Aston Martin Vanquish startup and rev

Watch Aston Martin’s CEO, Dr. Ulrich Bez, start up and demonstrate the many exhaust tones of the all-new 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish

23 thoughts on “Aston Martin Vanquish startup and rev

  1. Lol sweeet

  2. venom5809 says:

    I need that car and that leather hat. That hat is the shit.

  3. Dugg117 says:

    Bet you occasionally don't twist the key long enough when you get in your car…

  4. Jacob Moses says:

    What a fabulous sound!

  5. Obviously jealous. Don't be bitter

  6. Zaki Lakhani says:

    Dr Bez should know by now how to start a car made by the company he manages

  7. C Z Dumitru says:

    shut the fuck up !!!

  8. jayrush01 says:

    i know!, and what about that CEO? what a douche!

  9. Dat color.

  10. Bam Salam says:

    Its obviously a rice crispy… all I hear is snap, crackle & pop!!

  11. ya but that would be better than even british top gear!

  12. fuck you dude

  13. iXetsuei says:

    What is that awful rattling noise on the quiet exhaust mode? I hope that is just a pre-production thing that has been fixed, because if I shelled out the money to buy this car and that was there I'd be pissed.

  14. RETICS1 says:

    This colour is becoming quite popular , I still like the classic dark grey or silver of the 007 Aston Martin.

  15. jonevans20 says:

    Aston's engines always sound so good

  16. Daveez234 says:

    the CEO is a boss!

  17. i jizzed my pants

  18. get me a new pair of pants

  19. you could train me, then I'll work for free. Plus, I'll pay for the training !!

  20. "Sweet" Yes matt!

  21. nooki1102 says:

    drive it dont just rev it,,nothing like being under load

  22. Jondrew1 says:

    I'm not… I'll PM you the album of the day that he got it

  23. Oh man really?! :o .. you just came up with something new !! ;p .. we all know that bro .. Rolls owned by BMW and Bently by VW

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