Bentley Continental GT Speed and Audi S4: Exploring VW Group DNA – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Not a natural pairing, but a quick drive in both got me thinking about how VW manages its various brands in terms of character and driving behaviour. All very grown up, I know – but we can’t skid the shizzle out of stuff every week.

49 thoughts on “Bentley Continental GT Speed and Audi S4: Exploring VW Group DNA – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

  1. Ethan Masih says:

    Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga… Exactly the same

  2. Ethan Masih says:

    They're both Passats…

  3. Chris Harris is a rare treat in the world of motoring journalism. His last comment is, I think, the crux in that these are two very competent cars. I wonder, were they to be the same cars they are but made by wholly separate companies if the similarities would be as stark. I've had a lot of cars with 'character' and I'm now at a point where overall competence is the more enjoyable trait.

  4. nic louw says:

    Hugely intelligent motoring journalism. Thank you.

  5. Personally I think this is trickle down, not trickle up. AUDI'S share controls with BENTLEY's, rather than the reverse. At least thats how I would see it personally, seeing as all VAG products are built to such a high standard, if a flagship Audi Model shares some similar buttons to a flagship Bentley car, I really don't see the issue myself. Fantastic video as usual!

  6. pluton says:

    The led strips in the audi are so sexy

  7. Bit more of a thud, and resonance on that pothole vs the Bentley :)

  8. 9:43 oops, that headlight washer has got a bit stuck!

  9. You should have compared the A5 to the Bentley because it's got the same layout as the Bentley even the same transmission

  10. let's say you have a perfect vehicle… then start changing switch/control placement. it's no longer perfect but you've added character. that's the problem. how do you make something perfect while retaining that human element?

  11. zerocurry says:

    Bentley should be allowed to keep its English heritage a little bit… Though VW makes it better, they need to keep its heritage and character intact.

  12. DodgeViperAS says:

    Isn't the S4 a V6 Turbo?

  13. TheHvk says:

    I don't see the problem. The people shopping for the Bentley want the status symbol and that will never change or be undermined no matter how much of it the rip from the mainstream peasant brands.

  14. What's the music at 5.13 ?

  15. CFDtrader says:

    Does anyone know the song in the background?

  16. Gavin Sloma says:

    Fucking marvelous

  17. Single malt says:

    At 1:30+ Should the Bentley have anything in common with an Audi? – in my view no – the pre-VW Bentley / RR were so uniquely designed and obviously the product of an independent company,. But VW is very commercial, it's more about making money than making a special car – I can't blame possibly them for that – I just find it hard to love the end product – but I wouldn't deny it's a good product. It just "feels" less special and very obviously the product of a large group, with some very nice trim.

  18. Manc780 says:

    I love Chris' reviews, Hes by far the best motoring journalist around.
    Ive wanted an S4 ever since I saw the video with the revo tuned S4 vs the RS4.

  19. Feral Mass says:

    One of the more interesting questions in car video. Actual journalism on youtube, a rare thing

  20. Leon Shaw says:

    I'll take the S4 any day. AUDI for Life.

  21. Could not agree more. Just bought a 2016 S5 and the car drives just like the Bentley GT. The follow up to this video should be how similar the Veyron is the the GT! Cheers

  22. Rolex Kings says:

    S4 Avant Black Edition – amazing

  23. dknight xs says:


  24. Never heard anyone trash talking a Bentley hahaha.

  25. Once Enzo Ferrari was asked why he uses Fiat switches and instruments for his Ferraris. He replied that he was producing millions of them and was sure they were working….if he had to produce 100s new switches just for Ferrari he was not sure that problems will arise.

  26. And the golf. They are all the same.

  27. W-James says:

    Bentleys are special, they are a car that you buy to show the world that you made it. Audis are good, well made German cars but there are so manny of them on the roads that I don't think that they make you feel special (unless your in an R8 of course) and their divers like to tailgate you as well.  

  28. saint0470 says:

    You're right on the money Chris . Your points are smart and interesting, Don't stop.

  29. Red Phoenix says:

    These cars are aimed at the same market segment, snobs who want to combine style with sports car flavour but at a different price point. That´s the only difference. City deadbeat meats gangsta rapper.

  30. Jeff Puha says:

    I always like Chris's videos, but I do have to disagree with him on a couple of points. Firstly, I think the Bentley is quite distinctive and has a lot of character, and I doubt you'd mistake it for a car from any other marque. For me, the Bentley is a lovely car and the Audi S4 is ugly. I find all Audi's to be so. I strongly dislike their styling. Secondly, I think the ultimate Q-ship is probably the Mercedes E63 AMG Estate wagon, rather than the S4. In my opinion,it looks better, has better acceleration and handling, and has a great exhaust note as well.

  31. ThePilotbj says:

    Does anyone know the title of the background music at 5:30 ?

  32. Alan Teh says:

    Is it me or is it that the Bentley looks extra gorgeous in that combination of grey as well as those rims?

  33. The interior on the new Bentley is the OLD interior of the Audi HAHAHAHAHA look at the automatic shifters and heated seat controls of B5 S4's and the new Bentley. wtf VW, maybe try to put a little effort into a car you pretend is one of the best in the world.

  34. flyonbyya says:

    friggin remarkable insight….thats why yer there…and i'm here i guess

  35. Kirk Gardner says:

    This is funny, get in any Touareg after being in the Bentley, Same steering wheel, gauge cluster, transmission. Could be had with the same W12. And every one scoffed at the idea of a 50+ grand VW.

  36. Vw is the best group

  37. Victor K says:

    bentley vs audi. lol. Audi should be compared to benz and bmw not classy cars

  38. Mark Ma says:

    Bentley ftw

  39. magna59 says:

    Come on Chris ….. do the test …. Bentley / Audi / Skoda 

  40. need =/= want

  41. jimmyhoffa9 says:

    Poor quality. Ha. Can tell who's never owned a VW car. They're not all the same, but cars in the same segment share similar chassis, as it's pointless building different ones for exactly the same thing.

  42. vegass04 says:

    C mon Chris, this comparison is as you say "prepostruos", you could find these similiarities in any two cars. You could say the same for a BMW 330i and an Aston Martin Vanquish, or an Audi RS4 and Rols Royce Ghost… I like you man but this is one of yours worst videos.

  43. BearsDkills says:

    lol ok idiot. What do you drive? oh let me guess you don't have a car. poor fuck lol.

  44. ThirdLife86 says:

    So go tune it. A simple 1000$ ECU Remap gives you about 100HP and Newton Metres more, meaning it can do the 4-4.2 afterwards :)

    Besides its rated 5.1 0-62, 0-60 its rated 4.8. :)

  45. Tyler LaCava says:

    not to mention thats the diesel's time, the 3.0liter supercharged v6 will get the s4 to 60 in roughly 4.4 seconds. thats not far off of the bentley. and that audi can be tuned much easier…

  46. Zondu says:

    All of them.

  47. Step 1: Check the /DRIVE video dated June 28,2012 (Is Technology Making Cars Worse).

    Step 2: Fast forward to 1:03

    Step 3: Stop being a douchebag

  48. Tanner Young says:

    Not entirely related, but I've an S5 with the same 3.0 T V6, and it has the most dreadful exhaust note I believe I have ever heard when under normal driving conditions. Honestly, for as much R&D as these cars go through, they should have fixed that.

  49. hey Rhkzwd, go watch Chris Harris on Drive episode June 28,2012 and tell me what he says about himself at 1:10. Have a good day YFF.

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