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Does Corvette C7, launched at the 2013 Detroit North American International Auto Show as the new Stingray, need racing to increase its credibility with car fans? Leo Parente and ShakeDown discuss the idea that Corvette Racing may be the best way to convert non-Corvetters – To use racing to earn Stingray the respect and consideration C7 engineers and designers feel Corvette deserves.

Links –
C7R Concept Rendering – Black
C7R Concept Rendering – Yellow
C7R Concept Rendering – Yellow [profile]
2014 Corvette Stingray – Official C7 Site

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  1. urayo18 says:

    I think that since Corvette Racing has had recent success at Le Mans and ALMS, launching the Stingray before the C7R is a good move since it just builds excitement for the debut of the race car. Because we've seen the street version, now we want to see the racing version. I also think that they made the car to look younger to appeal to younger audiences, however they added the Stingray name in order to still attract the Corvette enthusiast who's always loved Corvette's.

  2. James Q says:

    To all the corvette haters talking non stop bullshit, take a look at how many championships in a row they have been winning even through all of the incessant whining from the european companies of unfair advantages. Limiting cubic inches/adding weight/etc. The arrogance of some people, fuckin snobby entitled, armchair warrior douche-bags.

  3. Janusha says:

    Isnt the case rather that people DID choose all the competition rather than the american hero worshiped gawdy pigiron. Where were you when they all went bankrupt. While Porsche is americas favourite sportscar. They outsell Corvette 3-1 and sell another 100 000 cars in the rest of the world where america sells nothing. Surely they are doing SOMETHING right ?

  4. Leo…Leo…Leo. At 1:35 your pronounciation of poutine is waaay off! Your pronounciation was "putain"….that is French slang for a prostitute; probably the closest English translation is whore or hooker. Pretty damn funny though!

  5. sunnohh says:

    Stringray is kinda a horrible name to attract younger newer buyers. Actually, its the WORST name I could think of. I heard stingray and turned my head off until seeing this video today, but that's only because of things like c6 z06, 24 hrs, etc. As a youngster of 26 (compared to the close to death average age of their average buyer) stingray brings up the idea of fat old rich slobs with hard on's for shitty old stingrays.

  6. Nick Cerbone says:

    no thanks..i just bout a '13 Evo.

  7. mloutherback says:

    They do make a car for you, rockn711: It's called the Spark.

  8. mloutherback says:

    The first Corvette was a P.O.S.

  9. Tom Caza says:

    Great insight, Leo. I, of course, want this car. I hadn't thought about it, but if I saw a C7race car sitting next to it, I would want it 100x more. If they hyped up all those features related to racing as you did (with a little more glamour) I could see even the staunchest opposers drooling behind their fake scowls.

  10. The first corvette was European designed so this one should be to

  11. King Mike says:

    that's a good point…you literally only see old males with it and it sucks because they aren't going to "take advantage" of the car like a younger individual would

  12. Nick Cerbone says:

    GM's major problem is that there targeted consumer is youunger males…how many young male can afford a 60K sports car??..if you wanna sell cars to old rich pricks go ahead..but if your wanting to turn your company around start selling a car thats more affordable.

  13. but chevy/gm is not a parent company of nissan,dodge,nor ferrari so how could it take soooo many look a like parts from thoes cars?

  14. Randomeone01 says:

    I'm 25 and I want his car BAD!

  15. Fast Er says:

    The new Vette looks great. I really hope the engineering quality and the interior quality is as good as it looks. The problem with the current Vettes was not speed but the rawness and low quality engineering and build. People that spend that kinda money want the quality. People that are looking ONLY for speed can do as Heenessy, put 2 monster turbos in what ever car they find.

  16. Ken Creten says:

    I hate this show. More hack jokes than a new (terrible) comedian.

  17. waynerjson says:

    GM wants to market the Vette at a younger crowd? WTF…unless you're a drug dealer or Mitt Romney Jr, you can't afford a Vette till you're in your late 50s!

  18. Man that race car C7 rendering looks so much nicer than the stock one, that psudo 58 Corvette grill really needs to go on the street one.

    As it just makes it look like the grinning Cheshire cat from alice in wonderland and seems so at odds with the rest of the car.

    then put the stock cicular lights back on, remove the new pontiac firebird like nose badges for the corvette symbol and replace them with the C6 ones, move the tail pipes apart, two on each side and I think its ready for production.

  19. Corvette sales are low because the cars like all GM cars are priced gauged out of existence.

  20. ACTUALLY THE ZR1 is faster in 1/4 than the GTR and it has to do with how you launch the car nothing else check out few youtube videos of ZR1 doing 10.7 stock.

  21. Nick says:

    You are correct, sir. I have not driven the GT-R. And I honestly feel no need to actively bash the GT-R on the internet. In fact, I love all sports cars in one way or another. But not everybody does – some people irrationally spew word venom on the internet. The fact that I got your attention shows how annoying such word venom can be. I can make a list of things I like about the GT-R. Likewise, I can list my dislikes of it. My comment was a bit hot-headed; I was sick of reading ignorance.

  22. It would never be in DTM for numerous reasons.
    I personally cannot wait for its GT appearance, too bad it won't be ready for this year's Le Mans. Would be nice to see the C7R be tested on track at least once this year though.

  23. rtcmanga says:

    Yes the Corvette Z7 need racing. Put it on the DTM in Germany and it will win credibility…hehehe

  24. rtcmanga says:

    The black racing Corvette rendering looks awesome!! Want to test drive it

  25. i want a race between a C6R or even the C7R vs Ferrari's F150… i wonder who would win…

  26. bluephreakr says:

    You know, one thing I am sick of is integrated computer displays.

    Why do we NEED that in there? Because consumer? Get real! With Apple and Android, developers could cater to multiple phone systems, permitting users who want that sort of functionality to add it into their vehicles. Leave the computing to the ECU until the consumer wants to plug in their phone.

    With form factors and software becoming more and more standadized, this benefit to the consumer should no longer be ignored.

  27. nice0shot says:

    I wasn't a corvette fan until they came out with this car. Such a giant leap forward in the right direction! Can't wait to see the driving reviews, if it drives as good as it looks then it's a winner in my book. I love how the style has finally gotten up to par with European sports cars.

  28. babalouyhead says:

    every time with the fighting american card don't do interiors so cut the crap

  29. Shit man, musta hit a nerve.. Didn't mean to bring up some shit, just recognized the name.. Sidenote: Corvettes have no pedigree, thus can never be referred to as a legit racecar by the fanatics, even though the C7R has some pretty remarkable engineering capabilities… I'm not a Vette fan much, but if there were any American car that could reach the international market, it would be the Vette.

  30. Nick says:

    Actually, I wouldn't mind having this GT-R (Jay Leno's Garage – 2010 Custom Tuned GT-R). I'll admit, this car looks and sounds pretty sinister. Didn't mean to be an prick in my last comment.

  31. Elmo187 says:

    How is it not a Corvette? Because of the square tail lights? Then I guess the C4 wasn't a real Corvette either, since it had square tail lights also.

  32. Elmo187 says:

    What's a Camero?

    By the way, the C6 does NOT take cues from the previous Viper. The 2 cars don't even look alike.

  33. evo8nut says:

    i'm old enough 2 remember the original top gear, so more of a gentleman fan than a fanBoy lol.

  34. Waffles113 says:

    and the c6 takes cues from the srt10…

  35. Oh! I found another C7 video I haven't seen yet!

  36. finally gm have done an attractive car

  37. ICUBN says:

    ho-hum, ho-hum!

  38. Brett Blaske says:

    Careful how you say your french words. One is french fries, gravy, & cheese. The other is a swear.

  39. Nick says:

    If the interior is your primary concern when buying a car, then get a mercedes or a bentley… If you like the GT-R, then clearly you have no interest in driving pleasure, because that mind-numbing, wheezy-sounding, number-crunching, ass-ugly, pussy-whipped, AWD graphing calculator couldn't excite it's driver if he was on 5 hits of molly.

  40. This car should not even bare the name Corvette let alone Stingray. Just like you can destroy an original song by tweaking it too much, the same can be said about Corvette's curvy lines. You can be innovative without destroying it's signature look. The race car concept at least looks better and I do respect the car's functionality.

  41. 'Vettes are over-rated, theres nothing that brings interest to these anymore, idc how many 'new gadgets' & 'new drivers view' the corvette is long gone…unless you've got stupid money to blow into a company who already stole money from the ppl, I will never own one. The only GM model I will consider buying is the '04 Chevy TrailBlazer SS (or the ext. cab short bed truck model)…other than that its Ford then maaaaybe a dodge (Daimler-Chrysler) but only a model for show not for race.

  42. Leo, I agree with Chevy's decision to delay the reveal of a C7R. As you said yourself, the C7 won't even be available for purchase for months, so the "hype" will inevitably begin to tail off a bit over that time.

    But, if Chevy keeps the C7R in its back pocket, it can turn around and reveal it in late-summer, revitalizing the "buzz" and getting people excited just in time for the consumer model to hit the showroom floor!

  43. 911beatit says:

    Just because you win a race on Sunday does not mean anyone will rush out to buy the car on Monday and manufacturers in the motorcycle industry have begun to learn this hard lesson. Let the C7 stand alone dont wast the money in these tough economic times……IMHO

  44. GAAAY

  45. halfhappy117 says:

    I was the die hard anti corvette guy, till this came out, its just fucking beautiful <3

  46. MJP_31 says:

    your an asshole i hate u

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