Obviously jealous. Don't be bitter

  6. Post By Zaki Lakhani

    Dr Bez should know by now how to start a car made by the company he manages

  7. Post By C Z Dumitru

    shut the fuck up !!!

  8. Post By jayrush01

    i know!, and what about that CEO? what a douche!

  9. Post By Miguel Francisco

    Dat color.

  10. Post By Bam Salam

    Its obviously a rice crispy… all I hear is snap, crackle & pop!!

  11. Post By Alehandro ordnahelA

    ya but that would be better than even british top gear!

  12. Post By CleavingCleaver

    fuck you dude

  13. Post By iXetsuei

    What is that awful rattling noise on the quiet exhaust mode? I hope that is just a pre-production thing that has been fixed, because if I shelled out the money to buy this car and that was there I'd be pissed.

  14. Post By RETICS1

    This colour is becoming quite popular , I still like the classic dark grey or silver of the 007 Aston Martin.

  15. Post By jonevans20

    Aston's engines always sound so good

  16. Post By Daveez234

    the CEO is a boss!

  17. Post By purple panda's

    i jizzed my pants

  18. Post By Steve Bevilacqua

    get me a new pair of pants

  19. Post By Ghassan al-harbi

    you could train me, then I'll work for free. Plus, I'll pay for the training !!

  20. Post By MotorsportMonkey

    "Sweet" Yes matt!

  21. Post By nooki1102

    drive it dont just rev it,,nothing like being under load

  22. Post By Jondrew1

    I'm not… I'll PM you the album of the day that he got it

  23. Post By M7mmad Basam7

    Oh man really?! :o .. you just came up with something new !! ;p .. we all know that bro .. Rolls owned by BMW and Bently by VW

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