Audi R8 Spyder v its supercar rivals by evo Magazine, part 2

Audi R8 spyder supercar battles its supercar rivals on track. Chris Harris presents. Part 1 and Part 3 are at now!

24 thoughts on “Audi R8 Spyder v its supercar rivals by evo Magazine, part 2

  1. Rock music? Really? I always like the more sophisticated mildness in British reviews, but this one went all 'Merca out of nowhere.

  2. cliolord says:

    Stupid KIA advert, I hate Kia, i hate the advert!!

  3. why would u buy that it looses in to the porsche in every single way exeept MAYBE noise gawkers

  4. shotiCko s says:

    why cant i never find the other parts on your site !!

  5. Josh Hatton says:

    what the fuck is with shit quality and 15fps?

  6. MrScuderia16 says:

    I love the "cuckoo" sound!!!Only a mechanical engineer would understand the beauty of it.

  7. saintellis says:

    he looks like the british adam sandler

  8. D4rk34g7e says:

    The cuckoo is really awsome

  9. james kang says:

    That Porsche looks badass even as a cab….Holy shit.

    Porsche = Boss.

  10. undeny says:

    DUde…! Upload this stuff with a higher volume, & more towards the voices ..Plz..?

  11. Alan Teh says:

    118k isnt worth a penny of my money… buy a 430 instead…

  12. part 3 please.

  13. jamesaj111 says:

    @bownchikawowwow thats exactly what i was thinking, glad im not alone

  14. does anyone know where part 3 is?

  15. Bret Taylor says:

    @koussmik Then go to google images lol… He's talking ABOUT the car. Us nerds like our info.

  16. Bret Taylor says:

    @LorienoftheBlossom One car that should NOT be a cabrio. EVER.

  17. Bret Taylor says:

    @TheCruizer WHAT!? You wouldn't accept that? Turbo blow off valve is one of the most amazing sounds. I LOVE that

  18. thefridgeman says:

    @slimeball61: wastegate? Really? Either you are deaf or you have no ideea.
    The same sound can be heard (different tone/volume) on all cars with "exhaust flaps". At least three cars driven by me had them (Audi S5, Golf R32 and C63 AMG, all NA) and it was always a blast to drive them at night with the windows down. The noise they make after a part throttle applicaiton and release is amazing.
    Wastegate noise can be eliminated.

    @monkeyharris: great job dude! You've made a Porsche sing cuckoo!!

  19. Phillon says:

    What's the whistling music at the end? Anyone know? Thanks!

  20. Adam Roshak says:

    911 cabs are so uggggly

  21. riz alam says:

    you dick thats wastegate chatter alot of prestige diesels cars have that not to that extent but listen carefully they defo have ,,,,i have a 544 bhp skyline and there is no way of eliminating it simply because there is so much power and your hearing it more because thees no roof and because the exhaust is pretty silent compared to alot of loud exhaust performance cars hope that answers your question mr performance illiterate!!!!!!!!

  22. koussmik says:

    damit! they dont even show the car, i dont want to see that guys face, i want the car !!!

  23. Part 3?

  24. That "cuckoo" of the Turbo is simply ridiculous.
    Never ever I would accept that!

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