Benefit Of Wheel Spacers On A Subaru BRZ

Will adding wheel spacers to a Subaru BRZ improve handling through increased grip? The idea is that by increasing the car’s track, you reduce load transfer and thus have a more evenly distributed load, resulting in more grip. This video looks at the math behind doing so, to determine if adding wheels spacers is worth it. This video is made as the second part to my video on wheel spacers, which should be watched prior to this. You can apply the equations used to your own car!

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24 thoughts on “Benefit Of Wheel Spacers On A Subaru BRZ

  1. Pryo Rondon says:

    This assumes that the center of gravity is constant though. In reality that will change both in height and offset from the center based on car loading, driver weight, and body roll.

  2. John Stepp says:

    so I can go 1.2% faster around turns?

  3. juan visuete says:

    bueno para que entiendan lo que el ingeniero quiere explicar es que si usas spacers creas un tipo de palanca

  4. jan legan says:

    thanks, i did some math and get to results that are pretty insignificant. I droped my car aprox. 35mm. so after calculation i realized that load transfer is only about 2% less than before.

  5. jan legan says:

    could you do similar video, but explaining how ride height effect grip, handling and load transfer

  6. this would be very hard to get numbers on, but it'd be also good to know realistically how much more of a difference this makes on the life of your bearings and so on that you eluded to in the other video. Most people i know who have wheel spacers though just do it for the looks, although it probably wouldnt make a difference to them it'd be nice to tell them you're taking xyz amount of months off of the life of your parts.

  7. Na K says:

    can yoiu do the same thing on an sti?

  8. No one has mentioned they make your car slower and take farther to stop because of the added weight of spacers and bolts. Always go for the lightest spacers (alum. alloy vs. steel) that you can afford.

  9. Danutz Dan says:

    in EX2 i think its 485, not 460

  10. Banks4004 says:

    Are there any general safety concerns with these larger wheel spacers? I am considering using some (adpaters specifically) on my daily to fit larger brakes and more widely available wheels

  11. aconfusedazn says:

    Can you quantify the changes in the scrub radius with a wider track? This is great info.

  12. Touwtje says:

    What about the increased 'arm' length that the outside tyre would apply? At 25mm you would have 3,27% more effective rotational forces, or am I missing something?

  13. Brasilisk says:

    is that CG height relative to the axles or to the ground?

  14. It isn't an accurate reading. See the spacers also have some amount of weight and he didn't count the weight of the metal spacers in the equation.

  15. stevey500 says:

    Does this change much for say, a vehicle with much taller center of gravity like my Nissan Xterra? I have run either offset wheels or wheel spacers of at least 3/4'th inch on my previous three SUV's as it SEEMS to have an immediate effect on how the vehicle handles on the highway around sharp corners; feeling more confidence in the bends without as much body roll… is it all in my head?

  16. any idea where i can find data like this for a different car? looking to calculate it for myself on a different car.

  17. Justin Kelly says:

    So since the BRZ has a lower CG than most cars would it (adding spacers) have a greater/positive effect on a car with a higher CG?

  18. Irvin Medina says:

    you mean 25.400 mm lol

  19. this video is very good, but like I said in the other one, do this using your integra and fix the suspension after aplying spacers, it would be amazing, same thing for lowering.. just do it man

  20. MrCarlox86 says:

    @Engineering Explained – I would expect the Cg to change when you add the spacers?

  21. Was wondering if the added unsprung weight by the spacers makes it a deal breaker or it's unnoticeable

  22. could u do a V16 and a straight 8 explained and why nobody uses them anymore

  23. DESTRAKON says:

    how would it effect an sc300?

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